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Iraq shuts down 3 illegal tunnels to Syria



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A joint force from the Iraqi army and border guard on Wednesday (February 20th) discovered three tunnels used to smuggle weapons and goods between Iraq and Syria, the Iraqi army said.

Lt. Col. Najm al-Dulaimi, Iraqi army spokesman in Anbar, told Al-Shorfa the natural and man-made tunnels are located in al-Qaim near the border strip between the two countries.

All are between 700 metres and 1,000 meters long, and two were dug by gunmen, he said.

After security forces discovered the tunnels, the army arrested four gunmen and three smugglers and seized light weapons, ammunition and other goods -- including 200 Kalashnikovs, 20,000 bullets, cigarettes, wireless communication devices and computers, al-Dulaimi said.

Security personnel are currently analysing information on the confiscated computers, he said.

The operation was carried out with air support from the army's military helicopters in the area.



    زيد الحبيب


    Congratulations to the Iraqi and Syrian peoples. There have been many factors that confirmed that there are numerous crises that have been embittering the life of the Iraqis for years. Anyway, we have to join all our forces and work hard and congratulate the Iraqi officials for their success in discovering three illegitimate tunnels between Iraq and Syria. These tunnels were threatening the future of Iraq, because they are certainly used to tamper with the security and stability of Iraq. As for the Syrian people, we ask God to help and support them. What happened in Iraq proves that the elements of Al-Qaeda insist on killing the Iraqi people and destroying their future. However, the Iraqis will not endure more terrorist crimes. The Iraqis want to get rid of the all the crimes. We have suffered enough aggression, suppression, destruction, and bloodshed. There was no need for these tunnels at all. The decision of the Iraqi police to close them proves that the situation in Iraq will be better. We hope that the Iraqi would provide us with blessings and to avoid more violations and suppression. We have no chance at all to see Iraq in this way. All what we want to do is to get rid of everything that threatens the security of the Iraqis.

  • نائل


    I don't understand why the Iraqi police shut down the three illegal tunnels, although the Iraqi government can use those tunnels to help the Syrian people, in order to keep the luster of life in Iraq between Iraq and Syria, by exploiting what was done by the terrorists for the good side.

  • sajjad


    If we desire to live in Iraq in stability and security, we have to get rid of the elements of al Qaeda there, because what is happening there creates insecurity and disruption, which hinders the interests of Iraq. We realize well the extent of the crisis and troubles that Iraqis are exposed to nowadays, and we know the problems they have suffered from lately. We also know that the Iraqi police discovered that there are three illegal tunnels between Iraq and Syria, and all those who were involved with building these tunnels were arrested, and they found out that these persons also belong to al Qaeda. This means that the tragedy will never change and will continue for years. These armed men obey orders, and despite the strength of the Iraqis in their own eyes, they feel very weak and humiliated in front of al Qaeda, because the elements of al Qaeda only speak the language of bullets, murder, bombing, exploding and assassination. They don't know the language of dialogue or discussion. So there is an opportunity for all Iraqis to unite together in order to be really powerful and strong to confront the elements of al Qaeda with all confidence, to restore their rights that they were robbed of by the elements of al Qaeda.

  • ياسر


    No matter the circumstances and despite the unenviable crises that the Syrians are enduring, yet these illegal tunnels pose great perils for the Iraqi people. These tunnels deprive the Iraqi people from living the full measure of their lives since these tunnels make them under constant threat emanating from any military hardware that could be smuggled into the nation. In addition, al-Qaeda terrorists were the ones who designed and oversaw the creation of these tunnels. In other words, these tunnels facilitate the al-Qaeda terrorists’ operations, nothing more, and these terrorist are devoted to the destruction of Iraq. Likewise, if we consider the Syrian people, I believe that the Syrians are going through numerous problems that are originating from every direction. Hence, they do not need any help from the al-Qaeda organization. This is because these weapons used by the terrorists could fall into the hands of Bashar al-Assad; everything is possible. However, the Iraqi police have immediately closed these tunnels to avert any possible terrorist crimes that could take place in either of the two countries. Moreover, the police have arrested all individuals who were involved in the creation of these tunnels, and they should either be imprisoned or executed. That is their comeuppance in return for their cruel crimes.

  • جابر


    I am against the closure of the illegitimate tunnels between Iraq and Syria, as we know that they are used to provide the Syrian people with their needs and with arms too. Of course, the arms are dangerous and harmful to the Syrians. However, I wonder why those who are involved in sending arms were not arrested? Additionally, I hope that these tunnels would remain to be used in sending the aids to the Syrians, and use them positively.

  • طيف


    Let me say my opinion honestly, because I do not know much about the nature of these illegitimate tunnels, but all what I want to say is that the Iraqi people experience a real crisis in the true sense of the word. All the Iraqi officials now have no chance to maintain the peace of the Iraqis. Hence, these three illegitimate tunnels between Iraq and Syria prove that there are many different options. We realize that the elements of Al-Qaeda made these tunnels. Hence, we need all those involved in this crime to be arrested, because we heard that these tunnels are used to transfer weapons between Syria and Iraq. Thus, we must consider all aspects of this issue, because we know that the Iraqi regime supports the regime of Bashar Al-Asad, and in case of the existence of these tunnels, the Iraqi government should not close them, but they may be used to send all the provisions and aid to Bashar. However, I doubt that there is something hidden about these tunnels, which might be used provide the Syrians with aid. However, when the Iraqi police knew about them, they were closed to prevent these aids from being sent to them, claiming that the tunnels are used to transfer arms. This is my opinion.

