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Downtown Cairo hotel occupancy drops to 14%



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Attacks on hotels in downtown Cairo, mostly notably the Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel near Tahrir Square, have caused a drop in occupancy in neighbouring hotels from 80% to 14%, the Egypt Independent reported Wednesday (March 6th).

Travel agencies are now advertising a package that takes tourists around Taba, Luxor and Aswan but skips Cairo, an official from the Federation of Tourism Chambers said.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Tourism Ministry is taking steps to provide more road safety for tourists through a centre that tracks the movement of tourist buses, the newspaper said.

Earlier in the week, unrest near downtown Cairo simmered in an area where there are at least three hotels. Protesters damaged the exterior of the Semiramis during clashes with the police Tuesday.



    حامد فوزي


    Why the major companies that, have millions of cash money and transfer them across the Greater Cairo and the capitals of the governorates do not hire the money transfer companies in return for reasonable fees. These companies are responsible for the money they handle and certainly, they are equipped with a protection and integration system to avoid any security breach. If any breach occurred, this would become the responsibility of the police, because it would mean a serious security problem that threatens the national security. The responsibility in this case will not be the responsibility of the police, but it will be also the responsibility of the general intelligence agency, all the control authorities and they may reach the premiership.

  • زياد مشاري


    This armed robbery is a very big problem and it has increased; we were never used to it, nor was this the case in Cairo or in Egypt. May God take revenge on those who divided us and made more than one party and more than one branch. We lived in safety and security, and now there are some thugs who were collected in minutes and were arrested, and now they are making chaos in the streets. Generally, there is a big difference between thugs who attack and rob hotels, and the demonstrators, who have an issue that they are defending. The other one has a case and commits another one.

  • احمد سويدان


    When thugs attack the Sameramis or Intercontinental, the most famous hotels in Cairo, these huge demonstrations in Cairo made people in and outside Egypt unwilling to visit Cairo, because everything is at a standstill and life is paralyzed to such a degree that some of my relatives decided to leave Cairo and go to their own hometowns in other governorates, to get away from conspiracies and tension and this continuous trouble between the people and the police. It is good that there are tourists who still get visas to visit Egypt and still like Egypt and are eager to visit it, even if they come to visit Taba, Hurghada or Luxor. This is good evidence that tourists understand that this chaos is only in Cairo and the Canal governorates. I am very sorry and sad to see this, because the first thing tourists seek when they visit Egypt is safety and security, before visiting the tourist attractions or other places, but what shall we say! May God forgive the ones who are behind this, and God is our supporter and best helper.

  • ماجد المصرى


    We can’t argue or make the case that this is the real situation in all of the hotels around Tahrir Square. A few masked groups broke the front of a famous hotel there, and this means that the hotels there are suffering from security disorder, and that’s why the occupancy rates are so low. We don’t want to participate in keeping the hotels in this situation; however, I call on the Egyptian people to return to their homes and end the protests, as long as they won’t change the political situation. They must gather all of their efforts to make Tahrir Square as it used to be, and for life to start up again.

  • سمير المرسى


    When Turkey was ruled by a secular government, it was fighting bankruptcy and the Turks migrated by the millions. But when a Muslim ruled it, it became the ninth richest country in the world and the unemployment rates fell to less than 9%. Mahathir Mohammad, the former Malaysian Prime Minister who turned Malaysia from an agricultural country into an Asian tiger, says that a Muslim shouldn’t be secular or a Liberal. China has fought westernization and blocked the foreign channels. Countries are developing by eliminating corruption and focusing on scientific research, not on secularism and liberalism. We didn’t gain anything from the secularists and liberals in Arab countries, other than corruption, poverty and ignorance, in spite of the openness.

  • نازلى مندور


    Of course, given what’s happening in Cairo, no sane man would risk visiting Cairo, even if he needs to do something important there. It’s still impossible to go, because what’s happening there shows no sign of hope to the Egyptian people whatsoever; no hope of getting back to their previous, normal life. It’s really hard to see such a situation. Surely when the people feel that there is stability, tourism can increase, but not to the way it used to be. If the Ministry of Tourism really wants to increase the tourism in Cairo, they should ensure security and safety, not just talk. All the hotels around Tahrir Square now are empty, because the people are afraid, so security must be established first, and then tourism will increase, and the hotels will get back to work.

  • عثمان الجمل


    It is a step in the right direction and a new hope for those who love Egypt and its honest people. Whoever loves democracy and respects the people’s will and its legitimate president should participate in the negotiations and the elections, so we can secure a place in the ship of hope and survive, and put the best interests of Egypt on top, to continue the march of good, construction and development for a better tomorrow, God willing.

  • عبد الله راجح


    We say we need to take one step forward in order to save tourism and to fix the deficit in the budget, and every day we lose something new. The thugs destroyed these hotels, and the police and the Interior Ministry can't secure the hotels or arrest these thugs. Are the police and the Interior Ministry specialized in revolution and politics only? O God, the country is drowning, but sadly, no one wants to rescue it. The worst thing is that everybody is watching, as if they were saying, “It is better for it to drown, so as not to lose it.” God is our supporter and best helper.

