Syrians flee Damascus district, UN staff member killed



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A day after at least 216 people were killed in Syria -- one of the highest daily figures in recent weeks -- violence renewed across the country, AFP reported Saturday (March 16th).

Syrian regime forces shelled Barzeh, Qaboun, Jobar, and the Yarmouk refugee camp in the capital Damascus overnight, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

Shelling was particularly fierce in Barzeh, where snipers were deployed and residents were reported fleeing the area.

Southwest of Damascus, Nasri Khalil Hasan of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) was killed in the Khan Eshieh Palestinian refugee camp.

Hasan -- the sixth member of UNRWA staff to be killed in Syria -- was killed by shrapnel that hit him as he fled his home under artillery fire, the UN agency said.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Revolution General Commission, a coalition of opposition groups on the ground in Syria, reported regime troop reinforcements being deployed in Daraya, a suburb of the capital.



    ستار خلف


    Even if they escaped from Damascus, there is no quiet place in Syria to take shade in. Unfortunately, Bashar, cut all ways before Syrians except for the way to death or seeking asylum to other countries if they could do so before being killed too. There is no power but from God. Top arrogance from that president who stood one day before his people and swear for them and before Allah that he will preserve lands, honor and the safety of the country and peoples. Now he is violating every promise, grab everything, kills every spirit. If he has appointed himself to take the spirit of Syrian people this way, he must remember that one day Allah will send him the Angel of Death to take his spirit. If he was called by his power for being unjust and killing people wrongfully, he must remember Allah's power on him. Here's the sixth victim from the UN killed in Syria, will this change anything within the UN? I don't think so because the UN has compromised the Syrian issue from the beginning. Vito is more important for it than the Syrian bloods, and even more important that its employees. Those employees are Syrians and can be replaced simply by a stroke of a pen. There is no power but from God. May Allah help Syrian opposition to stand in the face of the fascist Syrian regime until Allah brings His Command to put an end to Bashar, his thugs, his regime and all his followers from Iran, China, Russia and all the traitors.

  • طلال ما هر


    Since when has violence stopped? They are continuous during night and day. It is the same as continuous bombing in Syria. Unfortunately the UN was subject by these misfortunes with one of its staff killed. I am honestly afraid that due to these repercussions, the UN could give up the Syrian issue, this is very likely. From the beginning, Russia and China have enabled this tyrant to overcome his people. I don't think the UN will have a lot to do regarding the actions practiced by Bashar against his people.

  • مايسه المعمرى


    Well what do you expect from a people who are exposed to death every day, they must look for an outlet for them, frankly they will find better than Jordan and because Jordan has many places that can contain big numbers of Syrians, so from the beginning we should have known that they have initiatives to solve their crisis which happen in Syria now, but what shall we do, there is no solution at all for all what happens in Syria and they don't want to escape.

  • على زايد


    Does this mean that when they crossed to Jordan that there are no difficulties? This is the beginning of hard life, only God knows how Syrians are treated in Jordan, let them treat them whatever they want till we see this Bashaar's end. The general situation says that it is impossible to thing stable there unless one of the parties compromises, and it is obvious that Bashaar is stubborn and sticks to the seat with his thugs and regime.

  • كرم جابر


    Increasing fights mean more displacement and more killing and more destruction, these are conditions of Syrians, always when we read or hear that there are battles, there must be more pain; Syrian fleeing to Jordan may help them feel safe and reduces fear because the situation is really terrifying; here are the refugees who left their country and don't know where to go and how to live, only they hope they survive.

  • امل عثمان


    We still hear about these numbers of people who die in Syria every day, the numbers must be much more than that we hear about, O God this is wrong, these people lose their life for no reason; they can't even find weapons to defend themselves, everything in Syria now is killing and killing; one wakes up and finds the killing and bombing at any house all over the districts, at night you must hear about accidents like this, and the second day you will find the same thing, and those women, children and elders who do not leave for any other country will die. O God protect Syrian women as too many of them have died already.

