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Syrian regime bombardment kills 12 in Homs village



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Regime bombardment on al-Buweida al-Sharqiya, Homs province, on Wednesday (April 17th) killed at least 12 people, including two women and two children, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Also in Homs, clashes with regime forces killed three opposition fighters on the outskirts of the town Abel.

Clashes on the perimeter of Abel, al-Buweida al-Sharqiya, and a number of other towns in the province saw "violent clashes" between opposition fighters and regime forces supported by pro-regime gunmen, some of whom are members of Hizbullah, the Observatory said.

In Damascus province, violent clashes broke out between opposition fighters and regime forces in Jdeidet Artouz and al-Ataba, the Observatory said, while Zamalka and Moadamiyet al-Sham were bombarded by regime forces.

The Free Syrian Army has repeatedly accused Hizbullah of assisting regime forces in attacking opposition fighters in the Qusayr region near Lebanon's northern border.



    خالد مازن


    There is no power but in God. The Syrian Army did nothing but invade everything in Syria, because the Syrian Army is working on eliminating the Syrians though attacking the towns in Dara’a, and this attack wasn’t peaceful, it was an attack to get rid of every thing there. The Syrian people try to get rid of all that is happening there in Syria in this way, but we can't see anything new in Syria. The situation remains as is. Now we pray Allah to grant Syria peace and safety, because they transformed Dara’a into tombs.

  • ماجد المصرى


    How long will both parties kill each other? This is impossible! This action should be stopped and the problem is that one party wants to defeat the other. No one has noticed that the opposition won’t be finished, as well as, regime loyalists and the regime itself. Even if one party has defeated the other and ruled the country, Syria won’t be the same once again. I can say that there is only one solution, that won’t satisfy many of you, but this is actually the solution to satisfy both parties. It is to let Bashar in his position as the President and to form the government from the opposition with guarantees, then to hold free and fair elections, and who the Syrian people will choose should be obligatory. I swear that this solution is only to stop the bloodshed that takes place every day from both parties. Even if the free Syrian army killed 100 people in 1 hour, it will break my heart, because those who are killed are Syrian Muslims loyal to the regime. When we die, we won’t be asked if we are regime loyalists or free army, but we will be asked about our Islam which prevents us from killing each other.

  • جيسى محمد


    Unfortunately, there is a striking reality that concerns the Arab world. In fact, Arab people glorify strength at the expense of justice and truth, and this explains the support of a lot of Syrians, Libyans and Egyptians with tyrants and torturers. They raise slogans that call for the life of their tormentors and love humiliation and slavery. This is really our Cultural crisis namely that the hating of a large sector of Arabs for freedom, justice and Islam is pushing them to cheer the lives of oppressors and prefer the slavery of tyrants to the values of justice, freedom and the nation legacy from the glorious Islamic history. There is no power but from Allah.

  • نور حمدى


    Human humiliation and a bunch of massacres are taking place in Syria, as 12 people were killed during the raids on Adlib. This is definitely not the first time for Syrians to be killed, as we witness massacres every day and daily raids by the Syrian regime and Bashar El-Assad. Now 12 families are in a terrible state, like hundreds and thousands of families who suffered a lot from the raids in Adlib and all over Syria. We cannot describe the situation in Syria, as even though we’re far away from the clashes and the massacres, the news and sharing the images makes us always feel as if we’re in the middle of the events. I hoped the conditions would have been convenient for us to participate in what’s happening in Syria, by joining the resistance in order to eliminate Bashar. However, the truth is that the conditions are really difficult, and whenever we sit with the Syrian refugees in our countries we realize that the situation is extremely tough and cannot be solved by Jihad methods, or popular resistance, as the situation requires International Political Strategic planning, something that we cannot offer to Syria alone. But God will help us realize that, and as Prophet Muhammad said: Be optimistic, and expect goodness, and you’ll find it. Whatever we experience of massacres, killings and violence from the Syrian regime, at the end the free people will win as long as they’re faithful to God and the country. The truth is that I was shocked to see those missiles being directed towards the Syrians, and these actions have to be criminalized by all the countries of the world. 60 thousand people were shot in Syria in the attacks by the Syrian regime. Then how many will die after the missile and aircraft attacks?