Gunmen kill soldier in Egypt's Sinai



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An Egyptian soldier was killed and two others were wounded in two separate attacks in Sinai on Monday (August 5th), AFP reported.

Gunmen shot at an army checkpoint outside a military building in the north Sinai town of al-Arish, killing one soldier.

Two other servicemen were wounded when gunmen attacked another checkpoint outside a bank.

The attacks come amid a recent escalation of violence in the peninsula.



    جميلة العدان


    If the Egyptian army is incapable to kill terrorists in Sinai, it should let Israel and the US handle this task because they possess adequate experience in fighting Jihadist terrorists like al-Qaeda and its supporters. Israel is also fighting them with all necessary force in Gaza to eliminate them while the US is doing the same in Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan to eliminate the terrorist so-called Islamic Jihad. I purposely wrote Islamic Jihad because that is not the right name and although they are calling themselves Islamic Jihadists, they are nothing but terrorists.

  • جيكا المصرى


    What is happening in Sinai? Is it the case that there should be Egyptians who are being killed so that they Egytpian security forces may make a move? All of this is due to the negligence of the previous officials in Sinai because all of the terrorist groups and gunmen who are in Sinai were known to the officials. As a result, the soldiers are being killed chaotically. It is really unfair to see many soldiers get killed every day for no reason, although the soldiers are ready for any terrorist attack at any time. this is because they are the ones who are paying the price, so may god make it easy for the rest of our soldiers in Sinai. We want military deployment so that they can tackle terrorists over there.

  • الهام مطر


    We are to God and to him we shall return! I’m very sad over every single soldier who is being killed in Sinai at the hands of terrorists. Until now, I didn’t understand the secret behind all of these terrorists that are present currently in Sinai. Everyone knows that Sinai is being targeted by several groups, but I never expected that these elements will emerge at these tough times. However, I can see a connection between the Brotherhood and terrorist groups because Sinai soldiers are being specifically targeted since we all know that the Egyptian army has become the enemy of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hence, the killing of soldiers in Sinai could possibly be a warning to the defense minister of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sissi.

  • امينة شلباية


    Sinai is now exposed to a lot of operations by the gunmen targeting everything before them now. I don’t think at all that such terrorist groups existed inside Sinai out of nothing, but they seem to have existed according to certain schemes from all those who want to destroy Egypt and offend the soldiers of its army. In fact, the death of this former parliamentary representative was not the first of its kind in Sinai, but it seems to be just one of the terrorist schemes made in Sinai over the last period and led to countless deaths of the soldiers there. Now, it appears to be the turn of the former parliamentary representatives.

  • ماجد وليد


    Never listen to anyone speaking ill about your leaders or your army. The issue of the rule of the soldiers is a malicious issue that was raised by some malicious people to attack the army. Hence, there is nothing called military rule and those who say this have malicious agendas. You must know that when the military commanders rule, it is impossible to negotiate, betray or abandon any inch of his land or any one of his people. All these terms are used to destabilize the trust in the souls of the Muslims. Who can defend us, after God, other than our army? Do not believe them no matter what they say. Support your army and realize that all those who aspire to assume the power or instigate against the army, are mercenaries and have agendas to destroy the armies of the region. It is enough that your army supported you in all occasions. Hence, never mistrust the army.

  • ليلى نافع


    There is no power except with God the Almighty. When a soldier is killed at the hands of the militants, then this means that there is no security in Sinai. I think that the last thing the Egyptians expect today is to see the militants activating in Sinai. It is very clear that the Egyptian people are targeted by those terrorists and militants in Sinai. They threaten the people through those soldiers. Hence, I am not optimistic about anything in Sinai. At the end, Sinai will be the road that will pave the way for the militants to target Egypt. I think that the Muslim Brothers are responsible for this because they allowed the chaos and the violence. Therefore, I demand the officials in Egypt to secure the country from any attack.

  • تيسير المنفلوطى


    The Military Council has only united with the people to uncover the Zionist scheme and their Brotherhood agents. They prevented these spies from selling Egypt to the Israelis and the Americans. Now, the political religious movements have been unmasked in order for all the people to know that they are made by Israel and the Zionists including Hamas. So what’s this American rush for the Brotherhood? Didn’t the people and the army of Egypt uncover their scheme and end their project in the Middle East and the Arab Region? Of course, this scheme especially cost them a lot; so, nobody should think that they will leave it easily. Therefore, they want to find any place for the Brotherhood in the region.

