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Coronavirus claims 2 Saudi lives



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Two Saudis have died in Riyadh after contracting the Middle East Respiratory System Coronavirus, AFP reported Thursday (October 10th).

The two men, aged 78 and 55, also had suffered from chronic diseases, heath authorities said.

The virus has so far claimed at least 58 lives worldwide, with the greatest number of deaths from the respiratory disease in Saudi Arabia.

The kingdom has taken precautions over fears of an outbreak of the virus as hajj pilgrims arrive in the country. So far no cases have been recorded among the pilgrims.



    محمود عثمان


    To God we belong and to him is our return! It appears that this disease will continue for long in Saudi Arabia because new death cases always appear. The Saudi Health Ministry should raise the awareness of the Saudis and pilgrims on how to protect themselves from this disease. May God heal every patient!

  • عبد القادر طالب


    The Corona virus still constitutes a serious concern for Saudi Arabia. Although we’ve been optimistic in the past period, the death of those two Saudis make things appear as if they are extremely serious, especially as it’s now the pilgrimage season where there’s congestion and spread of diseases.

  • عبد الله راجح


    It goes without saying that the competent authorities in Saudi Arabia should be alert to thwart the potential terrorist attacks. Any mistake would lead to dire consequences, God forbid. I hope that pilgrims will perform the Hajj peacefully and without any injuries.

  • كاظم شبيب


    A new epidemic called Corona virus has spread in Saudi Arabia recently. It is a deadly virus belonging to the swine and avian influenza that spread in the world dramatically in recent years. This happened while Saudi Arabia is preparing for the pilgrimage season this year, so Saudi health authorities took big precautions to ensure non-proliferation of the disease significantly among pilgrims to the House of Allah.

  • عبد الرحيم مسعود


    God’s mercy is on them and our consolation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the country that opposes terrorism, fights it by all means, and doesn’t allow any toleration by the institutions and it is up to the esteemed professors to find a solution to this problem, which resulted in the death of a child and a woman.

  • عبد المولى كمال


    Saudis die due to the Corona virus; that virus still exists, but we thank God that it is now under control, and there are few deaths in the Kingdom; God, protect Saudi Arabia from all evils, God willing!

  • شافي عبد الكريم


    We thank God that Corona is simple in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the country can control it, so that it would not harvest a lot of individuals because it is a cursed disease and nothing has been known about it yet. May God protect Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, God willing.

  • شاطر عرفه


    There are cases of death from this damned virus, which nobody knows anything about in Saudi Arabia day after day, and we ask God to protect the Kingdom, its people and president from that cursed disease and that it will come under control, so that it would not be spread to the corners of the Kingdom.

  • حازم راضي


    Please God, don’t allow that fatal virus to spread in Saudi Arabia more particularly that the period of pilgrimage is approaching and Saudi Arabia should have created a vaccine and remedy to that deadly virus, especially that they have realized that the camels are the reasons of that virus and it is passed on to man from the camels. It also moves among people via air and it is serious because the numbers are in masses during pilgrimage, then it would be difficult to control the disease if, God forbids, it is spread during this season. God, protect the pilgrims from the evil of that serious disease.

  • باسم أحمد


    I feel very sad for Saudis who died because of the Corona virus. All fears are from this virus to continue spreading. We never realized the effects of that virus. Now, there must be a strict solution to stop the spread of that virus in other countries as long as they don’t have the proper vaccine.

  • شاهرمنصور


    We wish for a speedy recovery for all those infected with the corona virus in the Gulf countries in order not to be shocked, as the world was shocked by the death of Saudi citizens because of that virus. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken all the precautions to protect the Saudis and the pilgrims, but that is the will of God.

  • عبد العزيز مساعد


    We are from God and to him we return, as obviously the deaths that spread in Saudi Arabia caused a lot of fear of the increase in deaths, particularly as we’re in the season of pilgrimage and we are expecting a lot of danger for the pilgrims because the spread of this virus without a treatment vaccine, will, unfortunately, lead to death.

  • مازن احمد


    May all the people that died in Saudi Arabia rest in peace. As the danger is threatening the pilgrims in Saudi Arabia from all directions, they must undertake the necessary procedures to protect the pilgrims because this virus definitely exerts a danger on the lives of the pilgrims, and the proof are the death cases because of that virus in Saudi Arabia and in the other Gulf countries.

  • رعد حمودي


    There is no power but from God. This virus is still spread in Saudi Arabia and all the officials of Saudi Arabia are sad because of the death cases brought about by that virus, and the World Health Organization said that they haven’t found a solution for this dangerous virus, though there must be suitable vaccines to get rid of it.

  • لطيف شندل


    We are from God and to God we return. We are wishing to save the Saudi people and all the people of the Gulf from the danger of the Corona virus as death cases have occurred because of that virus and it could cause the death of more people especially during the pilgrimage season when this virus is expected to spread.

  • إياد باسم


    It is obviously that the victims of Corona in Saudi Arabia are precisely those who already suffer from chronic diseases. The Corona accelerates the death of the ill. In other words, Corona weakens the immune system. For this reason, the patients with chronic diseases die quickly.

  • عمار المنفلوطى


    Frankly speaking, the Saudi Government is supposed to show greater interest in this respect. The Ministry of Health, in particular, should play a major role in facing Corona. Of course, I am not saying that the authorities are negligent. I am only worried that the disease could lead to other deaths. I am really concerned about that.

  • هدى حمدى


    According to what we see, there is a recording of deaths, at least, every month due to the Corona disease in Saudi Arabia. It is clear that it is a fatal disease and, unfortunately, there are no drugs that can successfully confront it.