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Police arrest 7 al-Qaeda gunmen west of Fallujah



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A force from the counter-terrorism unit of the Fallujah police has arrested seven al-Qaeda gunmen in a security operation carried out west of Fallujah, police said Saturday (February 9th).

The gunmen were arrested at "a cement plant in al-Halabsa, together with enough explosives to cause large-scale destruction in town", Anbar police spokesman Col. Rahim Zaban told Al-Shorfa.

The gunmen had been involved in carrying out 21 bombings using improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and two booby-trapped cars in the last two months in Fallujah and its suburbs, Zaban said.

Police seized 230 hand grenades, 1.2 kilogrammes of powerful explosives, and 67 IEDs and sticky bombs, he said, and the operation was carried out with the assistance of tribal Sahwa forces in the area.





    Congratulations to the Iraqi people in western Fallujah. This would make the situation more quite and they can live happily after arresting those militants in southern Fallujah. I wish to see more wonderful achievements to get rid of all the terrorist crimes inside Iraq.

  • علي الدليمي


    I really greet the Iraqi police for their wonderful efforts that led to arresting about seven militants in Fallujah. This is really impressive because the police have succeeded in arresting those who are responsible for many tragedies and sorrows that embittered the lives of the Iraqis. The Iraqi people try to get out of this dark tunnel uselessly because of those militants who must be punished severely according to the anti-terrorism laws. It is known that the terrorist crimes are severely punished and strictly criminalized. These laws must be activated immediately after arresting those criminals because we need Iraq to be free from the terrorist acts and this is our right in Iraq. The great Iraqi people have endured all forms of terrorism and all kinds of the criminal and terrorist crimes, and every Iraqi family lost one of its members and beloved ones. Has not the time come for the Iraqis to end this crisis and enjoy their life? This suppression, humiliation, and weakness must be ended. We will feel tired if we just wanted to know the number of the terrorist crimes and the victims in Iraq in the recent period. We are supposed to end all the terrorist activities on the Iraqi lands. I think that this demand can be achieved but it needs many efforts on part of the police and anti-terrorism forces.

  • amd


    Peace be upon you…. the tendencies of the website have become known. These desperate attempts to reiterate what you have invented about Al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Arab states has become disgusting. The amazing thing is that after all these years, they have not become tired of speaking. Of course, this coincided with the media campaign against the people’s legitimate demands in the streets to defame them. I think that the time has come to stop these games and search seriously for the interests of Iraq away from the foreigners from any party.