Jordan: 35,000 Syria refugees have gone home



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Almost 35,000 Syrian refugees have returned home from Jordan since their country's conflict broke out in March 2011, AFP reported Friday (March 5th).

A recorded 34,824 Syrian refugees "have gone back to their country since the start of the crisis", Anmar al-Hmoud, spokesman for the refugee file at the Jordanian government, told AFP.

He said around 2,500 of the refugees on Thursday requested to leave the Zaatari refugee camp in northern Jordan and returned home with the assistance of Jordanian security services.

Jordan says it is hosting more than 475,000 refugees from Syria, including more than 146,000 at Zaatari, a border camp whose residents have staged several protests over tough living conditions.

More than 41,000 Syrian refugees entered Jordan in March alone, said al-Hmoud.

Around 1.2 million Syrians have fled to neighbouring countries over the past two years, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.



    جيكا المصرى


    They lived in a camp named “al-Zaatari” in Jordan, where there is no relief, and no help , no humanitarian support. Of course they should go back. For the Arabs, it is the end, they put their heads in the sand and forgot that there are about a half million Syrian refugee in Jordan, and there are more than a million refugees if we count all the Syrian refugees in foreign countries. These refugees have all the rights to miss their country. It their only nation, but not the other Arab countries who dealt with the Syrian question in a shameful, dishonest manner. History will not forgive the Arabs at all because of their negative reaction to the Syrian people who are in every camp, dying, or inside Syria since the revolution started.

  • مصطفى محمود


    Of course, the 3500 families can never be all the Syrian refugees in Jordan, who reached about half a million. However, we thank the Kuwaiti Red Crescent for serving this large number, which may amount to 150,000 refugees at least. This is very expensive and we should thank those who played this role and we ask God to make it part of the record of their good deeds.

  • احمد عز


    Regular army forces attack every inch of Syria and we don't know what is the end, and at the end Syrians pay the price because due to assaults on the main cities, there are many human casualties among Syrians who basically don't know why Bashaar behaves like this; if they are scared they would have left Syria and would have gone anywhere else, but they chose to live in their homeland Syria, even if it is their end. O God avenge the regular army because they are the reason for everything and they carry out Bashaar's orders.

  • يوسف العياط


    I want to know why Syrian refugees returned home again under all these incidents now! We really want to know as long as officials provide all aids on golden plates to Syrian refugees, why did they return to Syria while we know that Bashar is turning it upside down and nobody knows what the end of these incidents is! Why did these thirty five thousand Syrians return to Syria? We need to know what will happen later and why don't we care these days? It is supposed that when Syrians think about return, there would be no violence or murder by Bashar al-Assad!

  • على زايد


    We don't want to underestimate what Jordan offered to Syrian refugees. Syrians returning to their homeland does not mean that Jordan failed to do its duty. It provided what it could afford to the camp of El Za'tari of aid and assistance and other services, it did its duty without any failure. According to the statement, about thirty five Syrians returned home, but throughout the last two years Jordan received more than half million persons because Syrians experience good behavior from Jordan, and unless Syrian are treated with respect by the government of Jordan, they would not come to this country that opens arms to brothers and welcomes them.

  • حسنى حسان


    Syrian refugees in Jordan could not find any comfort although officials in Jordan provide all care to this oppressed people. But they never forget that they are refugees and wish to return to their country asking Almighty God to find all welfare there and far from Bashar El Assad's tyranny who threatens all Syria. We hope he stops all this and stop the talks that say the issue will be solved, conversely, the Syrian crisis is complex and they can't get rid of it unless Bashar returns to his sense again.

  • جلال عبد الرحمن


    Is the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland Syria beginning of the end, which everyone is waiting for after the Syrian people had tasted cruelty and bitterness and murder of all colors ? Is it time through which all the Syrian peoples who left the country and did not find the chance to resort to the neighboring countries only through what they are doing now to go home again and be under the banner of the Syrian regime? We wish goodness and safety to all Syrian people.

  • منار سليمان


    Is it possible that the multiple crises that Jordan has gone through are the reason why 35 thousands Syrian refugees fled their refugee camps in Jordan and went back to Syria? Or was the real reason the emergence of the tuberculosis disease? Therefore, I demand the United Nations to find the real reasons why they had to go back to Syria and provide all the necessary aids to them, in order to get away from Bashar al-Assad’s oppression that threatens Syria’s security and future.

  • جواد ياسر


    It is very strange that about thirty five thousand Syrian refugees leave Jordan and go back to Syria although Jordanian officials are giving all Syrian refugees very good attention to live with all the good there in Jordan. They provide them with every thing they need. However, they preferred returning back to their country Syria. Maybe they missed their relatives and wanted to be with them. Also, there is no response to the demands of the Syrian people there in Syria. We hope that Syrian people return back to their country, but not now. When Syria comes back as it was before, enjoying its security and stability and away from criminality and injustice made by Bashar Al Assad there in Syria.

  • ماريان نبيل


    We have said countless times that the Syrians have dignity and a sense of self, and no matter how hard things may get, they will never sacrifice their dignity. The fact that 35,000 refugees have returned from Jordan to Syria again underscores that they were treated inhumanely. Therefore, they prefer to die with dignity over being humiliated as is the case in the al-Zatari refugee camp. Everyone knows how neglected are the Syrian refugees in Jordan.

  • دينا الجيار


    Even Syrian refugees have not managed to live peacefully in Jordan. Indeed, after they fled from the oppression of Bashar Assad, they have returned to him as if they have realized that dying in their country Syria is better and will maintain their dignity. Yet, do you expect that the exodus of refugees to their country will continue at this huge amount once again? Thus, we call on Syrians to think over before doing anything. We really wish all the best for the country better than living homeless as such.

  • محمود ملك نفسه


    The Jordanian king calls himself a king, while he begs to provide aids to the Syrian people. Shame on such men.