Jabhat al-Nusra elements wanted in Iraq on terrorism charges: official



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A number of al-Qaeda elements wanted by the Iraqi judiciary on terrorism charges, including car bomb and armed attacks, have joined Jabhat al-Nusra (JAN) in Syria, an Anbar security official said Wednesday (October 2nd).

Many al-Qaeda members fled to Syria from Iraq after the Iraqi security forces cracked down on them, and have now become part of JAN, Anbar province security advisor Brig. Gen. Khalil al-Dulaimi told Al-Shorfa.

Now, their "crimes in Syria are the same as those they committed in Iraq, including killing, whipping and stoning innocent people, human rights violations and restricting freedoms", he said, urging Syrians to reject them.



    يوسف هلال


    I want to say to the security officials that we would like first to focus on getting rid of the al-Qaeda organization which is all over Iraq with its terrorist actions. Let’s leave what is happening in Syria for the al-Nusrah Front for now, and then after we get rid of the huge burden of al-Qaeda which exists in Iraq now, it is possible to think of the al-Nusrah Front in Syria.

  • مروان عماد


    Al-Nusra Front is certainly suspected and wanted for terrorist charges, as no goodness comes from the seller of unhappiness. We wish the Iraqi security system would arrest any member of al-Nusrah Frong or even substitute that with arresting the terrorists of al-Qaeda because both of them are terrorists.

  • شاهين أبو شالة


    Those who want to spread terrorism in Iraq or Syria under the name of Nosra Front, al-Qaeda or any other organization should remember that Allah has forbidden murder and said that the blood of human beings is more precious for Allah than the demolition of the Kaaba. I wonder why these failed filthy people are murdering Iraqis and Syrians this way.

  • عثمان الجمل


    There is no doubt that the security officials in Iraq are very experienced in facing terrorists. Indeed, they are aware of every single detail concerning the terrorist acts. For this reason, I believe every single word of the security official about the Nusrah Front. Indeed, this organization seemingly calls for Islam but in reality it is a terrorist cell.