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Iraqi police intercept truck carrying 2 missiles west of Mosul



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Iraqi security forces have seized two Grad missiles from a truck 30 kilometres west of Mosul, the Iraqi police in Ninawa province said Saturday (May 11th).

"A police force intercepted a large Daewoo truck carrying two Grad missiles and a locally-made missile launch-pad," Ninawa police spokesman Col. Khalid al-Hamdani said.

Police arrested three people on board the truck and found one pistol and a GPS device in their possession, he said.

The gunmen, who were taken to a security detention facility, are believed to be affiliated with al-Qaeda, according to al-Hamdani.

They are currently under investigation, and the truck was towed to a nearby military base where the two missiles will be destroyed, he said.



    إياد باسم


    God is our supporter and best helper! I wonder at those who allowed themselves to participate in bringing these missiles and explosives into Iraq although everyone knows well that these missiles come to destroy Iraqis, yet they allow them to enter. But the efforts of Iraqi police are wonderful because they found these two missiles. I thank the Iraqi police for their efforts to protect Iraqis from these two missiles. We hope the persons who were found in that truck will be punished because they deserve more than severe punishment.

  • ali


    We can call it the death truck. If this truck managed to get to its target with this massive amount of explosives, I think it would have been capable of destroying Anbar completely. Hence, we thank God who enabled the Iraqi police in Anbar to capture these explosives. We have to interrogate those suspects, because they certainly know facts and information that must be obtained. I am very happy at destroying this amount, which would have caused misery in Iraq and in the Arab world. We wish that the Iraqi police would always use these checkpoints to block all the roads for the terrorists not to be able to deliver their arms and explosives from one place to another inside Iraq. We need to paralyze them.