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Children being recruited in Syria: charity



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Children are increasingly being recruited into the Syrian conflict, with both regime and opposition forces using boys as soldiers and even human shields, international charity Save the Children said Wednesday (March 13th).

In a report marking two years of violence in Syria, the charity said two million children have been affected in a conflict the UN reports has cost at least 70,000 lives.

These children are struggling to find enough food to eat and are under constant risk of malnutrition and disease, the report said. Many are unable to attend school, and the early marriage of girls is increasing -- possibly in an effort to protect them from the perceived threat of sexual violence, but sometimes as a cover for sexual exploitation.

Meanwhile, "children are increasingly being put directly in harm's way as they are being recruited by armed groups and forces", the charity said.

"There is a growing pattern of armed groups on both sides of the conflict recruiting children under 18 as porters, guards, informers or fighters," it said.



    حمزة قاسم


    Let them recruit; why not? Why are you angry? The angry person needs to go and tell Bashaar to stop the killing; or do you want them to wait until Bashaar kills them, and should they remain without protecting themselves? Or should the Syrians tell Bashaar that they will listen and obey, and that they deserve to beaten with shoes?… Children and others, everybody loves Syria and is ready to serve and protect her with his own eyes. The rest is on the one who sold her and killed her sons, and the world associations are silent. None of them uttered one word, and now they talk and reiterate.

  • دينا الجيار


    We know well that no one accepts what is happening to the Syrian children. Hence, I am astonished because of the reaction of the human rights organizations that left the children without anything to confirm that they are abandoned children. Those children found themselves in conditions that forced them to do many things and to help the adults in deterring the forces of the regular army. I hope that those children would be saved from this swamp.

  • سعيد حساسين


    These are the results of the civil wars and the conflict of the regimes, but the children pay the price in the end, just as is the case with family problems and disagreements between the parents and divorce cases, which make the children homeless. The same thing happens with the greater parents, i.e. the regime and the opposition. This is what happens in Syria, where the children suffer from the displacement. There is no power except with God the Almighty. We never wanted to see the children in Syria in this situation ever.