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IED kills child, 2 soldiers in Ninawa



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An 8-year child and two Iraqi soldiers were killed Monday (February 25th) when an improvised explosive device (IED) targeting an army patrol blew up in al-Rubaia, west of Mosul in Ninawa province, Iraqi police said.

"The IED was planted on the roadside where an Iraqi army vehicle passed," Ninawa police spokesman Col. Khalid al-Hamdani told Al-Shorfa.

Iraqi security forces arrested a suspect following the blast, he said, adding that "it comes as part of other terrorist attacks launched by al-Qaeda on security forces and citizens in the province."



    غانم حميد


    We belong to GOd and to him we shall return.The most incidents sustained by Iraqi people are the attacks that target Iraqi soldiers. We can now see that al-Qaeda members are not thinking about the humiliation that Iraqis are enduring, and all that matters to them is doing away with soldiers. Especially the army and police as they form a solid barrier against al Qaeda that keeps its terrorist elements from causing more pain to the Iraqis and llimit their attacks. I call for vengeance to the two officers and child in Ninawa.

  • فلاح السوداني


    The people whose lives were claimed by the terrorists include an 8-year old boy and two soldiers, and that was during this attack. What I would like to fathom is: does their purported Islam condone killing people in this manner? I’ve been a Muslim throughout all of my life, and I never found in my religion anything that urged me to commit killing and take the life of an 8-year old boy. As a Muslim, I have a responsibility to salute those who provide me with protection, i.e. the Iraqi soldiers. This is what Islam has taught me, but what terrorists are doing has nothing to do with any religion or tradition. May god grant patience and fortitude to the families of the victims, and may He grant martyrdom to all of the deceased ones. We also hope that this suspect will be subjected to due investigation until he lets us know the truth. This will calm down the families of the martyrs once the government identifies the culprit and subjects him to the same thing that he has done to the Iraqis.

  • حيدر حميد


    Murdering children is a major crime. Thus, if it is carried out by people who claim themselves Muslims and protectors of Islam, this will reflect their lying claim. They do not belong to Islam or to any ideology in the world since all of them could never allow the murder of children unjustly. Therefore, al-Qaeda deserves eradication not only in Iraq but also in every part of the world. For this reason, everyone should pay attention to these acts and establish an international force to attack terrorism. All countries in the world should participate and be obliged to support this anti-terrorist international organization in order to rid any affected country of terrorism. Therefore, it is necessary to implement this idea so that the world and Iraq will get rid of the evils of terrorism which is claiming the lives of children, civilians and soldiers in this manner.

  • مها الدليمي


    Iraq suffers today of more terrorist incidents happening one after another. We hear each day a lot of news about what the Iraqis face. We do not want the Iraqi people to take a negative stand towards what is happening right now. I know how weak the Iraqi people feel right now in comparison to the members of al-Qaeda. But, the Iraqi people can definitely rely on the Lord of the Worlds and attack those terrorists. It is horrific that those terrorists caused the death of this poor eight-year old child. Even though the accident led to the death of two soldiers in this explosion but all the Arabs are very sad for this innocent child because killing him in this ugly way was absolutely pointless.