International bodies to monitor Iraqi elections



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The Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) on Wednesday (March 13th) invited 198 international organisations to monitor the country's upcoming local elections.

Invitations have been sent to international agencies affiliated with the UN, the European Union and other international and local monitoring groups by way of Iraqi embassies, according to Meqdad al-Sharifi, head of IHEC's electoral department.

In addition to monitoring the elections, set for April 20th, the organisations have been asked to share their experience in this field.

"The goal of these invitations is to ensure more transparency and soundness in the electoral process," al-Sharifi told Al-Shorfa. "Iraq will receive these organisations and meet all their needs, which include ensuring the safety of their movements inside the country."

"Most of the organisations have accepted IHEC's invitation," he said.



    فارس احمد


    El Malekie threatens that Iraq will be like the countries of the Arab spring! O you get lost, we hope we are like them, do you think that they have nothing but demonstrations, but you and after ten years still use traps and killing is spread in the streets, so I hope we become like them.

  • امال الابراهيمى


    Al-Maliki who speaks in the name of the Constitution and legitimacy, is the first who tricked the constitution and legitimacy. He didn't rule through elections, he has been imposed by Iran and America and he stole Iyad Allawy's right, the real winner in elections. What will your people remember for you, you criminal? God avenges you and every criminal.

  • هدى حمدى


    I would like to ask Mr. Noori a question: as long as you say that you are a legal President, why do you reject the population census? Why do you refuse holding elections and you don't know that your legitimacy came with the American tanks and the Iranian sectarian militants!

  • مجد المحمودى


    May god have his mercy on all Iraqi people. May god make anyone who sings the praises of Iraq’s past –wars, UN sanctions, sectarianism and terrorism – endure the same bitterness that Iraqi people endured. Leave Iraq alone and wish us peace and best of luck. Anyone who thinks they have what it takes should go ahead and form a political party and win the elections. We are sick and tired of terrorism and to hell with our former and current governments.

  • طارق


    We all know that Iraqi people now needs lots of elections so that they could have a better country but they need surveillance for their elections. There are some international organizations that does such thing, so that it could be fair and honest and with no disorder among them.

  • مروة عبد الرحمنر


    Of irony in the Iraq regime (...) Khodair al Khozaie was an extra leg with no ministry and was angry at AL Maliki so they made him a third Vice President of the Republic which is a fictional position and doesn’t show up anywhere in the Constitution. After months the first vice-president flees the country and the second deputy resigns and President gets a stroke and the extra MP became a president, a protector of Al Maliki with one function keep Al Maliki and the signing of the executions that he is keen about them more than the provision of services to the country.

  • معوض إسماعيل


    The problem is that al-Maliki Government is strongly supported by the non-Islamic Iran and America as well as the ruling parties and militias. I am worried about the outbreak of a sectarian civil war leading to bloodshed and violations, God forbid! We seek refuge with Allah from the tribulations and calamities. The cries and the demands of those people are ignored. The military action in their towns did not halt. God is my only Helper. Oh Allah, bestow salvation upon us!

  • كارولين مجيد


    The hope to improve the proportion of Sunni representation in the Parliament after the census is only an illusion because the Government will not carry it out only after confirming in advance that result will grant the Shiites a higher proportion than the current virtual rate that amounts to about 55%. Since the tyranny of the Shiite parties in Iraq in 2005, the Iraqi citizenship has been granted to more than two million people of Iranian origin and the process has not stopped until now. (This has been revealed in the leaked documents from the Iraqi Department of Immigration Citizenship).

  • مروة عبد الرحمن


    The demands of the demonstrators are clear, aren’t they? The Iraqis know the truth. The Government wants to procrastinate the issue by making a commission. This sectarian Government had already formed thousands of useless committees. The officials want to distract the attention of the citizens. Dear Mr. Minister, the problem does not require a commission. In fact, it requires an immediate response from the leadership to implement it. The people are so conscious that you could not fool them with mere formalities. Time is not in favor of Iraq. Things will worsen. The division is approaching. The billions smuggled by the members of Government and other officials will be frozen.

