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Iraqi forces destroy al-Qaeda base on Iraq-Syria border



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Iraqi security forces destroyed three buildings and one auto repair workshop near the Syrian border, which al-Qaeda elements had been using as a base for border crossings, the Iraqi Ministry of Defence said Monday (July 1st).

"Iraqi air force combat helicopters destroyed the buildings, located in al-Shaabani area near the Syrian border in Anbar province," said official ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Askari.

Ammunition and weapons, and two fuel tanks al-Qaeda used to supply cars that transport militants in the border desert area also have been destroyed, he said.

Two al-Qaeda members, in addition to three other suspects, were arrested during the operation and are currently being interrogated, he said.





    We ask the Iraqi army to destroy all hideouts of al-Qaeda because Iraqis want to taste life without these terrorist crimes; we know that Iraqis have been living under terrorism since a very long time, and they didn't face terrorism because they don't have any method to crush terrorism, but the Iraqi army is always ahead to get rid of damned terrorism.

  • razzaq


    Destroying the hideouts of al-Qaeda which contain its weapons and ammunitions is a very important thing because when this happens, it makes the terrorist organization unconscious for a very long time as it totally depends on these weapons. Therefore Iraq has to always target the places of weapons and ammunitions of al-Qaeda to remove the poison of terrorism and weaken it, making it tamed to stop its dirty terrorist acts. As for arresting terrorists, we congratulate the Iraqi army for its great capacity in destroying this hideout and arresting those six terrorists. We hope to get a lot of information from them in facilitating arrests of more terrorists in other cells. God willing, this is a new great hope that Iraq becomes well and good.

  • محمود


    There should be trained infantry battalions on the borders, and there should be helicopters to patrol the Iraqi-Syrian borders, because all tension and worries come from that side. When there is anyone sneaking around in the border area who is unidentified, he must be shot at once, in order to cleanse the borders of Iraq before any terrorist comes into Iraq or escapes from Iraq.

  • غدير


    The Iraqi security elements must be more responsible and must play a bigger role in order to secure the Iraqi borders with Syria, in order to prevent any terrorist elements from entering Iraq again. When we see that there are many terrorist elements who try to enter Iraq from Syria and fight against the security elements, this confirms that there are evil schemes that they want to implement in Iraq. Iraqis welcome any Syrian to enter Iraq as a refugee, not as a terrorist. All the fights that took place on the Iraqi-Syrian borders confirm that there is a special plot and the security forces thwarted it, which drove the terrorist elements to cause all these fights.