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Al-Qaeda leader, aides arrested in Babil



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A joint Iraqi counter-terrorism agency and army force on Wednesday (September 18th) arrested al-Qaeda's military commander in Babil province -- along with two of his aides -- north of al-Hilla, the Iraqi Interior Ministry said.

"A joint force raided a residential building in Jurf al-Sakhar at 1 a.m. this morning, hours after Mohammed Ali Katan, military commander of al-Qaeda in Babil province, entered it," ministry spokesman Brig. Gen. Saad Maan told Al-Shorfa.

The security forces found one explosives vest, hand grenades and weapons with the detainees, whom Maan said were wanted by the judiciary.



    جواد ياسر


    Iraqis could not bear all the terrorist threats, which come to them from time to time; so we now see the Iraqis and hope that they live in peace, stability, and serenity far from all the Qaeda elements who kill the innocence of the Iraqis and try to ruin their life. The situation in Iraq has become as it had been since long years ago, but the Iraqi security troops try to interfere to stop all the current incidents and in order to secure the Iraqis from these terrorist crimes. Iraqis live in a lot of confusions and crises, so they have to do their best effort in order to address the terrorism, arresting that Qaeda leadership is a big achievement that cannot be denied. How much Iraqis want to target all the prominent leaderships of Qaeda to overcome all the terrorist crimes, Qaeda in Iraq will be eliminated through this issue and Iraqis are waiting for more achievements to eliminate the terrorism.

  • أمجد ماضي


    Let’s see a black day for them, God please. That leader must be tried for all that he did because certainly his history is black and he and all the others must be executed for what they did to Iraq and its kind people. Let’s see a black day for them, God please. That leader must be tried for all that he did because certainly his history is black and he and all the others must be executed for what they did to Iraq and its kind people.

  • غاده عبد الرازق


    Terrorism is Iraq is really very weak and Qaeda, who say a lot about it, I swear is very weaker than any other gangs because it cannot face the enemy and when there was confrontation, their leader fell in the hands of the police and security in Iraq. Therefore we want to say that if Iraq could impose its security power in a constant way over all the regions and if they do their duty and then leave the issue to God, destiny will be always with Iraq because who exerted his effort will harvest the good results. We are certain that welfare is coming to Iraq not only through arresting that criminal or his criminal assistants, but because Iraq has got the Iraqis who worship God well. Perhaps, there is a pure heart with God and supplicates to God, perhaps God responds to that worshipper and rids Iraq of the acts of the varmint terrorists who do all the bad and evil things in a country that did not hurt anyone. Iraq is always a merciful country, its people are kings, and ask welfare for them.

  • فريدة سيف الدين


    Where we like it or not, there is terrorism in Iraq. Therefore the exerted efforts to arrest all terrorists are a very important issue in order to get rid of the terrorism. The wishes are too many, but sorrowfully, reality is something else. But arresting the leaders of Qaeda will certainly freshen up the expectations in eliminating terrorism.

  • ماجد المصرى


    This is the reward for the ones who deploy terrorism on earth and made the terrorism and corruption as their own life and creed. Thank God, who made this leadership and his associates are in the prisons of Iraq; we hope each one of them gets his execution as well every other terrorist in Iraq, so that right prevails in a country where such rights are lost.

  • سماح نور


    There is going to be another situation for Iraq, God willing. If there are constant plans to arrest the heads of the corrupting terrorism of Qaeda; if the terrorist leaderships in Iraq were arrested as the Qaeda leadership who was arrested with his assistants in Babylon, I swear terrorism will never rise again because their heads are the main reason of the terrorism. They are the master minds of terrorist operations; the terrorists operations, which are spread all over Iraq are planned by the leaders, and the criminals and young elements of the terrorist youth, who joined these terrorist groups, are the ones who implement them. So, I see that arresting the big symbols and higher leaderships from the terrorist organizations in Iraq and from Qaeda will be like magic in ending the terrorist operations even if they are only reduced, it will be better than the current situation. All thanks to Iraqi security forces who arrested that terrorist and his assistants. We always hope there is permanent effort by the state and the security men to arrest more and more terrorists in Iraq.

  • ماجد


    So long as he’s a terrorist and belongs to Al-Qaeda, he must be carrying explosives, explosive devices and other weapons. Therefore, we all plead to the Iraqi security forces to rescue the Iraqis from the horror of these ruffians and their acts and keep bringing them into custody, as they did with this gunman, in order for Iraq to avoid the evils of bombings and terrorism. It’s not important how much we wish for, but the actions of all the security services of the Iraqi government are the most important factor.

  • مصطفى


    We thank Almighty God that this terrorist element was killed, because he didn’t do anything, it is evidence that he is real, but all he really thinks about is terrorism and terrorist crimes which will eliminate Iraqis. So we don’t want this element and other elements to live, because their end must be death. It is impossible for Iraqis to live with such incidents and terrorist crimes, but the current situation must be brought under control, and terrorism and the terrorist elements must be put under pressure, so that security will come back again in Iraq.