IED blast kills 3 in Anbar



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Three people were killed and two wounded Monday (February 11th) when an improvised explosive device (IED) exploded at a car park in Rawah, west of Ramadi, the Iraqi police in Anbar said.

The IED was placed in a garbage bin, Anbar police spokesman Col. Rahim Zaban told Al-Shorfa.

The blast targeted a number of security personnel who were about to depart for their homes on a regular leave, he added.

Police have arrested one person suspected of involvement in the attack.





    I don't deny at all that Iraq is currently suffering from daily attacks by terrorists taking place in every corner of Iraq. There is no doubt that these plots and conspiracies that Iraqis are enduring have adverse impacts on the Iraqi people. For this reason, many Iraqis no longer have any trust in the Iraqi police nor do they trust the latter’s ability to do away with these crimes that are ravaging Iraq. Hence, that is why terrorist crimes are holding a tight grip on Iraq. Unfortunately, these crimes are utterly unspeakable since they are done predominantly either with car bombs, suicide bombers, improvised explosive devices or hand grenades. I'm perplexed as to why such a bloody battle is raging between the Iraqi people and these terrorists. If there is revenge to be settled between the Iraqi government and Iraqi police on the one hand and al-Qaeda members on the other, then what is the fault of the Iraqis and why should they pay the price? Is their obligation towards their nation to die in this horrible way? The Iraqis will most probable never see the end of this crisis and will never find its solution.