  • طلال


    I hope the Iraqi elections are held as soon as possible, because we see the conditions of the Iraqis and the harsh development of these conditions. So there needs to be a watchful government that knows everything that happens in Iraq. We know that despite the many efforts exerted by these people, they are not at the proper level and they don’t have a sense of seriousness; so it is up to the international organizations to monitor and observe the Iraqi elections, in order to stop any such incidents.

  • مهدي


    I guess Iraq is not at the age of international adolescence, which would make it possible for us to worry about it, but Iraq and its great history with its neighboring countries, with its experience in fighting terrorism, can benefit others. It can also benefit from the so-called neighboring countries, which may also have new concepts or aid to solve the issue of terrorism for themselves and for Iraq. Therefore, I believe that, if both the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs succeed in making deals and holding conferences with these countries, they will have a good plan for fighting terrorism in Iraq.

  • hakim


    No one can deny the importance of elections in Iraq in forming the basic thinking for Iraqis. We are well aware that these elections are very important because of all the incidents and conditions that Iraqis are exposed to. So we all have to do our duty towards these elections, so this big initiative was offered by international organizations to sponsor these elections, in order for them to be held according to the highest possible standards, because we only want to see Iraq in its best image, away from any schemes that might target Iraq or Iraqis. So if we need a solution, we hope these international organizations will take care of the Iraqi elections during the coming days, God Almighty willing.

  • الهام مطر


    We have been wrong from the beginning in agreeing on this futile constitution which stopped at ironic expressions such as (the constitution allows him to sketch out domestic and foreign policy for Iraq in addition to the defense and security policy and all the military affairs. This is what Al-Maliki is carrying out through his absolute powers). This means a dictatorship and an individual rule. Many people believe in the existence of a bad name called constitution and admire to invoke it. In fact, the Constitution was written by the enemies of Iraq and has been voted for by the illiterate and the gullible. It is clear how the Constitution entitles a single person with absolute power: we are the people who make dictators. We should be ashamed in the name of Allah, shouldn’t we?

  • عبد العزيز محمد


    We only hope that after all this international monitoring and these activities, these local elections would result in a democracy and there would be no manipulation of any kind because those who’d want to manipulate its results will not fear the international monitoring or anybody else. I am not saying that the monitoring is completely useless; on the contrary, this is most appreciated but we hope that there aren’t bigger plans by the current government to influence the votes toward predefined orientations.

  • باسل جمال


    I hope the elections will be held soon, and there is no need of such monitoring and inspections, because the issue does not need all this monitoring. These are just local elections and the Iraqis must do their duty, so that these elections are held properly. Also, the Iraqi government must increase the security and guards at the electoral constituencies. God willing, after a while these crises will end in Iraq, and the elections will be performed well.

  • عمار المنفلوطى


    Are these committees going to observe the elections in Iraq and will they secure Iraq? We really hope so. Here we are suffering from what is happening in Iraq in terms of terrorist attacks, and we don't want these elections to be endangered by all these incidents. We really need stability in Iraq. So if this supervision and inspection will offer this safety and security to Iraqis, then I hope we have the elections very soon. There is no need to delay them, because we don't want this postponement.

  • كاريمان كرم


    I wonder at the scrap seller who turned into a politician, talking about sectarianism and the Constitution and legitimacy. I'm asking you, you sectarian: why didn't you accept Allawy when he won the elections? Isn't that legitimacy? And you didn't respect it. O God, the shy are dead!

  • كرم جابر


    The truth that needs to be told is that the Iraqi government did not have any objections to or comments on having international surveillance over the next elections. This proves that the government is holding the next election with a democratic way of thinking. We must thank the organizers and spread awareness among the people of Iraq, to make them know that the Iraqi government actually adopts democracy, so that there is no wedge between the government of Iraq and the people. Thus, all Iraqis will witness a new transitional stage, God willing, as soon as these elections are held in a nice, democratic atmosphere that will help to stop this atmosphere of demonstrations and unrest that we are witnessing, and we hope that happens.

  • sirwanhusain


    Peace be upon you…. in fact, the international organizations are necessary but with conditions. They should not sell their consciences.