Iraqi police nab 3 terror suspects disguised as women



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The Iraqi police on Tuesday (February 12th) arrested three men wanted by the judiciary on terrorism charges in the Ur neighbourhood, eastern Baghdad.

"The security forces managed to arrest the three wanted individuals when they tried to pass through a police checkpoint disguised in women's clothes in a taxi," said Lt. Col. Iyad Radhi of the Baghdad-Rusafa police.

"The wanted individuals are accused of carrying out terrorist attacks, including killing citizens based on their sectarian or intellectual affiliations, as well as armed robberies, thefts and attacks using improvised explosive devices," he said.

Police found three pistols and fake IDs, including passports, in the men's possession, Radhi said.



    ظاهر منسي


    This is how the police must attack the terrorists since terrorists are now starting to live in Iraq in a normal manner. They stay there and just wait for receiving calls from their terrorist seniors who belong to al-Qaeda in order to carry out their filthy acts of terrorism, including bombings and usage of mortar shells to inflict pain on Iraqi people and police. Hence, the Iraqi government must issue a new legislation such as – the state of emergency law for instance – that would allow the police or the army to attack and raid any residence at any time without the police being held accountable. This would facilitate protecting the security and peace of the Iraqi people since under the current prevailing conditions, terrorists can easily hide and easily attack. This would result in many casualties as we see every day, especially these days. Nowadays, soldiers are targeted and killed in an abnormal way, and thus the Iraqi government must arrest any suspect without any relenting or having a second thought. Anyone that is proved to be linked with such attacks must be dealt with accordingly so that they may provide useful information about the rest of the terrorists. Nowadays, all Iraqis really want to live in security and peace like the rest of the people in the world. Therefore, the Iraqis are not doomed to live in constant gloom and bloodshed. We hope that you Iraqis will gain victory soon and will lead peaceful lives, even if the al-Qaeda terrorists wish otherwise.

  • mahmod


    O God! Send your wrath upon the terrorists because they have destroyed everything in Iraq and killed the innocent souls, which guard the Iraqis and maintain their security. The leader and the commander who lives for the sake of a secure Iraq have died to protect his home from the mean and accursed terrorists. We ask God to admit him and his colleagues among the martyrs. I think that the police must work fast to identify the perpetrators of this crime. The blood of the honorable people and all soldiers who hold in their hearts the flag of the home is precious and their killers from Al-Qaeda terrorist group must be punished severely to be an example for others. Those three suspects must include at least one of the perpetrators. However, we should make sure to get to the real perpetrators of the crime because if we deceived the Iraqis, we would be actually deceiving ourselves. This is a serious mistake and we do not want the Iraqi police to fall in this trap.