  • ماريان نبيل


    O God this is too much! How such big numbers of women and children in Syria die just like that! Are women so worthless and don't have any value in Syria! When a woman or a child go out of house in Syria or even if they don't go out, they are exposed to all these trouble and crisis, and any woman doesn't deserve but a bullet that takes her life. O God what we witness now is too much for us, all we need is protecting women and children who still live in Syria; it is wrong that all their rights were lost and they still keep silent, but when it reaches the extent of losing their right to live, this what really needs a serious stance.

  • جيسى محمد


    What is painful in that news is that there two hundred sixteen dead which means that every day the record number is broken and the number of murdered Syrians increases, there is no power but from God. Where is the world and I hope the UN learns a lesson and enters and play its part, one from the UN staff was murdered today, well they are supposed to be patient or what? Really the Syrian regime is playing fool, and what makes a fool of them is the killing of those who don't attack him or face him from Arabs or organizations; in proverbs they say what made a Pharaoh, the Pharaoh said that he didn't find who stops him; if Bashar and his disgusting regime found any opposition and confrontation, we would have got rid of him, but what shall we say, sorrowfully these are the organizations and their negative attitude towards Muslims, in particular; these are the Arab countries and their behaviors towards each other with the succession of rulers.

  • ريان مهند


    Battles are still going on in Syria and because of all these incidents the only way for Syrians is fleeing away and running away from all this. Running away is the only solution for the Syrians who have right on their side, but they flee to Jordan in order to find any solution through which we can do what is required from us; but sorrowfully, situations are the same in Syria, and neither the Syrian army not Bashaar want to cool the events down in Syria, knowing that Bashaar is alone is able to stop these attacks and successive battles in Syria. But he increases these incidents and he does what he can to keep his seat in Syria although this Bashaar lost his prestige among peoples of the world because he commits crimes that were not committed by infidels against animals; he spilled the blood of these martyrs and he wanted to kill them, too. I always appeal to God to support the Syrian people and guide them to their welfare, but I support the people of Syria now because the best chance is that they go to Jordan to settle there, away from destruction. So I hope Bashaar withdraws because he is the only one that can cool things down, God willing, instead of seeing such incidents and many difficulties that surround Syrians. I wish there were a serious final solution for what is going on there now.

  • سمير المرسى


    We belong to God and to Him we shall return. We believe that God will accept him as a martyr. Those who leave their places to seek the satisfaction of God and die in the process are believed to be martyrs. Unlike the corrupt who disobey the Creator. Indeed, I do not see any political overtones in the killing of the Hezbollah fighter, according to this story. This man was killed by the Syrian regime. For this reason, we believe that Bashar al-Assad must step down from power as soon as possible. In fact, the killing of this man represents the straw that broke the camel’s back. All Arab peoples reject the Syrian regime. The situation in this country is really lamentable. For this reason, we call on the Arab rulers and the leaders of Hezbollah in Lebanon to exercise more pressure on this tyrant. God’s curse be upon him! Bashar is killing Muslims without any mercy, which is really disgusting. I think that the Arabs must confront Bashar. Nevertheless, the Arabs should strike at random. Indeed, they should coordinate in order to make a well planned attack. Their blow should be decisive, too. The Syrian and the other Arab peoples had better get rid of Bahar al-Assad and his regime.

  • جواد ياسر


    If the solution was to kill the employee of the UN, he’s dead now, so where is the result of this professional solution of yours? You don’t want anything from Syria except the destruction of its people, as if just seeing the dead bodies makes you smile. It’s really bad to see the Syrian people like this, with dead people every day. Let them rest for one day at least, and stop making them so frustrated. It’s wrong for them to wake up every day finding themselves with no home to go to, with so many bombs dropped by the Syrian army. Why? If we were at war, fighting the enemies of God, we wouldn’t do what you’re doing. The enemy is the one who should do this first, but you went ahead and did such a thing to the weak people of Syria, who don’t have any way to defend themselves. That’s why they fled to other countries. The weird thing is that the army insists on continuing what they’re doing. However, the problem is that what’s happening in Syria is futile. The UN needs to find a solution for them, so that we won’t see any of these incidents happening again. The Syrian people have the right to flee their country. There’s no other way, because the missiles could land on them at any time. It is wrong for the army to frighten them so much. May God take revenge on the system for what it has done.

