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West Iraq clashes kill 8



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Violent clashes between Iraqi army forces and al-Qaeda gunmen on Friday night (June 21st) killed two soldiers and six gunmen in Anbar province, an Iraqi military spokesman said.

An armed group attacked a unit from the Iraqi army's 1st Division in al-Khor, clashing with soldiers for about half an hour before combat support helicopters arrived, Lt. Col. Nejim al-Dulaimi, Iraqi army spokesperson in Anbar, told Al-Shorfa.

The helicopters shelled gunmen positions, killing six of them and destroying five of their vehicles, he said. Meanwhile, security forces seized arms and shoulder-mounted rockets in the gunmen's possession.

Around 10 other gunmen escaped and security forces are now searching for them, al-Dulaimi said.

Three other soldiers were wounded in the clashes, he said.



    نورهان مروان


    All these explosions that target.. are from their masters in Qum and Tehran. Whenever Iran wants to move its ego and the people they ride for their expansion ambitions, it kills some of them to bring the emotions of such people who do such thing. Arabs are in deeper anesthesia than .. Iranians themselves.. unfortunately.

  • فريدة سيف الدين


    This is the Iraq of al-Maliki! What you say is right, in Iraq people learned (not all of them of course) the killing of Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds. We learnt grudges and being Beduins without civilization (for some people being civilized is a shame), and being mean. Our situation says; Myself, and the flood can happen after me. This will not go away except with a good national government. This will not happen, because how can we bring such a person? What people will allow such a person to take over the ruling?

  • عمر عبد الرحمن


    Iraqis are suffering from a lot of catastrophes, particularly against the Iraqi Police in terms of losing their families. I wonder why the Iraqi Police have not yet found an outlet from these enormous catastrophes which are claiming the lives of their children yet. Terrorists are murdering policemen, particularly in the bombings against the Police patrols in addition to the bombings along the road taken by the Police. For instance, bombings are currently taking place in Nineveh and targeting the innocent police members and the oil pipelines. All these are questions for the responsible authority in Iraq and particularly Nouri al-Maliki and his Minister of Interior. Unfortunately, we will not hold them accountable because we cannot. We also cannot endure anything against Iraq in its current situation. In fact, every day we hear about dead people and sabotage acts. Thus, I wonder how economists and investors will come to Iraq. It seems that the Iraqi Police is itself targeted. On the other hand, the Iraqi economy and the oil pipelines which represent the backbone of the Iraqi economy are the focus of terrorists who want to bomb them. Reality is bitter and we must eradicate terrorism in order to heal these wounds and cleanse Iraq of terrorism for the sake of the ambitious youth who want to reconstruct their country.

  • عمران أبو شالة


    In response to the massacres of Liwa al-Abbas against children in Qusayr, I would like to express my gratitude for all those who contributed to this work against the Iranian terrorism and its followers in occupied Iraq from those who believed that Khameini has a divine light even after the pictures have exposed him. In fact, the light was artificial and was put in by the Basij to laugh at the fools.

  • سيف الدين على


    There is a coincidence that all the explosions have taken place in the Provinces where the Party of Al-Maliki fails in its management. This is just a coincidence. I wonder when the tragedy of Iraq will come to an end. Yet, the biggest problem is that only the innocent are dying. There are really many foreign intelligence services which are operating in Iraq. This country is really finished since the bombings have spread and no one will be able to halt them. It is like a cancer whose spreading cannot be dealt with since it has not been tackled from the beginning within the real reconciliation between all the sects of the people. Today, all the political parties want to take control of each other but this will not solve the problems of Iraq. In fact, the parties should agree together in order to build a civilized democratic nation. We want leaders who represent all Iraqis rather than their race or sect. You should be aware that the division of the nation, the Satan of darkness from all sects will enter. In Iraq, only the Ministries of Education and Health are making achievements but the Ministries of Agriculture, the Environment and the Ministry of Municipalities have not produced any achievement.

  • كاريمان كرم


    First, mercy be for the martyrs. I agree with you, Iran creates explosions in Iraq, but there are Baathist and al-Qaeda agents who deal with Iran and the nearby countries. The important thing and the goal is instability in Iraq. But the question is,what if all politicians of Iraq agreed about the meaning of patriotism as loyalty to Iraq first; not for a socialist or sectarian considerations. I swear that neither Iran nor any other country can infiltrate Iraq. We need to go back to royalty and with a national character like Nori al-Saeed to rule Iraq. God willing, there will be no honorable Sunni or Shiite to be deceptive. The rest may not come back, God willing, because the regime they are defending is the one making the explosions.

