Yemen to compensate Abyan terrorism victims



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The Abyan reconstruction fund board of directors said Monday (March 11th) it has set aside 7 billion riyals ($32.7 million) in compensation for those whose houses were damaged in terrorist operations last year, Yemen's Al-Thawra reported.

The board, chaired by Yemeni Prime Minister Mohammed Basindwa, instructed the finance minister to swiftly transfer the first of three such payments compensating citizens with damaged houses. The remaining payments are slated to be made on a quarterly basis this year.

The fund, which serves "areas affected by terrorism operations", had said that al-Qaeda in Abyan caused material damages that affected at least 12,615 houses and 3,282 farms in past years, the newspaper reported.



    ريان مهند


    The judgment of three or four years in prison that was sentenced to the terrorists who hit and attacked the military facility is not considered a deterrent one, by the way, any terrorist caught by the government should have been put under arrest for life so that his matter comes to an end. We hope that they judge them, apply severest penalties on them and all of them get execution because terrorists are from Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda means ruins and destruction, those who do not know that can look at what happened to Yemen, in particular, Abyan Governorate, that was destroyed and burnt, and other disasters caused by Al-Qaeda and terrorism.

  • لطيف شندل


    Abyan is indeed the province that has suffered the most from terrorism. Many families emigrated because of those excruciating blows that destroyed this kind town. All of its inhabitants have been exposed to so much pain, and the government needs to give them all the compensation it can give, even if it is only to strengthen the psychological factor of the Yemeni people, especially in Abyan. We all have good feelings for Yemen, and that’s why we all pray for the development of the brotherly Yemen.