Iranian soldiers fighting alongside Bashar Assad: captured officer



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A man, reportedly an Iranian officer in the custody of the opposition Free Syrian Army, spoke with Thursday (April 4th), saying he used to train snipers for the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

He said he used to train men in the western province of Idlib.

"My name is Hamid Wothouq, and I am from Shiraz city. I stayed in al-Fouaa and Kafriya for five months to work with snipers. In Iran, I worked for the Basij. I want help from the Islamic republic," he said.

Wothouq allegedly entered Syria from Turkey and said there were Iranian soldiers spread in the country to help the Assad regime in fighting opposition forces.

"In al-Fouaa and Kafriya, Bousra, Tartous and Damascus, there are Iranian soldiers fighting alongside the Assad army," he said.



    مسعد سليمان


    Resuming diplomatic relations with Iran proves that Egypt has already got rid of Israeli and American control. Those countries tempted Egypt to take a firm position against Iran at a high price in the eighties of the last century, upon the Iraqi war against Iran. But, today the situation has changed upside down. The Gulf countries, which lost Iraq, are looking for another strong regional country which is equivalent to Iran in terms of power. The target country should be in a natural enmity with Iran. The only country meeting such criteria is Israel. So any Egyptian-Iranian rapprochement would weaken Israel and worry the Gulf. This is the secret of the military intervention of the Gulf in Syria. O Sunnis, wake up!

  • نصر الدين محمد


    Of course, we have eventually known the truth. Thus, everyone in Iran must support Bashar Al-Assad now since we have known the relationship between Bashar and this country. Iran sends weapons and explosives to Syria; soldiers will certainly go again to Syria as if we do not understand anything. May Allah take revenge on Bashar and Iran. If all the Arab countries cooperated together to oust Bashar Assad, prevent his cruelty against Syria and also to halt the Iranian aid for him, we would have found a better solution to the Syrians to live their natural life once again. However, it is really difficult to see soldiers fighting next to Bashar and murdering Syrians without making any reaction.

  • hosam el sayed


    May God help the people.