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Iraqi police kill bomber in Diyala



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Security forces on Friday (February 15th) killed a gunman minutes after he blew up a booby-trapped car with a remote control device near a mosque in al-Muqdadiyah, northeast of Baqubah, the capital of Diyala province, Iraqi police said.

One policeman was killed and three worshippers were wounded in the blast.

A security force tracked the suspect after he blew up the car near "al-Zahraa mosque in al-Muqdadiyah … and killed him in the ensuing exchange of fire," said Lt. Col. Arkan Hussein, deputy Diyala police chief.

He told Al-Shorfa the force found the remote control device as well as a machine gun.

Initial police investigations indicate the gunman holds Arab nationality and entered the country last year illegally, he said.





    May God help all the Iraqis, except the terrorists... may God disgrace the suicide attackers.

  • علي ماهر


    It is fair to kill those devils that trade in the name of the religion openly and publicly and not be judged for it, because those who target the mosques of God, attack and destroy them, and kill or injure the performers of prayers must be fought and killed. That is because the religion they believe in legalizes these acts. The terrorists of Al-Qaeda are fake believers and they do not belong to Islam in any way. I want to extend deep condolences to the family of the security man who was killed in a terrorist bombing using a car bomb near the mosque. I swear by God that if I found any terrorist near the mosque, I will kill him mercilessly, because they commit horrible crimes and trade in the name of the religion. We have to fight the enemies of religion and they must be fought because they are actually enemies of Islam and they might not be Islamists‎ at all. They receive foreign financing in order to defame the religion in this way; however, we want to explain that there is no true Muslim who could commit these horrible crimes at all.

  • يوسف الصبيحاوي


    Is there any penalty worse than this one? What do you want from someone who killed the Muslims, while they performed prayers in the mosque? What do you want from someone who came with car bombs and then left them besides the mosques, while he knows well that they are going to explode? What do you expect from someone who exchanged fire with the police after detonating the car? If he was not killed, we would have been so sad. What this idiot has done entitles him to this end and we ask God to punish and torture him. We curse him and ask God to have mercy upon the policeman who was killed. He is with God now and we ask Him to accept you among the martyrs. We belong to God the Almighty and to him we shall return. I wish to die as you died because you were protecting the performers of prayer from such terrorists. God predestined this death for you and we ask God to accept you among the martyrs.

  • لارا


    Murder is the only penalty for the suicide bomber who commits this horrible crime against the people of Iraq. What are the interests that Al-Qaeda will get after such an attack and what is the objective of this crime? I do not want the Iraqis to think about the causes that made this suicide bomber blow up a car bomb in Diyala; all what I want is to urge all the Iraqis to search for all the necessary means, measures and precautions that they should take to defend themselves and protect the people because the elements of Al-Qaeda ironically perform their duties to the fullest. We need a radical and effective solution to get rid of Al-Qaeda as soon as possible because the Iraqis are tired of these different terrorist attacks that keep happening around them.

  • حسين كمال


    The criminal terrorist who was about to carry out this horrible crime in Iraq was about to finish his job and make a new bombing in Diyala and then walk away from the car bomb. However, he did not know that the Iraqi police work perfectly and restlessly to suppress the movement of terrorism in Iraq, which is one of the most important achievements in Iraq. Hence, I thank the Iraqi police for their great efforts to eliminate everything related to terrorism in Iraq. Killing this terrorist is one of the major achievements of the Iraqi police in the recent period, because retribution should always be of the same kind as the crime. We must go ahead and do whatever may please the Iraqi people. We congratulate the Iraqis and I expect that the situation will calm down in Iraq in the coming period, God willing.

  • ابن العراق


    These are mere lies. The police did not kill the civilians, but the militants killed both the civilians and the policemen. There is no power except with God.