Iraqi officer and family killed in their home



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Suspected al-Qaeda gunmen on Monday (February 19th) killed an Iraqi army officer, his wife, son and brother in al-Maharir, south of Mosul, capital of Ninawa province, Iraqi police said.

Gunmen attacked "the house of Lt. Col. Firas Ahmed and killed him, his wife and son, while his brother later died of his wounds at the hospital", Ninawa police spokesman Col. Khalid al-Hamdani told Al-Shorfa.

The attackers used machine guns and hand grenades, tying their victims up in a room in the house and shooting them in the head, execution-style, al-Hamdani said.

He said police are investigating the attack, to identify the perpetrators, adding that the attack bears the fingerprints of al-Qaeda.





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  • هاني الامارة


    May Allah have mercy upon this officer because he paid the price of the insanity of this suicide bomber who carried out this attack in northern Iraq. I wonder about the cause that made this suicide bomber kill himself. Is it possible that one’s mind can be so absent? What is the objective that made him end his life with his hands? We demand the suicide bombers to repent to God because their suicide attacks in Iraq embittered our life. We want to fix the conditions of Iraq. I also appeal to all the Iraqi families to protect their young children because they may fall in the trap of such thoughts via the internet in search for money. We must beware of these crimes in the coming period, because it is expected that in each Iraqi family, there would be many soldiers of Al-Qaeda. All people must take the necessary precautions.