Al-Qaeda in Diyala given 72 hours to surrender



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Iraqi security forces have given al-Qaeda members in Diyala province 72 hours to surrender before launching a military operation to arrest them, the Defence Ministry said Wednesday (June 5th).

The army, with help from the Iraqi air force, police and intelligence forces, would carry out the operation, said Lt. Gen. Abdul Ameer al-Zaidi, commander of army operations in Diyala province.

"The army gave a 72-hour deadline to al-Qaeda elements to surrender, along with their weapons, to the Iraqi forces before launching a large-scale operation" targeting the groups' hideouts in Diyala, al-Zaidi said.

The operation has been planned based on accurate security and intelligence information about the whereabouts of al-Qaeda leaders, particularly in Hamarain Basin areas, he said.

Al-Qaeda elements who chose to surrender will be treated in accordance with the law and human rights standards, he said, and their action will be taken into consideration when they are referred to the judiciary.



    باسم محمد


    This is the first time I have ever seen an Iraqi force, whether police or army, with such a reaction against terrorism. It may be a good omen and there is a new policy in Iraq to attack the locations of its terrorist enemy that destroyed a lot of years of Iraq and Iraqis and continues to destroy a lot of dreams. I swear that if this is the new thinking of Iraq in order to attack the governorates and cities, and the Iraqi forces have the ability to fight truly; this will be a good real start. But kindly, security forces must be cautious so that the terrorists won’t mess with the security and safety of the Iraqis in Diala to force the Iraqi army to withdraw. We must learn how to think like our enemy because they are really mean and foolish.

  • جلال الدين أنيس


    The Iraqi army gave Qaeda in Diala 72 hours to surrender, but we want to know how many hours Iraq and its security authorities gave to Qaeda to depart Iraq…All cities and governorates of Iraq have the same right as Diala to feel that the police and security forces are capable of giving another chance for the terrorists of al-Qaeda to depart their own cities or governorates, but if the situation is restricted to Diala, we wish that all Iraq becomes Diala in order to have the opportunity to get rid of terrorism within seventy two hours. We are scared lest the seventy two hours pass without any strong reaction by the security forces, or perhaps the security forces are not as powerful as their warning. In fact we don't want to feel disgraced, because all Iraq dreams of the moment when the security forces are able to rid the land of Iraq of the impurities of terrorists and rid all Iraq of al-Qaeda and its bloody crimes.

  • sulaiman


    Mr. El Musawi says: Iraq is a Shiite country. I tell him what is your business with Iraq you Musawi you are originally Persian…leave Iraq for Iraqis Muslims from many sects and Christians and Jews and Sabeans from all ethnicities. Don't interfere in the affairs of others. Oh God Iraq is ours. After Iraq rises again, Oh God helps, Iraq is the home of Ahlulbait and non Shiites have no place in Iraq.

  • خالد


    They ask the so-called government to do things beyond their ability~~ Each hour one Shiite comes and cheers~~ it is important to~~ use power~~ to expedite death sentences~~ detention~~ And magic tricks~~ O folks, how many times do I have to tell you to extend your legs according to your bedding?~~ You make impossible demands on the modest, weak Shiite government~~ keep it between us~~ Is there any force in Iraq that dares to come near Ramadi to dismantle the demonstration? I don't think so~~ The troops didn't dare to come close to the small motorcade, which included Issawi and a few men~~ Try to deal with these facts, guys.~ I repeat the proverb that says~~ “Don't sell the fur of the bear before you hunt it.”