  • محمد عزت


    We know very well the situation in which the Syrian people have found themselves, especially lately, where the violence is on the rise. We all wish that the Syrians could get rid of these events, but the only solution for them now is to flee the country and run for their lives to the neighboring countries to find safety, away from what is happening in Syria.

  • منتصرون


    The Syrian army is spreading its troops! Thank God there is an army that spreads its troops and shows its power against demonstrators and non-demonstrators, but my question is: where was this strong army forty years ago? Where was this army when the Zionist planes were flying over the Presidential Palace, and where was this army when the Turkish army was mobilized and forced the government to submit to the Turkish orders and sold them the Iskenderun Port for free? Where was this army when the nuclear station was being bombarded, and where was this army which knows nothing about Golan except its name? Is there an army in Syria now?????

  • ليلى نافع


    Whether we like it or not, the Nusrah Front exists in Syria and has the right to defend Syria. Isn’t that compliant with democracy or do we want to discriminate against some groups of the society? Just as there are secularists and liberals, there are also Islamists represented by the Nusrah Front. Therefore, why are we demonstrating against them, or is Bashar no longer a problem and Nusrah Front is actually the problem that we are facing? I urge the Syrians to have strong faith in their cause against Bashar and seek help from god. At this juncture, it is very important to unite Muslims instead of causing schism amongst them. As we know, the Nusrah Front has many supporters in all Arab countries. In other words, it is possible to help them financially or by sending them weapons, or even troops. That is what the Syrian Free Army needs now. So, let us start from scratch and be united and not divided. Even if a small group of people holds a protest, the majority of the people must make them be reasonable so that we may avoid creating animosities and schism among Syrians.

  • ستار خلف


    At the Syrian-Jordanian borders, there is killing and destruction. People cross these borders to flee and seek refuge in Jordanian territories from the shelling, bombing and killing directed towards them by the Syrian regime. They then end up in the camps erected inside Jordan or even in open air. That is the situation of Syrians, and the entire world is watching without making a move or a reaction as if it supports Bashar and what he is doing. If this was to happen in a non-Muslim country, we would have seen how it would have elicited a different attitude by the international community. Doesn’t the Security Council think that this is religious discrimination?

  • حمزة قاسم


    No one should be gloating over the death of any person. However, after the death of one of its workers in Syria, the United Nations will perhaps respond in a stronger tone to Bashar’s actions and his inhumane acts. The United Nations is capable of changing many of the things that are happening in Syria. The UN can mobilize the civil society against the sheer injustice that they Syrian people are enduring at the hands of Bashar and his tyrannical regime.

  • عبد المجيد حازم


    Extremism and the Nusrah Front will not be able to gain a strong foothold in Syria. This is because the hardline nature of the Nusrah Front will not garner any support from the Syrians. I’m not making an analysis of any sort, but this is the nature of the Syrian people. Syrians are moderate people and they dislike extremism, and even if Bashar is against the Islamists, it doesn’t mean that the Syrians will sympathize with them. This is because the Syrian people do not want them in the first place; they want neither an Islamist front nor Bashar since they have a third option, which is to establish a civil, respectable system of governance. This state will be free of killing, bombings and the like, and of course the Syrians will not have such a state, neither with the presence of Bashar al-Assad nor with the Nusrah Front, which follows a hardline ideology that could very much be related to al-Qaeda.

  • كريم


    May God take revenge upon the terrorists. May God take revenge upon you in this world and hereafter. What is the guilt of the families and the children? If you are against the state, why do you make those people as victims in-between?