Egypt researchers develop eco-friendly engine



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A team of researchers at the American University in Cairo (AUC) on Tuesday (March 19th) announced they have developed an eco-friendly engine that uses heat to induce sound and electricity, Egypt's Ahram Online reported.

The thermo-acoustic engine was developed by a team of AUC faculty members and graduate students from different universities.

The project cost some $3 million since the AUC team began working on it in 2006, according to team leader Ihab Abdel-Rahman, associate dean of graduate studies and research at the School of Sciences and Engineering.

The engine, which can convert heat (solar-generated and otherwise) into sound, and subsequently into electric power, produces no harmful emissions and is one of the least costly methods of producing clean, renewable energy, he said.

It "uses simple materials that have no special requirements, are commercially available in large quantities, and are relatively cheap", Abdel-Rahman said.

"This would represent a national solution to Egypt's energy problem," the scientist said.



    مروة عبد الرحمن


    Where are the major national projects that can make use of the capabilities of the Egyptian youth rather than having them attracted to violence? We need to make use of this constructive power outside the narrow Nile valley. We have to protect the agricultural lands from the urban expansion because these lands are 7,000 years old. I wish that they would put investment incentives in many areas away from the Nile Valley through the exemption from taxes in return for higher Egyptian workforce and the like. We also need to establish new metro projects between Cairo and the new cities to alleviate the congestion in the capital and solve many of its chronic problems. The internal metro projects are mere temporary painkillers. Why we do not support the fodders by removing customs on them to encourage the breeding activities among the small projects to meet the deficit in the demand on meat. The summery is that, there are countless good ideas, but we need political will to implement them.

  • حمزة قاسم


    Of course, this engine can solve many problems in Egypt, as said by the inventor of the engine. Thus Renaissance can actually start. The former regime was not to adopt such ideas. But with the coming of the Renaissance era, it is not because I am a member of Muslim Brotherhood I praise the period of Mohamed Morsi, really this project is very likely to exist in Egypt soon. Egypt will be better than before. This invention will be taken care of and highly considered even though this project has been in progress since 2006. The important thing is that who will help this engine become true. The engine that runs on solar energy then converts it into acoustic then kinetic energy and finally the energy will used and transferred. I think that Renaissance Project needs such inventions and discoveries. This will help attract all decision makers in Egypt during the coming period. Maybe the current period, full of political conflicts, is so regrettable to start with these projects that are very necessary for our country.

  • رائد نادر


    What a great loss when Egypt owns this number of greatest minds, such ideas and applications and geniuses without having any inventions or discoveries! This is not due to the incapability of inventors or discoverers but because of the lack of support by the State. What a great number of projects innovated by Egyptian inventors, for example this eco-friendly engine, as suggested by its inventor. Also, this one was not encouraged by the Egyptian government. As supposed we now live in the renaissance era, I swear that it won't come into existence. The only hope for this engine, invented in Egypt, to see the light is that it is adopted by the USA through the AUC, where it was invented. We fear that the USA attracts such invention as well as its inventors, with all advantages going to the USA and the inventors while Egypt leaves empty-handed, as is said by Egyptians.

  • عثمان الجمل


    O really these are excellent persons who invented the friendly engine, we see geniuses in Egypt, but certainly we need who sponsors them and encourages them, not who disappoints them, there must be an end to what happens in Egypt, because we need such geniuses go out to be seen and known, the government must care about them instead of getting rid of them, we Egyptian look as if we will not abandon negligence which surrounds us from every side; you are supposed to search for what is proper for the people and improve their brain and take care of all inventive minds, and such news didn't find any attention, nobody considered it, but we are clever to show on media abusing and insulting the Brotherhoods, and such nonsense. Make the people rejoice, God avenge you, you drew us backward and we don't know what you want after what we see in Egypt.

  • منصور عبد الله


    I say it fearlessly here are the Egyptians whom the whole Arab world must be proud of at a time when Egypt was witnessing crisis and heinous crimes against Egyptians, now they can't submit Egyptians to the good things, now after the invention of the new engine that is friend to the environment because it does not pollute it, the people must make any movement or hints to the government to urge it to adopt and encourage these cadres and inventors for their efforts and they must be given the chance to be ahead of all Egyptians due to their numerous inventions.

  • taherleila


    Why not improve this motor and utilize it in the desert lands for water abstraction and in cultivating the desert so that the Egyptians may prosper for once