Al-Qaeda member in Yemen killed while planting explosive



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An al-Qaeda member was killed at dawn Thursday (March 7th) while planting an improvised explosive device (IED) in Lawdar, southern Yemen, AFP reported.

The IED went off as the man placed it in a popular market in central Lawdar in Abyan province, and his body was torn to pieces in the blast, witnesses told the news agency.

Yemeni security forces and tribesmen expelled al-Qaeda elements from most cities in Abyan province, including Lawdar, last June.



    أيمن محمود


    Thank God! It was done with his own hands, not anybody else's hands, and this is God's penalty. They say that he who plants an explosive for his brother, he falls in it himself. This is not gloating, but it is the truth, because whoever wants to harm Muslims, he reaps the consequences with his own hands. Thank God that the penalty was immediate for this terrorist, and as long as he did it intentionally, he deserved what happened to him. If this bomb had exploded in the market, as intended, many victims would have fallen, but we thank God that this big disaster was avoided and he was the victim. I don't feel sad at all, but I feel the same way that others feel, because all the people in the market were safe and were rescued from being killed. I hope Yemen is secure and safe from terrorism, which always seeks destruction and oppression for our Yemeni brothers. We notice both fear and hope in the eyes of the Yemenis, but we desire to see hope, and they have to defeat fear by eliminating terrorism soon, God willing.

  • سماح نور


    I really like the proverb that says that whoever digs a hole for his brother shall fall into it, because all that is happening in Yemen now shows that Yemen is still being targeted by al-Qaeda militants. They are the ones behind all the crimes there. In spite of the concerns of the Yemeni government over security inside the country, the situation in Yemen is still the same. This leader had planted an explosive device close to a public market so that it would kill many people, because it was crowded, but we saw what happened to that leader, after he had exploded himself. He was blown to pieces, so that it would be known that this is happening in Yemen, while the Yemeni people are the victims. This infidel is the one who is killing them; that’s why I was glad that he died, because he had no consideration or care for these human souls; he just wanted to kill them, and he killed himself before that.

  • إيهاب رشاد


    I swear by God that he deserves his fate. I hope that the other terrorist members will experience the same fate. The authorities had better implant the package of IEDs in the strongholds of the terrorists in order to get rid of them. The poor Yemeni people are experiencing a long tragedy. The presence of terrorism in this country must come to an end quickly. Terrorism is proliferating. Killing is the only way to get rid of it.