Security guard killed in southern Baghdad attack



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Three unknown assailants attacked and killed a security guard, who worked at the Iraqi parliament building, at his home on Saturday (February 9th) in al-Aamel neighbourhood, southern Baghdad, a police official said.

Lt. Col. Hameed Jaber of the Baghdad police told Al-Shorfa the gunmen attacked the guard as he returned home, strafing him with bullets and killing him instantly.

The gunmen fled following the attack, into which police have opened an investigation, he said.



    سليم الخفاجي


    A security guard was killed while performing his job. This is a crime against the Iraqi people because how could we deprive a man from his soul in this horrible way without any guilt. He did not leave his house to kill but he left his house to guard a house of an Iraqi parliamentarian. Hence, it is not expected that the elements of Al-Qaeda would assassinate this guard since there are no final parties involved in this act other than these elements. I think that the elements of Al-Qaeda are the only suspects and I demand the Iraqi police officers to do all what is necessary to reach and arrest the perpetrators of this crime.

  • قاسم المهداوي


    May Allah have mercy upon all the victims who lost their lives and sacrificed their souls for the sake of Iraq. Killing the security guard who was guarding the house of an Iraqi parliamentarian is a horrible crime, because this guard has children and family. What happened is really difficult and I consider that this is one of the most horrible crimes that could be committed against the Iraqis. The right of this guard has been stolen and he lost all his hopes and ambitions in the future. With the push of a button, the life of this guard was ended. The main purpose was to reach the Iraqi parliamentarian. Hence, I demand this parliamentarian to indemnify the family of this guard in all possible ways, because it is not ethical to leave them without any breadwinner. We have to help the guard's family, because their loss is sufficient.

  • ناصر الحق


    The assassination of the citizens who cooperate with the state and those who have no relationship with anything is one of the most horrible terrorist crimes in Iraq. I do not understand what is the guilt of the security guard who was killed and left to sink in his blood? Do they expect the Iraqi people to remain silent in the face of these crimes? Even the security guard who worked in this profession to make a living and to feed his family while enduring all kinds of humiliation, was eventually killed with filthy hands. I do not know why the elements of Al-Qaeda insist on committing these dirty crimes. We are bored with the large number of the victims of terrorism. Who would want to be killed, humiliated and tortured? Who would accept such situation? This is a question to the Iraqi officials. Is terrorism beyond the control of the Iraqi police, or beyond control in general? We need a solution to this problem because we want to live in peace and enjoy security. We must avenge the murder of this guard and we ask God to have mercy upon him.

  • محمد


    This is a call to all the resistant people in Ramadi. Those sheep that you slaughter and the huge amounts of food that you throw at the garage are offered by people who seek to achieve personal interests or win the elections to achieve their objectives at the expense of Islam and Arabism. The extra foods must be sent to the Syrian brothers at the borders because they do not have food or shelter. You are kind and generous Arabs and we know that you demonstrate for a good purpose. We do not need the gifts of the blood merchants. Hence, we should send the food to our brothers who do not have food or shelter. You will achieve your objectives. Because we all see to make Iraq a strong Arab and Muslim state. We have to have mercy upon those who are on earth, so that God have mercy upon us.

  • حسين علي


    I wish to know what is the guilt of the guard to be killed by those corrupt terrorists. Is he an enemy to you or what? You are like the snake that takes many colors to justify what it does. We seek God's help against those who kill the souls without guilt. Why do you target the parliament’s guards? Is this a joke or what? Do your plans include killing people without any guilt? You are sick people and you should be sent to the hospitals to be treated from your mental illnesses and to restore your senses. You behave and think like animals and you follow your murderous instincts. It seems that you deal with the issue as it came in an Egyptian film named “Delicious Murder”. Do you believe that Al-Qaeda and Islamic Organization used to call for bloodshed and murder as Islamic methodology, may God forbid? Islam prohibits killing a guard who performs his duty satisfactorily. What did he do to kill him and break into his house in this way? You deserve the fair retribution and death in all means because the penalty must be similar to the crime.

  • saher ali


    I ask God to grant mercy to the martyrs and speedy recovery to the injured. As for the criminal al-Qaeda members and their malevolent supporters, their true character has indeed been exposed and their demise will be as gloomy as that of the coward Osama. He used to send the children to face death and hellish situations while he was hiding behind women in Afghanistan. But we Iraqis are not afraid of you because you are cowards and you will be brought to justice.

  • سهيل


    Sedition is dormant so may God damn whoever dares awaken it. Whoever visits Samarra knows very well that no single car carrying weapons or explosives can come in due to the large number of check points. But the only exception is if such car belongs to so-and-so!!! This is a sedition that is supposed to divide you Iraqis. May God protect us against any evilness and may He protect Iraq and its people.