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Syrian refugees push Jordanian refugee camp past capacity



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A growing exodus of displaced Syrians to Jordan is leading to overcrowding in refugee facilities, The Jordan Times reported.

"We are averaging 2,500 to 3,000 persons per night and we have to find accommodation for them," the newspaper reported Andrew Harper, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) representative in Jordan, as saying Thursday (February 21st).

According to the UNHCR, the Syrian refugee influx into Jordan has reached an average pace of 70,000 new arrivals per month, pushing the country's sole camp, the Zaatari refugee camp, past its full capacity.

A second refugee camp is soon to be opened near the city of Zarqa and plans for a third camp are under way.

"It takes months to plan, build and prepare refugee camps, but unfortunately, with the numbers we are seeing right now it will only take days and weeks to fill them," Harper said.

"We need to prepare an ambitious plan for establishing further refugee camps in order to avoid a humanitarian emergency," he said.



    عصام عبد العزيز


    Indeed, Jordan is full of refugees, and that does not mean they are tired of them, but they do need that services be provided to guarantee a safe life for the Syrian refugee. I believe that the role of the Arab League in caring for those refugees should be more than that, so that there won't be too much refugees in one country, which would come at the expense of its security, stability and economy. That is something that all Arabs should pay attention to. No one can blame Jordan, for truth be told, they've done all they can to help Syria since the events broke out. The Arab countries need to collect donations to help the Syrian refugees in Jordan, since there are so many of them in the camps there, and also to provide full care for them, because that is their right as Arabs. Whoever doesn't know these rights has to ask himself: what if their own people had been in this situation? So we need to consider ourselves one nation; we cannot forget the Syrian people.

  • كرم جابر


    Thousands of Syrians sacrifice every day to hold on to the last hope of surviving and getting away from the falling bombs and the killing that Bashar is still imposing on them. I don’t understand why the Arabs don’t know how huge the burden is that those Syrians are bearing. Even when they knock on Arab doors, they just ignore them. This is the case in Jordan, where they can’t find any shelter in this cold weather. They are on the verge of an upcoming rainy season that is the biggest, which is called “Hussum,” and it is mentioned in the Quran. Is there any savior for them? They’re really without a shelter; they have a few tents to house thousands of refugees. Are the rich people living in their palaces, and are those who have one and two houses in Jordan not capable of housing those hungry and needy refugees? They didn’t come as beggars, because they’re very respectable families. What if the Arab princes, rather than spending money on loud parties, spent their money on those refugee camps? I swear it could get them into paradise. We have all heard about others who went to paradise for feeding a cat; so how about the Syrian Muslims in Jordan? Why can’t they find shelter? Arabs should have an active role in this situation; otherwise the Muslims will have merely given up mercy for money and power, and this is a sign of the end of this world.

  • سطام ناصر


    We all see the conditions of the Syrians, and we don't know how to solve them or how to help them; all we can do now is comprehend the reality and try to look for solutions for it. That's why most Syrians went to Jordan, just to be able to live or to continue living securely; most of them go to Jordan, and actually the United Nations commissioner declared that. Therefore, we all don't know what the proper solution is in order to solve this crisis. The UN may have the solution.

  • حاتم سامي


    There must be immediate relief to these numbers of people arriving daily to Jordan. The situation there is difficult and everyone should take care of this; I mean all the Arabs, people and governments. I also mean the United Nations and human rights associations; all of them should help the Syrians, as they know the situation of the Syrian refugees in Jordan and their needs for shelter, camps and blankets. There are a lot of calls for relief, and they must support them, as it is enough what the Syrians are facing in their country. Aren't there any merciful hearts for those kind, respected people? Is this the way to deal with people? Move; do something; do the right thing for those people who have lost their mother, their son, their home, stability and work. You may face the same one day, as no one guarantees tomorrow; there is no power but by God.

  • زياد مشاري


    This is just what we expected due to the neglect practiced by Arab countries towards Syrian refugees, especially in Jordan, and of course due to their jostle to Jordan as there’s no place they could go where we could be assured about their safety. Jostling is the trademark of life in refugee camps. Who knows, there could be epidemics, and illnesses could go rampant under the absence of healthcare from such camps. I believe those refugees could be exposed to many illnesses and no one will take care of them. The Jordanian government worked once and was unable to carry on due to the great number of new refugees, but they were kind enough to keep the door open for displaced Syrians who ran away from Bashar’s assault – damnation take him – and I repeat my call to all Arab countries to send first aids and quick relief to those refugees as they are about to face a change in climate, which is expected during the winter and fall when the weather usually worsens.

  • ايلين موسى


    These tents will be useful only if people care about their brothers. Thus, such a country as Qatar, which thinks it is the Mother of the World, must react, pay money and send immediate aid. Indeed, Syrian refugees need more than 100 thousand tents and the same number or its double of blankets given that tents are not enough for the number of Syrians which are flooding everyday to Jordan. In addition, Gulf countries must play a more considerable role. If Egypt was in a good situation, no Syrian would really need anything since Egypt has always helped. Also, the Jordanian Government should be more generous and grant more aid to the refugees especially that we have not called for health treatment, education and housing yet. We have only asked for some tents. Thus, I call on Arabs to meet the needs of Syrians. I really think that this is immoral on our part, given that we will remain divided forever and unable to protect each other and achieve the Arab nationalism and brotherhood. These are really fake words. We are really afraid that Syrians, who are not stupid, will recognize their situation and understand the meaning of Arabism which we are writing in our compositions, and will not find a tent to live in. On the other hand, the Arab people are undermining their unity. Thus, when we notice that people around us are developing while we are losing our unity, we should know that we are the only responsible for this. In fact, Arabs do not deserve to live since they are watching Bashar murdering his people and Syrian refugees in Jordan without blankets.

  • امير


    Is Jordan unsuitable? This is a form of begging.