  • حازم راضي


    Like other citizens I wish to believe your stories about what happened, but I’m sorry.. I can’t even believe any of the things said by the official spokesman or his excuses about the lack of transparency in a serious incident like this one and particularly after publishing it in the Israeli press and the foreign news agencies that it was caused by the Israeli drone in coordination with Egypt. And the Official spokesman denied that while he confirmed the bombings, and said that the armed forces is scanning the area to know the reasons and that they will soon publish their reports. And then they finally came up with this new story, which only indicates how confused they are, if the official spokesman is representing the armed forced then why didn’t he declare this recent story once the news were published and said that Israel did the attack? Or the official spokesman like his leaders is submersed with the internal political matters and he’s not following the infiltrations of the national security on the borders? And where are the proofs that these people are terrorists? And where’s the so-called missiles base? Like you lied about the peaceful protestors in Rabaa and Al-Nahda and said they’re obtained heavy weapons, he lied once and he can lie a thousand times, I swear I used to love you.

  • حسن ايهاب


    How can the current leadership control the security of Sinai while it’s submersed in a political conflict on power? A careful reader for this published ad would notice many contradictions and would also notice some attempts to throw fake charges on the Islamic resistance movement in Palestine. I don’t want to explain the mistakes here, as they are way too obvious. How would Hamas agree with the US about backing terrorists in Sinai? And is there a sane or even an insane man in Gaza who would think of confronting the Egyptian army in Sinai or even support an entity that aims to spread chaos in Egypt? Didn’t the leaders of the Palestinians resistance movements announce that they’re fully communicating and coordinating with the Egyptian security authorities? Didn’t Hamas announce that they are willing to destroy all the tunnels and hoping to open all the safe crossings to deliver goods to the besieged sector? Egyptian media people stop distorting facts and know that every Palestinian person cares about the security and stability of Egypt like any honest Egyptian and maybe more. The safety and stability of Palestine is closely connected to the security and prosperity of the Arab republic of Egypt. How could the current administration control the security of Sinai?

  • مايسه المعمرى


    These proofs don’t need clarification because he was using his Brotherhood and jihadists from Hamas in killing and torturing the people and he is acting like he’s innocent and caring about the people. But he’s a liar, he belongs to the most dangerous terrorist group, and his wealth must have increased because he must have been stealing the money of the people like many others. Thank God, the people and the army did the right thing, which is deposing him from his position because whoever tries to beat the Egyptians never wins.

  • عبد الله علوش


    Those who are making fun of the Egyptian army, may I remind you that if the news is correct and Israel did bomb the terrorists, then this is the result of Morsi’s agreement with them during his presidency period when he planted highly advanced spying and tracking equipment to track what is going on in Sinai, which the corrupt Mubarak refused to do, especially the missile base directed towards the occupied lands in Palestine. So don’t hate the great Egyptian army within the framework of your paid campaign to distort their image.

  • منصور عبد الله


    The Egyptian people today must know the mistake they made when they chose the Muslim Brotherhood to rule Egypt, and we heard back then that they all squeezed lemons on them and preferred to choose the representative of religion, Islam, and the lies spread by the Muslim Brotherhood. Here you are, Egyptian people; you can watch the terrorism in Sinai and the police and army individuals getting killed. They are even killing Members of Parliament in Sinai and unfortunately, the terrorists and militants hadn’t gotten into Sinai until the era of Morsi, and now, the Egyptians must have known the truth, but they cannot keep crying over what has passed; this is insanity. Most importantly, the army must get rid of the 2,000 terrorists in Sinai. As a Muslim, I wish to implement the sharia and Islam, but the right Islam, and what the Muslim Brotherhood and the extremists are doing isn’t Islam and isn’t right.

  • محمود الشمرى


    The Egyptian security is asked for confrontation either willingly or unwillingly and if they don't, Sinai will actually be lost because the insurgent terrorists in Sinai now only think of killing soldiers and confronting them. This itself is something so bad and can't calm down the situation in Sinai, so there must be a conclusive confrontation. I think the Egyptian army can exist in Sinai, but there must be plans and strategies. Al Sisi must have a lot to do because this man, May God bless him, is really worried about Egypt and he must defend the bold soldiers and the respected people of Sinai whom we can't leave to this terrorism and its dirty acts.