  • كاظم شبيب


    These schemes are well set to be implemented in the hotels in Cairo. They are systematic and well planned, maybe to stop tourism in Cairo and in order to rent the other locations, because of the government’s inability to keep tourists safe. We want to make use of these tourist effects, which bring revenues. Moreover, I heard a suspicious report, which scared me a lot, that the Semiramis Hotel in particular is owned by a Saudi Prince, who refused to sell it to Khayrat El Shatir, which drove the Brotherhood to hire thugs to implement these acts. This proves that the whole country is being run from the underground and that the Brotherhood are the cause, because they and Qatar have a different new way of thinking about managing tourism in Egypt. We will never allow them, even if we are forced to protect these hotels by ourselves. These hotels are historical monuments; they are the history of Egypt, and whoever tries to tamper with Egypt or its history will not be allowed to do it. He will be fiercely confronted, whether he is an official or a thug.

  • كرم جابر


    Indeed, the rate of fourteen percent is really huge, because honestly, these hotels have workers and employees, electricity and water. If we realize what’s going on, we should first know that the crisis in Egypt is caused by hidden reasons which prevent the Egyptian public from even breathing. So, really, may God help those hotel owners in downtown Cairo, because we know that no sane man would go near this area and all the other areas around Tahrir Square. To the contrary, everyone is running away from it, and if any fighter would go there to spend the night, he would be broke. However, if they really want people to come to these hotels in downtown Cairo, they must first restore Tahrir Square back to the way it used to be, and make it like any other square. Also, they need to end all of those protests, because it’s wrong; there’s nothing good about it. Even the government won’t be able to respond to their demands. Quite the contrary, it’s just like what they say: a worthless vacation.

  • طارق فواز


    The Brotherhood seeks arms from Iran, and the reviving of the relationship coinciding with tourist visits indicates that the purpose is to arm them using civilian airlines, the same way it happens in Syria and Lebanon. This is very dangerous. Therefore, there is fear of a tragic end to control the government in Egypt with arms. It is acceptable that mercenaries will appear again, with a new military coup. It is unacceptable that the Brotherhood stages an armed coup in cooperation with Iran. This is the most dangerous scenario that may occur in Egypt.

  • نصر الدين محمد


    Everything that is happening in Egypt is pre-planned. The Brotherhood are the kind of people who use the name of religion to uphold their party, not the word of God. In short, wherever they go, they are a curse on the nation of Islam, Iraq, Egypt or even Syria, where they’ve started to offer concessions to rule Syria.

  • احمد السقا


    Do you want to destroy your country? Then do it; it’s your country, after all. We, outside the country, are wondering when you will wake up, gentlemen. You must use your brains. I believe there’ll be no answer, though.

  • رعد حمودي


    All who visit Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia and Jordan these days have to bear the consequences of what happens to them. Countries that are ruined by chaos, may God save them; but some friends are really foolish, because they go to Egypt as tourists these days – I don't know what is the matter- but tourists come to Egypt and the equipment is in disrepair. Even the trains are not maintained, because there is no money. Leave them till they settle down and become stable.

  • ميريهان مجدى


    Hotels in Egypt are suffering from the scarcity of demand on them. Thus, there are not any tourist trips to these places these days since I think that Egyptians do not like to relax now in the Tahrir Square hotels because of the widespread security turmoil in this region. Sensible people cannot reach these hotels. As a result, they are suffering from unemployment and the workers could not even earn a living. Therefore, we have to prepare other plans in order to work on promoting these hotels once again in this region.

  • فارس احمد


    Unemployment in the Arab world is a major factor in the widespread frustration among the young. The latter have never had a real chance to overcome their current deplorable situation. We do not want to see the Arab youth remain deprived of secure jobs and regular income. Indeed, the Arab youth usually get insecure careers. For example, there are only a few Egyptian people who get jobs that fit their high academic qualifications. Some others do not get job opportunities that meet their qualifications altogether. However, most Egyptian people are too determined to get frustrated and drop out of the academic institutions. Despite the obstacles, the Egyptian youth are still trying to find a way out. Unfortunately, we could not see a glimpse of hope at the end of the tunnel. For this reason, we appreciate the efforts of the GCC to establish an observatory to monitor the rate of unemployment in the Arab world. This observatory could play an important role in the fight against unemployment.

  • حاتم سامي


    The plans of the enemies of Islam and the Arab and Muslim Nation will not end unless Egypt adapts the right Islam given that they know that this country could promote the reform of religion and is responsible for the strength of Arabs. These enemies will not give up until they engage Egypt into conflict and chaos in order to achieve their filthy objectives. Unfortunately, this project is carried out by filthy hands of our compatriots who are working only to satisfy the enemies of Allah and of us.