  • مروة عبد الرحمن


    To the Mufti of terrorism al-Qaradawi: This guy is issuing “readymade” Fatwas and upon request. I wanted to tell you: “shut up”. You are missing the point. The bombings in Iraq are planned and executed by some parties. The Government knows about them in advance. Besides, Iran is giving the advisory opinion. Wake up! Everything is planned in advance. The people are aware of the real facts. No need to fool them! Where do the booby-trapped cars come from? On the Iraqi-Syrian border there is a huge tunnel. Meanwhile, those cars are never smuggled from such other neighboring countries as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey or the district of Kurdistan. Who brings the death cars to Iraq? Of course, some people could not imagine that it is Iran. They think that this nation is infallible. They might rather think that the cars came from Mars. Still worse, the only victims of the booby-trapped cars are the innocent. There is no power but from God! The Shiites would claim that the cars came from Mars or the moon. But they would never admit that they are coming from Iran.

  • ناردين عبد المنعم


    Did you forget your double escape in 1991 as the fastest escape of an army in the world, you entered the Guinness World Records for the fastest escape in history and you repeated the escape in 2003, LOL. I wonder now how an Iraqi can escape from Kuwait after cancelling his residency and escape from Iraq while getting aid from Denemark and talk about bravery after the double escape, LOL. And he says this is the courage of Kawawula the Iraqi Shiites. I wish you repeat the following: This country is full of al-Mahdi and Al-Abbas armies, LOL. Wait for what is new tomorrow.

  • مريم رؤوف


    Only the States that are governed by the thieves could commit such acts. The officials of this State are involved in the killing and the robbing of the poor citizens. The pro-Iranian State is declaring a sectarian war. May Allah help the honest Iraqis, the Shiites as well as the Sunnis! There is no power but from God. May Allah save the lives of the Muslims and keep them united in Iraq, the land of splendor and pride. The Nusrah Front and their ilk were defeated in al-Qassir and other regions. We eradicated the head of terrorism. Unfortunately, their subordinates in Iraq reacted. Today, the subordinates of terrorism who were hiding in Iraq reacted violently. As usual, they targeted the civilians including the women, the children and the unarmed men in markets and restaurants. Those cowards are not brave enough to confront the valiant Iraqi army, police and tribes. Indeed, the men of Iraq are strong enough to eradicate them. They could devour them easily. God bless the souls of the martyrs and grant quick recovery to the wounded. The countdown to crush the Iranian and Israeli project has begun. At last, the Arab nation is awakened.

  • مريم رؤوف


    The clashes between the terrorists and the Iraqi Security Forces are usually bloody. They result in bloodshed and murder. The recent clashes were not the first. In fact, there were hundreds of battles between the terrorists and the Iraqi authorities. For this reason, I call on the Security Forces to make thoughtful security plans before they wage their operations against the terrorists. Indeed, the survival of the troops depends on the prior planning of the security operations. Iraq had already lost many dear recruits, particularly the police and military officers who were in the face of the terrorists. Explicitly, I am afraid that the terrorists will make an ambush against the policemen and the armed forces after the clashes. They might implant bombs and improvised explosive devices to kill them. In fact, this is a common strategy for the terrorists. One should not rule out the possibility of counterattacks. The terrorists are able to carry out their operations everywhere in Iraq and at any time. The terrorist enemies have a clear plan to destroy the nation and to kill the people. For this reason, the Iraqi authorities should also have a plan to thwart the evil plots of the terrorists. Besides, I am quite sure that the terrorists are cowards and they fear the Iraqi Police and the Army. The Security Forces are supposed to take advantage of this fact in order to kill and detain a great number of terrorists. Indeed, the Iraqis are in dire need of effective security operations which lead to the killing or the detention of the terrorists. Those operations would make the Iraqis feel more secure in their homeland. The Iraqi people feel that the terrorists are controlling their own nation in view of the frequent heinous terrorist operations. The Iraqis are suffering from the bitter feeling of insecurity. They feel that they are targeted by the terrorist villains. They also feel that they are not free in their country in the presence of the terrorist cells, which is a bitter experience. The terrorists are threatening the Iraqis day and night. The Iraqi people are dreaming of the day when they get rid of the bitter feeling of insecurity. The Government of Iraq should know that the Iraqis want to live safely in their country. The police and the army are responsible for the security of the citizens and they are competent enough to carry out their duties to the fullest.

  • محمود عبد القادر


    .... I call on the Muslims to awaken and to put an end to their heedlessness. They should unveil the true nature of this deceiving diabolical entity. Those people are spreading corruption and destruction everywhere. Al-Maliki is carrying out an Iranian sectarian agenda which seeks to force the Iraqis to accept their control of the country. The Iranians also want to convert the Iraqis into Shiites or banish them. Then they replace them by Iranians. I would blame the Americans who made him a politician while he is not experienced enough.