  • كاظم شبيب


    Sinai in this way became a first-degree terrorist area. May Allaah have mercy upon the Egyptian citizens, who face a very difficult situation. I really do not understand when the Egyptian army will move to save Sinai and its people, as well as the soldiers of Egypt from the evils of the terrorists and militants, may God curse them. The army asked for a mandate and we gave it, so what? Do you want us to go and fight the terrorists by ourselves? Do you want us to submit and see our civilian brothers and officers being killed in Sinai in this way? O God, help Sinai and save its people from the terrorists and militants of Al-Qaeda. All people serve the Muslim Brotherhood and they must be eliminated before killing our soldiers without any guilt.

  • نصر الدين محمد


    I really want the abolishment of the Camp David Agreement which humiliated the leaders of Egyptian Army who are begging for $ 1.3 billion each year from America and Israel because the Egyptian Army has not taken control of its borders. Israel has murdered a lot of soldiers and officers in the Egyptian Army, Police and civilians without any response from the part of the Army or even without any diplomatic or political crisis. There is not any respectable country in the world which will live on permanent subsidies and aids. Our great country, Egypt, can never remain a beggar. Today, the Egyptian airspace is trespassed because of this humiliating money. Wake up! May Allah bless you.

  • طارق سويدان


    May Allah bless Mohamed Anwar Sadat given that he was a very different man. He was the best Egyptian leader. May Allah bless this brave leader. His best friend has betrayed him for some money and his brotherly Muslims and compatriots have killed him although they have nothing to do with religion and nation. May Allah damn them because they have forgotten the liberations, victories and patriotism of Sadat. The latter has also offered them the right to enjoy more than one nationality since they and their children are more proud of the nationalities of the crusade countries than of the Egyptian one although they have sworn their loyalty and devotion to their master crusaders before the consent of the concerned countries.

  • سمر مرسى


    There are too many violations in Sinai. The security officials are the first responsible for such lawlessness since they offered the terrorist an opportunity to settle down in Sinai. Thus, those attacks are the normal results of such negligence. Nevertheless, it seems that the presence of the terrorist groups in Sinai was planned in advance. Those criminals moved to Sinai after the deposition of Mohamed Morsi. In other words, there is a hidden link between the ousting of Morsi and the emergence of militants in Sinai. I am really saddened by the killing of the soldiers in the recent incidents. Those heroes were protecting Sinai when they lost their lives. Still worse, the killings were not limited to the soldiers. In fact, they included the assassination of a former lawmaker. Only the All-Knowing could tell who’s next.

  • عمران أبو شالة


    They carried out the Sinai operation in order to show the deficiencies of the Egyptian army before public opinion, especially after the high morale that the military officers and soldiers have showed in recent times. Indeed, the Egyptian army managed to win the hearts and minds of the people. O members of the National Alliance: You are traitor hypocrites. You claim that you are patriots while you refuse to combat Israel. Your beards are 5 meters long. Why are you reluctant to condemn the terrorist acts in Sinai? Why didn’t you burn the American or the Israeli flag in Rabaa al-Adawyia and Renaissance Squares? Dear readers, you should realize that the Brotherhood members and supporters are traitors. They are devoid of any pride and patriotism.

  • كامل أبو محروس


    The Brotherhood in Rabaa al-Adawyia Square said that the Israeli army entered Sinai. The supporters cheered joyfully! In fact, this is not the first time where those idiots celebrate the defeat of Arab troops. In 67, they rejoiced at the Israeli occupation of Sinai, in retaliation for Abdel Nasser. They also cheered when America occupied Iraq in 2003, in retaliation for Saddam Hussein. The same faction helped NATO to occupy their own land in Libya, in retaliation for Kaddafi. Those villains kneeled to praise God when Israel bombed a store of weapons in Syria in order to topple Bashar al-Assad. The Brotherhood in Egypt belongs to those traitors. The latter are making up rumors to distort the image of the Armed Forces. Surprisingly, they believe in the rumors they had fabricated by themselves. Those people are ready to believe any story and from any source as long as they are compatible with their interests and their desires.

