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Iraqi army targets al-Qaeda in upper Euphrates



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The Anbar military operations command on Thursday (February 14th) announced the launch of a new military operation to crack down on al-Qaeda in the upper Euphrates areas.

Two army brigades and military helicopters will take part in the operation, officials said.

"The military campaign targets al-Qaeda cells fortified in areas and villages between Haditha and Heet," Anbar military operations commander Lt. Gen. Tariq al-Azzawi told Al-Shorfa.

The extremist cells fled to these areas from Fallujah and Ramadi, he said.

"Based on intelligence information, the army is moving to kill or arrest prominent al-Qaeda members involved in scores of terrorist crimes targeting Iraqis in the past two years," al-Azzawi said.



    الحقوقي فراس حسن


    Iraq will not enjoy stability unless the government becomes the exclusive party that can carry arms. The people must trust the government because the Iraqis do not endure another experiment that would add more bloodshed in western Iraq. The people in these areas realize the negative aspects of the rule of Al-Qaeda and they have to help the government to eliminate it.

  • forat


    Indeed, imprisonment is the most fitting solution during this critical period. This is because it is necessary for the government to spare no effort in order to do away with these criminals that are spread across the entire nation of Iraq. It was also supposed to make Iraq a nation that is free from any bloodshed, but the complete opposite is taking place. Every day, there must be new incidents that compel the Iraqi police to perform every trick in the book in order to hunt down these criminals. But thankfully, many residences that contain quite a number of gunmen have been found out, including one that was found in Iraq. Therefore, I hope best of luck to the Iraqi people and I hope that the Iraqis will always remain in good condition.

  • محمد هادي


    Nowadays in Iraq matters are so much alike such as the terrorist assaults on the military camps and the police. It is inevitable for the Iraqi Government to be aware enough to make such a thing more measured, well planned and no more an urgent or unexpected event. I think that it is one million per cent possible for an accident like that, in which six people died due to the terrorist suicidal bomb, to happen again. Therefore, the police as well as the military forces should be quite careful and ready enough to any possible assaults or bombings in the time being.