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Iraq distributes financial aid to Syrian refugees



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The Iraqi government on Wednesday (February 6th) began distributing funds to some 42,000 Syrian refugees in the country to help improve their living conditions, officials told Al-Shorfa.

The Iraqi government had announced in January it allocated $1 million in emergency humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees residing in the country. The money is being distributed as monthly stipends – 300,000 dinars ($258) for families and 150,000 dinars ($129) for unmarried people.

A committee made up of officials from the finance and immigration ministries launched the campaign, said Ali al-Musawi, media advisor to the Iraqi government.

"The committee is currently visiting refugee camps in Anbar, Ninawa and Dohuk provinces and other cities where [Syrians] are based to distribute these sums," he said.





    Greetings. A question for everybody: With regards to refugees who aren’t in camps, where should they get aid from

  • فاضل كريم


    Iraqis are prosperous and affluent people and shame on you for saying that Iraqis are dying out of hunger. As for the deaths, bombings and killings, you just stay away from us and we will be doing great. Iraqis are good, magnanimous and gallant people, and they remained tolerant despite all that has happened to them. Our hearts are open and hands are unclenched towards all Arabs, particularly our brothers in our beloved Syria.

  • سرمد علي


    Oh god! There are people being displaced or fleeing every day. I feel that Syria has become an abandoned country and is now home only to graveyards. All of this mayhem and dismay are due to the oppression of Bashar. However, credit goes to the Iraqi government for accepting to open the borders for these Syrian refugees fleeing the constant shelling and bombing every day across the entire territory of Syria.

  • علي حسين


    Despite the numerous political disagreements between Arab countries and even sectarian strife, but I believe that their shared ties of blood and religion will remain stronger.

  • الساهر العربي


    If Syria didn’t welcome us, we would have ended up in Maliki’s prisons and we would have been nowhere to be found, or we would have been in morgues and anyone who tries to take out our corpses would not have been able to get out. Otherwise, we would have ended up in Al-Qaeda’s hands. Syria was not the only one that benefited, but everyone benefited and Iraq was the only one at a loss. Having said that, Syria didn’t close its borders and it has provided a decent life to many people.

  • وليد كرار


    Stay in your place, for that is more decent than going to Iraq. Iraqis are dying out of hunger and have no electricity and no money, and are suffering from administrative corruption and ethical degradation.

  • محمود


    In the past, we didn’t receive the Iraqis as guests or refugees. Instead, we welcomed them as if they were our relative, and they are indeed people who are a civilization and they are magnanimous. But those who are talking about sects and denominations are indeed lacking the most basic aspects of a sound mentality. This is because no matter their religion or ideology, the Syrians realize that going to Iraq is more decent for them than going to any other nation since Baghdad and Damascus share ties and links that are beyond religions and ideologies, and beyond the understanding of those with limited minds.

  • شهريار


    I bear witness that the Syrians are the best people in the Arab world. I personally lived in Syria for three months, and I didn’t find anyone better than the Syrians due to their tenderness, loving attitude and loyalty. They don’t deserve what is happening to them, so I urge Iraqi families to open their doors for these nice people without waiting for the government and its decisions. The Syrian people deserve to be treated with utmost respect and that we receive them in our hearts and go far and wide to protect them.

  • وئام عبد الامير


    The Syrian families had no other choice but to flee the brutality of Bashar Al-Assad and seek refuge in Iraq to save their lives. Once they came to Iraq, they were welcomed by Iraqis and were provided with camps in which they live now. Hence, I thank the Iraqi government for helping the Syrian people.

  • hade


    May god punish anyone who says that they don’t want to welcome the Syrians since such an utterance of theirs is as ugly as their mentalities. Have the Syrians become terrorists? If fighting oppressors, defending one’s honor and seeking dignity is terrorism, then we are terrorists and we swear that we will liberate Syria from this sinful despot. He has slaughtered us because of our sect, violated our residences because of dignity and showed us arrogance because of our honor. We will not leave you alone and we will liberate Syria, and we will grow Jasmine flowers in its streets once again. We will guide our dear Iraq in the footsteps of our children to sow flowers anew.

  • عمر الجميلي


    I swear I laughed very hard. Yes, the Arabs welcomed Iraqis because of their wealth. Yes, European countries and the US welcomed the Iraqis because they were broke and had no money. The situation of Iraqi and Lebanese refugees during the war is known to all, so don’t lie. I know many Syrians who used to complain about Iraqis and that they are competing against them. They also used to say that Iraqis traded without licenses and many other problems. Despite that, neither the government nor people did any harm to them and treated them well. But we know how you Iraqis turned that favor from the onset of the Syrian revolution. You need to build your country because you are in dismal conditions, you and your oil.

  • فهمي محمود


    I sincerely want to tell my Syrian brothers that we will share with them a slice of bread if we have. We are the guests and you should consider yourselves at home.