  • كاريمان كرم


    The Egyptian military is preoccupied with the political disputes and has abandoned the core of their job. In this respect, the Lieutenant Gen. intervened in political matters. He planned and carried out the deposition of the President-elect, contrary to the provisions of the Constitution on the conditions and procedures for the exclusion of the president from power – He also appeared live on TV channels calling on the Egyptians to demonstrate so as to grant him an authorization, which is a serious antecedent – There is solid evidence of the preoccupation with civil activities such as trade, industries, the breeding of birds, dairy, bakeries and petrol stations at the expenses of the military actions- To the best of my knowledge, no other army in the world engages the soldiers in the business processes only to increase budgets and rise the salaries of the high officials. Indeed, the salaries of the Armed Forces are top secret and neither controlled nor discussed- It is noteworthy that in the true democratic countries, they appoint civilians to head the Ministries of Defense and Interior as a means to control the army and to limit the powers of the military forces which usually show the desire to control civil matters and to influence the political decisions by force of arms and armament.

  • فارس احمد


    Egyptian security is now seeking to play a role in what’s happening in Sinai in order to save its people and the Egyptian soldiers too. In fact, Al-Qaeda is now playing a very prominent role in Sinai in the full view of the entire world. Its elements fear neither imprisonment nor anything else, and all they are thinking of now is only carrying out their terrorist crimes in order to get rid of the soldiers in Sinai. Why do they do so, and at whose expense? We have to understand this very well because Al-Qaeda has committed so many crimes over the past period until now. Even after the Egyptian security paid attention to this matter, it was in vain. At the moment, there are victims from our soldiers who are getting killed in Sinai.

  • شادي عاصم


    The terrorist acts in Sinai are continuously increasing and there must be a solution for this because the relentless killing of the innocent Egyptian soldiers in such a way is dreadful and we can’t stay silent about it. When the army requested authorization, we went out and gave them what they requested. Therefore, the military should now play a role in cleaning out the entire state, not just Sinai, of such terrorists. The weapons are spread all over the Egyptian streets and resisting the soldiers and the police has become very usual for the terrorists in Egypt. There’s no doubt, in fact, that those terrorists are either real Brotherhood members or their followers because all of this never took place before in Morsi’s era. However, out of credibility for El Beltaji’s earlier statements that hostility in Sinai can only be ended if Morsi returns to power, this makes it indisputable that the Brotherhood is involved in the death of innocent police and army personnel in Sinai. As a result, we must force the army to hit terrorism with an iron rod and never to fear anybody so long as the Egyptian people authorized them to do so.

  • سلطان وسيم


    The security conditions in Egypt are deteriorating because of the deviant behavior of the Muslim Brotherhood members. It should be clear to everyone that the Muslim Brotherhood is responsible for all the terrorist acts in the streets of Cairo. The attacks in Sinai in particular are attributable to the Brotherhood. The latter want to foil the current regime in order to reinstate Morsi. The fierce battles to win power in Egypt will never come to an end. The political elite are concerned with nothing but the leadership of the nation, even to the detriment of the people. In fact, the Egyptian people will prevail by the end of the day. The Muslim Brotherhood should bear in mind that the Egyptian people should choose their rulers by themselves. Thus, they must accept the decision of the Egyptians. In so doing, they could coexist with the other Egyptian citizens. On the other hand, they must stop the terrorist acts, particularly in Sinai. Once again, it is indisputable that the Brotherhood members are the first responsible for the terrorist acts in the streets of Egypt.

  • حسام متعـب


    O Allah, guide the protesters to stop their protests and their bleeding. No one wishes for a confrontation except those who have a grudge against Egypt and its nice people. The will of some to restore the legitimacy is a dream that can't be achieved. Which legitimacy are we talking about?The legitimacy is for Egyptians to get together and put foundations to rule in between them.

