Head of national reconciliation office in Diyala killed



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Suspected al-Qaeda gunmen on Monday (February 11th) killed the head of the Iraqi cabinet's national reconciliation office in Diyala province in an attack in western Baqubah, the Iraqi Interior Ministry said.

Masked gunmen "attacked Khaled al-Luhaibi as his convoy passed through al-Mualemeen neighbourhood, western Baqubah, with machine guns and hand grenades, killing him and wounding four of his escorts", said Col. Hikmat Mahmoud al-Masari, director of media and communications at the ministry.

He told Al-Shorfa a security force immediately cordoned off the scene of attack and arrested one of the attackers, while police are now searching for two others who fled.



    هلال حاتم


    Oh god! Killing and bombing is now affecting Iraqi police forces. It could then be possible to learn after a short while that the prime minister or one of the ministers has been attacked. Unfortunately, no one seems to be able to counteract this terrorism since no one can remain under self-protection 24 hours a day. Also, anyone who intends to kill someone would definitely succeed in doing so. It is thus necessary to put an end to terrorism completely knowing that the situation is ultra-dangerous and everyone – no matter how important or how trivial – is under attack since terrorists intend to carryout premeditated murders. May god punish those who kill their citizens and those who protect them.