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Iraq launches anti-al-Qaeda campaign near Syrian border



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The Iraqi army on Monday (March 4th) kicked off a large-scale military campaign targeting active al-Qaeda-affiliated cells in Badiat al-Jazeera, an area that extends from al-Qaim and al-Rutbah to the Syrian border, the Iraqi Ministry of Defence said.

The campaign was launched late on Monday, "with aerial cover and many army troops", said Lt. Col. Najm al-Dulaimi, Iraqi army spokesman in Anbar.

Security forces aim "to eliminate some 100 dangerous al-Qaeda elements in the area", he said.

"These terrorist elements were involved in killing scores of citizens, police and army personnel, and in supplying extremist groups in Syria with money and arms," he said.

According to al-Dulaimi, the campaign does not yet have a specified time frame, but is slated to end once its goals are realised.

Meanwhile, in western Iraq, unknown attackers ambushed a group of Iraqi security personnel who were escorting Syrian soldiers back into their country, AFP reported. The Syrians had fled to Iraq to escape an attack by opposition fighters.

At least 48 Syrian soldiers and nine Iraqi guards were killed in the ambush.



    سلام لطيف


    Terrorism has many methods to interfere in Iraq, and they do their best to sneak into Iraq and carry out the terrorist operations against the Iraqis. However, I think that the Iraqi people have the right to demand that the Iraqi police always be with them in order to protect their life. This requires securing the Iraqi borders with Syria, because all the clashes took place between the security forces in Iraq and some terrorist elements sneaking in from Syria. This proves that there is a certain plan that should be spread to all of Iraq. We should not give those terrorists the chance to enter Iraq.

  • سهيل سامى


    Unfortunately, the President is killing his own people through the Army which was originally meant to defend the nation and to fight Israel. However, this army did not react when Israel bombed the residence of Assad. Maher al-Assad and his band did not react when Israel bombed north of Aleppo, too. In fact, the agent regime serves exactly the Zionist plans.

  • حسنى حسان


    Allah is the Greatest! They have saved us last night. Dozens of thousands of snipers and the regime gangs have occupied the Mezze Highway. Today, dozens of thousands of snipers, armed gangs and horns of the system have occupied Tartus. Two days ago, thousands of members of Assad gangs which belong to some tribes in Abu Kamal occupied the city, not to mention the tens of thousands of army and security deployed in all cities. I personally estimate the Shabiha and Assad gangs at hundreds of thousands. Help!

  • سلام لطيف


    Iraq must secure its borders with the Syrian side, because what is going on in Syria is very worrying; particularly because the Syrian army is busy with the domestic scene of its country, on account of the borders. There might be smuggling operations and terrorist actions, which may be harmful to the Iraqi youth. Many Iraqi and Syrian soldiers were killed by armed persons on the borders. This is the biggest evidence that the Syrian-Iraqi borders really need an intense military presence on the Iraqi side, to secure the borders between Iraq and Syria, even if it is Iraq that bears this responsibility, in order to secure the eastern borders. Nobody knows how these public movements in Syria are financed to confront Bashaar al Assad. Therefore, weapons and arms trade can take place with Iraq and terrorists. Thus, closing these outlets and borders is the most realistic solution to this issue.

  • نائل الموسوي


    I think there should be more raids and campaigns by the Iraqi Army, particularly nowadays, because the Front of Nusrah in Syria, which has got terrorist organizations, might possibly be allied with its counterpart in Iraq. Thus, they might make logistical exchanges on the Iraqi-Syrian borders, and we know that the Iraqi Army blocked the three tunnels. These operations must have a central headquarters that directs them; therefore these lines must be cut for the benefit of Iraq and Syria. We ask Almighty God to rid all Arabs of al-Qaeda and its mean ideology.

  • سلام جباري


    I think that the report should be titled as follows: the hostile groups managed to deceive Iraq into falling in the swamp of Syria after the Iraqi swamp was about to be dry so that the people, and due to the stupidity of their leaders, since the time of Saddam to the time of Al-Maliki, would remain always suffering from endless crises and wars.

  • عادل اسامه


    I am happy because the intelligence played a key role in arresting those people. Hence, if the state paid more attention to the intelligence agency in Iraq, Al-Qaeda would be exterminated with the least efforts and with more plans. There would be real salvation from the murder and torture of Iraq. I feel pain when I hear about the death or injury of any civilian, child, or soldier.