  • محمود


    This is inevitable. The illegitimate tunnels that were closed by the Iraqis are our responsibly in fact, because Syria, its regime, and army commit acts of sabotage, and we ask God to punish them for what they do to their people. Hence, they do not secure their entrances and exits well. Hence, it is necessary to close these tunnels to protect the security of Iraq and security of Syria as well. Al-Qaeda terrorist organization wants to extend its network from Iraq to Syria and vice versa to achieve its goal regarding establishment of an Islamic state, God forbid, and of course, Islam has nothing to do with what those filthy scums do. Consequently, we have to express our respect and appreciation of the sincere efforts of the Iraqi army and border guards and their success in closing these tunnels, which were filled with the smuggled goods, which might have affected the ratio system in Iraq. we thank God because this conspiracy against the government was stopped and we hope that the government would do its best to search for any other tunnels, because all the foiled efforts of Al-Qaeda is good without any doubt to save them and their filthy thoughts, which is only related to destruction, murder and bloodshed.

  • علي حسين


    If the army and border guards join forces, Iraq will reap great rewards, and if both of them coordinate with the Iraqi police, benefits gained by Iraqis will become even greater. The closure of the three tunnels was a source of major joy and delight for us, particularly knowing the huge losses sustained by terrorists in terms of the arrests that were made and the confiscation of their belongings which were found in these tunnels. These belongings included weaponry, explosives and computers that are very likely to contain information pertaining to plans made by terrorists, which could greatly benefit the Iraqi security forces. These tunnels also contained numerous items, showing that all of these acts were intended to spread terrorism in Syria and in Iraq. Hence, we must thank the army and the border guards since they are playing a role that is in the interest of the Arab nations. Blockading terrorists in Iraq makes all Arabs take their hats off to the Iraqi army and border guards for their sense of responsibility and for their awareness of the increasing numbers of explosions in Syria in a time where Syria cannot endure such events. I urge the Iraqi army, together with the border guards, to scan all Iraqi borders since there could be other tunnels that are used to smuggle weapons and explosives into Iraq. This is because the al-Qaeda members will definitely support their fellows, and thus blockading them is of utmost importance and it is indeed an obligation.

  • وليد الحلي


    Indeed, the Iraqi government is matchless in the whole world. As we see, the Iraqi people are living in a painful reality, particularly after unearthing these three illegal tunnels. Hence, the Iraqi police have taken a wise decision by not only closing these tunnels, but also by arresting everyone who was involved in this act of crime, and that’s the least they deserve.

  • شاكر محمود


    The Iraqis were supposed to make sure that the tunnels harbor the terrorists of al-Qaeda. Maybe they are built by the supporters of the Syrian resistance to smuggle logistics for the Syrian Revolution. Explicitly, I doubt that the terrorists built these tunnels, which were ruined because terrorists do not care about any sort of goods. They may have been built to transport subsidies for the Syrian people.

  • احمد المرسومي


    The tunnels that expand to reach one thousand meters make us worry of terrorists since they reflect that the latter are able to do what they want with the absence of the Iraqi Security Forces. In addition, we may currently find other tunnels that hide terrorist weapons. In fact, I honestly used to think that this issue is an illusion but it is unfortunately a reality which we must take into account. Their choice of building tunnels between Iraq and Syria reflects the extent of the terrorist coordination between both parties. For instance, a dangerous organization has already started to carry out the same bombings and booby-trappings in both countries through funding each other with means of sabotage. There is no power but from Allah, O Arabs you have Allah. In fact, our disunity is responsible for this situation and has brought about our calamity and weakness. Our enemies have exploited this situation to spread corruption and dig tunnels in order to export corruption to Arab countries taking advantage of the weak regimes and the instability between Syrians and the Syrian regime to be present there. We are witnessing, hearing and reading that the same thing is taking place in Iraq. Indeed, terrorists are still wreaking havoc in Iraq since the country has begun to recover from the American colonization. I do not think that these closed tunnels are the only existent ones since I am certain that there are a lot of other crossings and tunnels that provide terrorists in both Iraq and Syria with weapons.

  • عارف مهنا


    I do not know what will be the end of al-Qaeda in Iraq. The Iraqi people must either confront the existing danger or simply give up on what is happening now in Iraq. Have you, O Iraqi people, not seen with your own eyes what al-Qaeda is doing,for it is clear that the Iraqi people is living in a true terrorist crisis which has never occurred before in any country in the world. Every day there is a new terrorist outrage, and if these are not confronted then the destruction will continue until it digs three crossing points into Iraq. These crossing points have no connection with Iraq, but they are simply undertaken by al-Qaeda to build crossings between Iraq and Syria and the stated purpose of these crossings is to help the Syrian people who are indeed facing a crisis, but we see that the people of Iraq do not look at these crises in their entirety. It is clear that these crossings are intended to help the regime of Bashar al-Assad to continue his operations of destruction and death against the Syrian people.

  • قاسم النصيري


    This is a good new story. May God bless you dear heroes.