UN condemns reports of Syria massacre



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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed "great shock" on Tuesday (February 11th) over reports of a massacre in the Syrian village of Maan.

A statement released by Ban's spokesman Martin Nesirky said the UN leader was disturbed by reports of killings in Maan last Sunday (February 9th).

"Dozens of civilians are said to have been brutally killed," the statement said.

"The Secretary-General condemns in the strongest terms all violence against civilians and calls for the perpetrators of this massacre, and all other crimes in Syria, to be brought to justice," it said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 25 people in the village were killed by Islamist fighters in Maan, in Hama province, on Sunday.



    احمد سويدان


    The UN condemned the massacres, but where is the penalty against the Syrian regime and Al-Assad? Where is the punishment? The Syrian regime tries to disappear from the scene completely and allow the Syrian delegation to Geneva 2 to be in the picture. Of course, this delegation is responsible for all crimes of the Syrian regime. I do not know whether they will reach an agreement or just allow the Syrian regime to continue its crimes as we see today.

  • منصور حسن


    The US, which toppled two Islamic states with its armies and destroyed them, is now trying to say it supports people’s choices and that it is their choice, even though it supported the coup in Venezuela before and for one reason only- it suited its interest. The main thing is that the US finds it hard to swallow after Egypt made it clear that it might move in another direction that will terrify Israel and that Egypt doesn’t need the Americans. It wanted to make a statement that will show how angry and enraged it was. Even though I don’t support the candidacy of Field Marshal al-Sisi, he seems to be a daring person who wants to do things for Egypt that we have been looking for for a long time. Show us your effort, here we strengthen you and wish you success, God willing, in governing this country which is full of great problems.

  • إسماعيل بدوي


    The Syrian regime and ISIL are every day carrying out massacres in Syria and no one can predict how long this situation will continue. I wonder whether this is a wrath from Allah. Syrians are really good people and everyone is praying Allah to relieve them and rid them of this situation so that they could lead a decent and happy life in Syria, the country of goodness and wealth.

  • شادي قصي


    It was not only one massacre, but there are many massacres every day. When the sun rises, we see the Syrian regime creating new massacres against the Syrians although I doubt that whoever runs the affairs in Syria now and carries out these massacres is not al-Assad alone. They are al-Assad’s dear partners: Iran and Hezbollah. They are always the base from which al-Assad moves; this means that al-Assad takes orders from Khamene'i in Iran, and it is obvious that violence hits all the areas in Syria in order to convince everyone that al-Assad is staying and he would not accept any alternative to quit power, however the Geneva 2 decided! Consequently, I ask the Syrian coalition to retaliate soon on al-Assad and decide the situation for them.

  • حبيب نايف


    Today, condemning is not enough, but we should try to punish the Syrian regime and ask the international criminal court to take action in this case. Today, Bashar al-Assad must be punished for all the mistakes he has made during the 3 years since the revolution. Why should we accept a thug and executioner to rule over the Syrian people? We should eradicate the Syrian regime.

  • احمد سويدان


    What makes me really angry about this failure revolution is that despite the victims and the terrorism, many people hide in the holes of rats and call themselves revolutionists … I want to understand how would the Syrians agree to allow the terrorism to become the master of the situation there ?…it is known that El Assad is a first class terrorist … the opposition depends on Qaeda, which is known as a terrorist opposition par excellence … how will it be a successful revolution against the first terrorist, El Assad and the other one, the revolutionist or the terrorist opposition?More than the first one, El Assad … today, we should make statistics in Syria about whose terrorism is bigger than the other; the terrorist El Assad or the terrorist opposition that depends on Qaeda? … Miserable are the Syrians!

  • كاريمان كرم


    Some people live in virtual reality and believe that the Syrian army is a monster that kills, destroys, rapes and commits horrible acts against its people during the Syrian crisis, despite the fact that it has always protected the Syrians for long years before this crisis. My dear, this virtual reality was created by the strongest mafia and the Zionist west. They managed to deceive the simple Arabs and made them fertile soil that can breed the terrorists, who go to fight the bloody and racist giant as planted in their minds. Therefore, those deceived people ended up considering Al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Nusra Front as Islamic groups and allies against the Syrian people. Please try to consider the reality, even for a moment. The Syrian army fights the branches of Al-Qaeda (ISIS, the Nusra Front and Islamic Front). The Syrian Coalition, represented by its wing in Syria, the Free Syrian Army, negotiates with ISIS and the other terrorist groups against the Syrian army. This fact will always be clear to all those who praise the terrorists and Takfiris, regardless of their attempts to hide it or alter the truth. The Syrian army will continue shelling the terrorists and anyone who takes up arms against the Syrian army. Nevertheless, it will always be keen on protecting the lives of the innocent Syrian civilians who are used as shields by the terrorists. If the army had not cared about the lives of the civilians, it would have leveled old Homs over the heads of the people there.

  • الهام مطر


    Allah is the Greatest. May Allah grant victory and pride to the monotheist jihadists in Syria against Bashar, the treacherous traitor of Iran. There are many true men in Syria. True creed and religion lie in real Syrians and not in those who claim to be Muslims.

  • احمد عبد الرسول


    1 – We have never seen one of corrupt Bashar or his father’s warplanes bombarding Israel. However, the Russian-made aircrafts of Assad have been bombing Damascus, Aleppo, Homs and all the Syrian cities and villages during the day and the night for three years. 2 – The warplanes of Bashar Assad are bombing randomly without making any distinction. They aim to kill while the media of corrupt Bashar are gossiping about reluctance and resistance. On the other hand, his Shabiha are justifying his crimes insolently. 3 – Indeed, corrupt Bashar and his Shabiha have used all the means and methods of terrorism and crimes against the Syrians. They have even invented new kinds of terrorism and criminality against Syrians while the entire world is watching. 4 – “The corrupt family” stands for a continuous bloody rule of 40 years. They also have a long history of treachery, treason and continuous terrorism.