Anbar demonstrators carry anti-al-Qaeda banners



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Hundreds of demonstrators in Anbar province on Wednesday (February 13th) marched with large banners and signs that condemned and rejected al-Qaeda and terrorism in Iraq and insisted on the peaceful nature of their protests.

On the tallest bridge in Ramadi, demonstrators unfurled a 15-metre long, four-metre wide banner reading "No to al-Qaeda! No to Spilled Blood! It Will Remain Peaceful!"

Many demonstrators carried similar banners, according to Mohammed al-Dulaimi, head of the demonstration co-ordinating committee in Anbar.

"The banner raised today is a message to al-Qaeda members who pass under the bridge, and it will remain there for weeks so they can all see it," he told Al-Shorfa.

Demonstrators will continue "to protest and demand their constitutional rights in their towns until their demands have been met", he said.



    كامل جاسم


    I'm with the arrest, and we forward our Acknowledgement to the police. Also,our respect and appreciation go to the demonstrators’ legitimate demands which calls for the release of the innocent, to reform anti-terrorism law, accountability, and justice, or even the resignation of Maliki. However, the news is a precedent comedy in politics and religion. For example, the clan leader socially known for his material benefits is always threatening to declare Jihad; a religious principle announced by the top cleric among a group of people. However, jihad in this case will not be against the occupier but against the army of the country in which they live and claim their affiliation to. Note that elements of the army in the province often are from the people of the same province...... therefore, we can only say that there is no power but from God.

  • نائل علي


    The current crisis is increasing and some people are trying to bring about unfavorable consequences and are leading the nation towards the unknown. This crisis is created by a handful of political merchants who hold monopoly over the booming markets of politics. These politicians are akin to grinding mills in that they exploit crisis and fan their flames with scenarios made in neighboring countries. They serve their products at tents and houses of poetry and are nonchalant about the negative side effects that their products could create. The victims are the naïve ordinary people who end up swallowing the bait of the conspiracies made by these politicians and their selfish politics. The victims are not capable of discerning the taste of what they are consuming nor do they ponder the reason why do they consume it in the first place. These politicians have been implicated in several "oral diseases", where some of them had made offensive utterances and where dealt with by the judiciary. However, they have abandoned the country so that they may disseminate their venoms towards the nation in order to enrage the public and mobilize them in a sectarian fashion. On the other hand, there were other politicians who realized their dire electoral situation in the upcoming elections at the heart of their strongholds. As a result, they resorted to preemptive actions and started to promote themselves before the crowds by demanding rights that have already been given to them but they didn’t attend parliament sessions aimed at approving such rights! Moreover, there are failed politicians who were nowhere to be found. They have deserted the country a while ago so that their children could join international universities and their families could lead lavish, luxurious and quiet lives. Nevertheless, they’ve now come back again and they started to incite gullible people and encourage them to attack government institutions. They push people towards overthrowing the government and encourage them to start a civil war in which these useless politicians will not partake. What’s more, there are political figures and forces that were out of the limelight but are now making a comeback and they are seen in the marketplaces of crises holding foreign agendas that earn them millions. Their role is to trigger seditions and incite grudges by using ordinary people as stooges that could perform the horror scenes that they imagine while they hide behind the cameras and behind the scenes. After that, they depart aboard the earliest flight, leaving behind massacres that the citizens of the same nation carried out against each other.

  • حاتم الطي


    Muqtada al-Sadr and his followers have a long history in playing all cards and supporting terrorism and the Baathists in order to achieve their own political objectives irrespective of the tragedies and sacrifices of the people. They declared an armed revolution to support Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. They attacked mosques and Husayniyahs and they treacherously killed their relatives who are members of the army in Diwaniya. They tried to invade Basra and control Najaf, and committed countless crimes against the Iraqis. Today, they support the protests in Ramadi in order to please their masters in Iran.

  • فهد العتابي


    O God! Protect Al-Sistani for us as reference and Al-Maliki as president and leader until the establishment of the state of Al-Mahdi, may God be pleased with him.

  • ثائر الفريجي


    Despite the fact that we in Iraq are against the occupation that Saddam brought in before he escaped to the holes, we thank God who showed us Saddam falling from the palace to the hole then to the prison and finally to the grave. Nothing to be expected from a nation whose leaders hide in the holes.

  • هدى مهدي


    There is a difference between the generation, which allowed the hero of the hole to lead Iraq, and this generation. The clear difference is that the generation of the seventies was unable to predict the situation, but this generation knows what will happen after years from now. The generation of the seventies did not go through an experiment or test like this generation. The generation of the seventies coexisted with Abd Al-Karim, but this generation has had enough suppression. The generation of the seventies did not witness religious awakening, and the role of the Hawzah was very weak in the street, while the Hawzah today is in every street. The generation of the seventies thought that the southerners are blessed, but this generation realizes that the southerners are Bedouins.

  • dhafeer


    I see that the zealous Iraqi demonstrators should make the following demands: uprooting the Persian Da’wah Party and the Badr Organization and banning them constitutionally, because as long as they are legitimate, we will have thousands like Al-Maliki even if we toppled him. Second: cancelling the current constitution and writing a constitution by the Iraqis. Third: the immediate release of all persons (detainees) who were kidnapped by the outlawed Da'wah Party gangs and the treacherous Badr Brigade. Fourth: conducting a census under international supervision. Fifth: publishing all the naturalization applications and naturalized people who were granted the Iraqi citizenship after 2003 under international supervision. Sixths: confiscating the funds in all banks of the world belonging to Da’wah and the Badr Brigade.

  • دريدي


    I would like to say to the demonstrators that they have voted for the agents of Da’wah Party and Badr Brigade in the elections. You have voted for those who fought with the Persians against your compatriots. Any one of you who voted for those agents is an accomplice and he is guilty of treachery. Who are more worthy of Iraq and its rule? Are they the ones who betrayed it throughout history and supported the occupation, or those who fought and offered everything to defend it? History has recorded your names and the names of your areas in the record of shame. You have never understood the meaning of belonging to this country and you must realize that this is the end.