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Six Jabhat al-Nusra affiliated Iraqis arrested on Syrian border



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Security forces arrested six Iraqi gunmen linked to Jabhat al-Nusra (JAN) during a security operation in al-Qaim district on the Syrian border, the Anbar provincial police said Friday (April 19th).

"A security force carried out a large-scale support and search operation in al-Rummana village in al-Qaim district along the Syrian border Friday morning," Anbar police chief Maj. Gen. Hadi Erzaij told Al-Shorfa.

Police arrested six gunmen linked to JAN, all "previous members of al-Qaeda in Iraq who left the country last year to fight in Syria", he said.

"Investigations conducted with the gunmen have showed they are linked to Jabhat al-Nusra and have been involved in terrorist operations and the transfer of weapons and explosive materials to and from Iraq on six different occasions this year," Erzaij said.

"The police seized weapons and explosives in their possession, as well as important information stored on a laptop found in their possession," he said.



    عصام عبد العزيز


    I wish the accomplishments of Iraqi police to be at this level because there were many arrests during the last period; of the most important achievements is arresting six Iraqis from the Front of Nusrah for sharing in terrorists acts last year and their string relation with Qaeda. We understand that both Front of Nusrah and Qaeda don't want any goodness for Iraq; their presence means ruin for Iraq. We thank Almighty God for guiding the Iraqi police to reach them.

  • مصطفى محمود


    Iraqis who are linked to the Front of Nusra on the Iraqi-Syrian borders cause disturbance and these Iraqis who belong to this front are proof that they smuggled weapons and explosives and this should not be ignored; the Iraqi police are trying to cleanse the country from terrorism and they give the chance to Iraqis to give up the idea of terrorism; arresting those Iraqis shows that the chance has come for Iraqis to witness more arrests in Iraq now.

  • مراد علاء


    Front of Nusrah in Syria and Qaeda in Iraq form a very big worry and no doubt that this relation between them makes elements move from Syria and Iraq and vice versa. Therefore, the Iraqi police and army must play their role to cut this link and supplies completely between them. We thank Iraqi police who managed to arrest these six followers of Nusrah and we wish the border lines are combed from the side that is next to Syria because the ambushes and the plans are very effective in arresting more of these who abuse safety and security of Iraq.

  • فهد مصعب


    The free army distanced itself from the Nusra Front, which is a positive sign. Although the Nusra Front is also seeking to get rid of Bashar, we reject its terrorist approach and its involvement with al-Qaeda. The leaders of the free army realized that their cooperation with the Nusra Front will entangle it with terrorist organizations. Thus, the Free Army which managed to win the hearts and minds of the Arabs might lose its popularity in the international community overnight. The cooperation with the Nusra Front, which is linked to al-Qaeda network, might even lead to the dissolution of the free army. There is a huge discrepancy between the free army and the Front. The former wants to liberate the country from the grip of Bashar while the latter is seeking to establish a terrorist Islamic State.

  • سهيل سامى


    How strange that you demand the Iraqi people to pardon those who killed their children and kids in streets and markets and beheaded them in addition to putting bombings everywhere. Is our blood so cheap? You live on the oil of the south while Saddam used to kill their children and send them to the frontline in his wars. This era has ended and it will never come back.

  • جميلة العدان


    Currently, there is no doubt that the Nusra Front in Syria is connected with Al-Qaeda and that there is actual connections between the two parties as to arms and provisions as well as militants. This also makes us thank God for the closure of the tunnels. However, what we want here is to thank the Iraqi army for their success in arresting those 18 suspected members of Al-Qaeda. Although the reports refer that they are leading members of Al-Qaeda, let us suppose that they are innocent. In this case, we will also know that the army is on alert on the Iraqi-Syrian borders and that the border guards are watchful and always ready with its helicopters and arms to secure the borders.

  • عبد الله راجح


    I wish that this inquiry would reach the Iraqi government. Do you expect that arresting the terrorists on the Syrian borders will be the best thing to be expected by the Iraqi people? Supposedly, we must not see any of these things happening in Iraq originally. We need to forget the cases of terrorism that take place in Iraq now at the hands of the elements of Al-Qaeda exclusively. Those elements do not want Iraq to have a good future but they want it to suffer always from the destruction that spoils their happiness all the time. The Iraqis suffer oppression because of what happens. Hence, arresting the terrorists is a normal thing, but what then? The Iraqis’ demands exceed these achievements. This must have an end and the Iraqis want to see all the terrorists of al-Qaida executed because this way, Iraq has no security at all. In this way, Iraq will continue living in fear and worriedness to the end of the world.

  • عبد اللطيف الصقر


    The people with their different cults and sects want to unite under the banner of the banner of Caliphate in order to achieve their hopes in peace and justice after the injustice of rulers who should retire, all of them the presidents and Kings, then appoint a new Caliph rules under " There is No God But Allah" on himself first then on people, applies God's law everywhere in the Unites Islamic States; hence we get rid of the Palestinian issue through cleaning it from the aggressors and restoring it to the Caliphate.