  • تيسير المنفلوطى


    How will Al-Sisi get out of this situation? He became involved in bloodshed. These events proved that you are unable to defy the Muslim Brotherhood, and you must have waited three years until this man ends his presidential term. How long will the new president stay? Will he stay for three months and then we ask him to leave because he did nothing? We elected the man for four years, and thus he must stay for four years. The Egyptian blood is not cheap, dear Mr. Minister of Defense. Where are the people whom you said that you implement their will? The Tahrir Square is empty and it has no one. Only the supporters of Mursi fill the streets and cities of Egypt. How will you save yourself? You do not understand them and we know that the money you received were used up and sent to your account and the account of elbaradei. You do not want to pay more money to the thugs. The Muslim Brothers demonstrated because they have convictions. What will Al-Sisi do?

  • شاهرمنصور


    I am very saddened by the recent terrorist attacks in Sinai. Indeed, al-Qaeda terrorist organization is targeting this Egyptian region in particular. The soldiers who are deployed in Sinai are sacrificing their lives in order to protect the civilians there. Unfortunately, many Egyptian soldiers lost their lives in the terrorist attacks. For this reason, we call on the security forces to impose their full control on the region. The presence of al-Qaeda in Sinai for a long time might lead to the loss of this region in favor of the terrorists, God forbid. I think that this nightmare will come true someday, unfortunately. The Egyptian army waged a war in order to recuperate Sinai, which could become a small terrorist independent nation. I hope that the Egyptian army will control the situation at last. The inhabitants of Sinai are tired of the incessant al-Qaeda threat.

  • نورهان مروان


    May Allah grant the Egyptian Army success so that they could get rid of al-Qaeda in Sinai and Arish. The current acts in Sinai prove that the Egyptian Security Forces are trying to reach those who have been responsible for all these acts that took place in the country. Everyone is aware that this is the most important issue now because Egyptians are no longer able to endure the assassinations which are implemented in Sinai whether against civilians or the Security or Police Forces. In fact, they cannot let al-Qaeda take control of Sinai. It was necessary to face this Organization and arrest all the terrorists which currently exist in Sinai in order to put an end to the worries of Egyptians about this region.

  • محمد عزت


    These stray and misleading Sheikhs are looking after terrorist groups and their interests. I wonder why Hassen does not call on the armed terrorist protesters in Rabia Adawiya to leave. I wonder whether he saw the million people demonstrations against their ousted President. What Egyptian blood are you talking about? I wonder whether he heard about the martyrdom of Egyptian soldiers in Sinai who have been murdered by his terrorist criminal family members. I also wonder whether he heard about the people who have been martyred all over Egypt by his traitor family and tribe, the traitor Brotherhood groups and traitor Salafists. They are really hampering the country, harming the interests of people and terrorizing them and Hassen should be aware that all these acts contradict with religion. Thus, Hassen and religion traders like him should fear Allah.

  • عمر عبد الرحمن


    Al-Sisi is authorized by the people only to eradicate terrorism rather than to waive their right of retribution from criminal terrorists belonging to the traitor Muslim Brotherhood and the other Islamized groups. Thus, I call on Hassen to calm down and to address to terrorists in his family and tribe in Rabia Adawiya.

  • سيف الدين على


    Sheikh Mohamed Morsi promised to release the terrorists only! Indeed, he released a great number of terrorists. Does this conform to the Constitution? Every president issues pardon to his clan members. How come? This is a nation and not the private properties of the presidents. I call on the experts responsible for the amendment of the Constitution to remove the article giving the President the power to issue pardons. To put it simple, the pardon contradicts with national interests and security.

  • سليمان الراسى


    O Sisi, stop being a military thug and pretend to be a hero on the account of Egypt and its people. The majority are with political and constitutional stability even if they are not with Mursi. They are against blood, coups, arrests, closing TV stations and the police state. Leave Mursi to come back and we are confident of the man's promises. Honestly, the road map with Mursi is better that your road map.

  • ابوالرائد


    The Muslim Brotherhood is another face of the devil. The problem of the so-called Muslim Brothers is that they do not accept any criticism and consider themselves infallible. You taught the people the policy of Takfir and the doctrine of accusal of treason. Now, suffer because of this policy. Attacking and fighting you is not a war on Islam, but it aims at purifying its image from your filths.

  • المحامي سفيان الشوا


    Clearly, the honorable people break the media siege that was imposed by the Egyptian regime following the military coup. This is a good work, but we also feel sorry for the murder of the Egyptian soldiers, as they are our brothers.