Counter-terrorism force arrests 5 gunmen in Diyala



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A force from the Iraqi Interior Ministry's counter-terrorism agency on Monday (February 11th) arrested five gunmen in a raid in Diyala province, the ministry said.

"Intelligence obtained by security forces led to the arrest of the gunmen, including two prominent leaders, at a rented residential building in central al-Saadiya, north of Baqubah," Interior Ministry spokesman Brigadier-general Saad Maan told Al-Shorfa.

The force found 37 hand grenades, 14 light and medium machine guns and maps showing military sites and important Iraqi oil facilities in the suspects' possession, Maan said.

The force believes the gunmen, who are suspected of being al-Qaeda members, were planning to target the facilities, he added.

The men are now being interrogated at a police station and will be referred to the court system once their statements have been taken, he said.



    ضياء الدين


    I wish to see more accomplishments made by the Iraqi police forces to help the Iraqi people do away with any form of terrorism. It is baffling that al-Qaeda terrorists have stealthily sneaked into the demonstrations held by Iraqis in the city of Samarra. The aim of terrorists was to obliterate as much Iraqis as possible by using hand grenades. However, god has helped the Iraqi police in raiding the house of these terrorists. At the time, they were devising new plots aimed at annihilating the Iraqi people. The house didn't contain terrorists alone, but the police also found countless hand grenades that these terrorists use in their attacks against demonstrators. As a result, these hand grenades were confiscated and the terrorists were arrested.

  • السيد


    My heartfelt congratulations go to the Iraqi police for the way that they address all problems that face the Iraqi people. It is well known that the numerous problems that face Iraq currently are not entirely isolated from foreign plots that aim to undermine the country. Hence, we should realize that there are parties aiming at undermining Iraq's future. As a result, we must take all necessary measures in order to counterattack any plot targeted towards Iraq. Indeed, Iraq has turned in to a massive grave for its residents. Thus, the incumbent government must take all security measures in order to maintain and strengthen the security of Iraq now and in the future. It is not plausible at all that the events taking place in Iraq are mere coincidence. There are indeed plots and conspiracies that are arranged to compromise the nation's security and stability. For this reason, attacks have been carried out against demonstrators in Samarra city since the demonstrations were in favor of Iraqi people's interests. As the demonstrators started to hit the streets, certain elements in disguise sneaked into the demonstrators and hit them as hard as they could by using hand grenades. What astonishes me to the max is that these individuals perpetrating such crimes are Iraqi citizens. So, how did they end up committing such crimes against their own country, Iraq? They have an obligation towards their nation, which is to salvage their nation from the specter of terrorism and not commit acts of terrorism. Therefore, I would like to ask the Iraqi government to subject these individuals to a serious investigation in order to unearth the details of this matter.