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Iraq recruits border residents to security forces



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The Iraqi government on Tuesday (March 12th) began to recruit village residents in border areas to the Iraqi federal security institution as part of a new security project to protect Iraq's borders.

"The government approved an interior ministry proposal" to bring residents into the fold to help protect border areas, said Faleh al-Fayyadh, security advisor to the Iraqi government.

"Those willing will be accepted into the border guard forces as per legal conditions, given that they have considerable knowledge of border areas where they live," he said. "Their work with the security forces can positively and significantly reflect on the security situation."

Recruiting will begin in villages along the border with Syria because of the security vacuum on the Syrian side, "something that has imposed huge pressures on the Iraqi side", al-Fayyadh said.

"Al-Qaeda is trying to exploit Syria's instability to their interest by transporting fighters and arms to and from Iraq," he said. "This project will be important in stopping that."



    باسل جمال


    The bothering question to the thugs is: o you villains of El Assad how much was the Golan heights sold for and how many bullets were shot to liberate it in 42 years? You notice that they are in trouble whenever they are asked this question! They want to say that they don't buy arms, whereas the saves and stores of these traitors are full of arms and weapons. The new question to be asked: Why the Zionists don't attack the villains of El Assad, not even with words or find the chance to get rid of him if he is truly their enemy? We know that their planes enter Syria and go out safely, yet we see confusion when the opposition makes any progress and cut one of the tyrant's veins. All who believes that he adopt deterrent resistance should ask the same question.

  • إيهاب رشاد


    This series of arrests by the Iraqi army is appreciated and valued by us for their clever operations because without this approach the situation would have been disgraceful. These arrests and detentions are done by the Iraqi army, what if the army is in charge of terrorists in the state of Iraq, I think terrorism would have gathered its pieces and left our country. Truly, all Iraqis put their trust in the army that deals with terrorists as if with enemies in homeland, and so they attack and arrest them and don't want more than that so that we feel comfortable and go to our business and work peacefully in Iraq. The situation in Iraq does not give any hope while we see a lot of killing and bombings. This terrorism which grows in Iraq is like cancer and does not find any cure to stop it. We feel hopeful in our Iraqi army to stop it.

  • منى المصطفى


    I thank everyone who has contributed to collecting this large amount of weapons and ammunition. These weapons show that the Iraqi people are suffering from these attacks that are taking place one after the other. These attacks are perpetrated by al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq. However, the hiding place that has been found near the Syrian borders accentuates that the situation in Syria and in Iraq is the same. As you would have thought, this hiding place contains large amounts of weapons that are used to brutalize the Syrian people. At the same time, these weapons are used by terrorist groups so that they may perpetrate further terrorist crimes as they were accustomed to. All of this is down to negligence, so I hope that these hiding places in Iraq will be done away with.

  • ماريان نبيل


    The destruction of the tunnels is not evidence of vital communication between Iraq and Syria before the emergence of al-Qaeda. We need the heavy presence of the army and patrol guards on the Iraqi-Syrian border. We must block the road completely to preserve the security of Syria, especially in this critical period so as not to allow the enemy terrorist pass under the pretext of Arab brotherhood.

  • ناردين عبد المنعم


    Mr. Nuri al-Maliki, Prime Minister and 'Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces has the constitutional power to decide the domestic and foreign policies of Iraq, in addition to defense, security and all military affairs. In fact, al-Maliki is exercising his absolute powers in this regard! He is constitutionally the Commander in chief of the Armed Forces. Besides, the Commander of the Armed Forces had warned the bandits that he intends to make a punitive action. Eventually, the authorities were fed up. For this reason, Mr. Secretary of Defense sent them a final warning in an attempt to avoid such action but they did not respond. Thus, he sent them a brigade of the valiant Iraqi Army to deter them. They ran away!

  • محمود ذو الفقار


    I wonder whether al-Maliki understands anything about the Armed Forces and whether he is different from his predecessors. The problem is not in who will lead the Armed Forces but how to do this. Al-Maliki is very weak in defense cases. I wonder how he dares describe demonstrators as bandits like Gaddafi. Either he will send them a brigade from the brave Iraqi Army which is a red line. In fact, al-Maliki is not and could never become Bashar even if he insisted. He will not be allowed to use power. It is a red line. The second day, he was accused of corruption and his money is frozen abroad and the alternative exists. Your supporters will applaud your alternative.

  • سعيد حساسين


    The Army Forces and the border guards have cooperated in a great operation of closing the illegitimate tunnels which used to link Iraq and Syria. Perhaps this attack has led to the arrest of these criminal bastards who must receive the severest punishments since they will not be held accountable only as terrorists but they want to devastate a neighboring country of Syria. In fact, everyone is aware that this country is going through rocky times and terrorists and al-Qaeda are trying to wreak havoc in Syria. Consequently, they have established these tunnels. Therefore, I believe that we should grant them the severest punishments which think of nothing but destroying nations. What is weird is that there are things in these tunnels that prove that terrorists have to do with everything namely weapons, IEDs, modern technologies like computers as well as goods. I wonder whether these are theft acts. I also wonder whether these things will be used in their ammunition and their lives or they will serve as aids for terrorists on the other side in Syria. This will serve as a real wide-ranging guillotine and maybe we will get more particular information from them in order to get the truth from these stinking mouths. The closure of these tunnels will bring a lot of benefits. Thus, we call on the brave and victorious Army to bring us more happiness.

  • خالد


    May God bless all the leaders for this excellent procedure.

  • جيسى محمد


    May God support the Iraqis, because they face invasion, traitors and agents, and the corrupt government that was appointed by the colonists. Where is the freedom that the Americans call for, while they occupy Iraq?

  • سليمان الراسى


    We often say that the Iraqi borders are not in good condition and that there needs to be a correct strategy in order to plan for protecting the Iraqi borders. Thank God that the government of Iraq understands. I think that the Iraqis are very efficient and are willing to volunteer and join the border guard forces, because these Iraqi youth have the power, the bravery and the patriotism that makes them able to take responsibility. When the door is open to apply for recruitment in the forces, everyone will see the Iraqi youth applying.

  • صلاح رسلان


    Currently, Iraqis are living in unstable conditions and insecurity, due to what they are exposed to. We see the real tragedy that the border guards are experiencing; there is a state of insecurity there and the Iraqi borders are targeted. Therefore, the government of Iraq must end this state of fear and insecurity, thus it is essential that the inhabitants of the border areas must volunteer and join the ranks of the security forces, because these Iraqis can secure and protect their Iraqi borders, especially the borders with Syria, through which the terrorist elements of al-Qaeda can carry out any terrorist movement. They can use the borders due to the tunnels that are between them and Syria, which need to be closed. They can use these borders to move weapons and fighters into and out of Iraq. This should be stopped before it starts.

  • نافع عمر


    We know well that the number of border guards in Iraq needs to increase, because we know the dire need for this increase. These border guards need other guards who belong to these border areas, because no one protects the people there, and the responsibility is still theirs. So when we look at the border between Iraq and Syria, we will find that al Qaeda use everything for their benefit there, by moving weapons into and out of Iraq; hence the numbers of border guards must increase there.