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Iraqi army cracks down on al-Qaeda cells in western Iraq



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The Iraqi army on Thursday (February 7th) launched a large-scale military campaign to hunt down al-Qaeda elements in western Iraq, the Iraqi Ministry of Defence said.

Army forces are carrying out the operation with support from military helicopters and police units based on intelligence that shows some al-Qaeda cells are based in the al-Jazeera area between Anbar and Ninawa provinces, ministry spokesman Col. Dhia al-Wakeel said.

The cells had withdrawn from Euphrates basin areas in the city of Haditha due to security crackdowns, he added.

Iraqi forces have started their search operations with clear support from the local residents, he told Al-Shorfa.



    ضي الدليمي


    We endured oppression and murder, and all this bombing and torture, and we were patient, but what is next? I want to know when all of this will end in Iraq. For many years you have been doing this to us, you terrorists, and we are suffering from the consequences. We are reaping the painful memories, such as this painful news. We are waiting for death at every moment. What do you want? Speak! Tell us why you are killing us and our sons. Today we are facing the pains of the past and the present. And what about the future? Is there anything else you want to do to us? We can't tell what is going on, and we don't know anything, except that we are Iraqi people who want to live in peace and have a safe life. Help us, United Nations; you know how to put an end to terrorism. Help us, Security Council; hold sessions on Iraq. We want a solution to what is happening to us in Iraq. We are suffering and we do not know how to get rid of the pain. The hit-and-run policy of the government is from the army, the police and the Sahwa forces has not helped at all. We ran out of patience when we found out that there were women who were killed years ago and we just found out about it now.

  • hamed


    Glory to God, six years and the land is still carrying the remains of eighteen bodies between civilians and the military, so that everyone knows that terrorists are mean from the beginning of the Covenant. It is possible to find other people who were killed by terrorists, and we are still searching for them in Iraq or waiting for their return, like those victims who died six years ago, and people keep on waiting. I think today is the time for consolation, as they were living on hope, and today they felt the certainty of death for themselves and their relatives. Those who killed them in this way will not get any benefits in all their lives, as they did not leave the human soul to its creator, but killed it and insulted it in this way. If any one of the police or the army kills any one of the terrorists, I won't have any mercy for them; I will be very happy, as if I were at a wedding. They deserve to be killed thousands of times, for their bad deeds which they commit against the Iraqi people, and which they are doing to the Iraqi people, the Iraqi police and the army. And for them to die from their sorrow, they must be arrested and detained, to break their resistance, and to find out the largest number of terrorist cells and destroy them completely and as quickly as possible.