Sahwa leader warns of al-Qaeda's 'return'



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Iraq Sahwa conference leader Sheikh Ahmed Abu Reesha warned Monday (February 4th) of al-Qaeda's return to Anbar province under new names, and urged citizens to reject armed groups regardless of their names or slogans.

Speaking to demonstrators in Ramadi, Abu Reesha said, "The demonstrations must be peaceful, and will remain peaceful, to demand constitutional rights."

"Countries make progress when governments allow people to demonstrate and criticise them," he said. "However, there are attempts by terrorists, particularly al-Qaeda, to exploit these demonstrations to return to Anbar under different names and titles."

"Therefore, demonstrators and citizens in general must beware and refuse to co-operate with any armed group regardless of its slogan, and continue to co-operate with the constitutional regular forces," he said.

Abu Reesha praised the committees formed by youth groups to supervise demonstrations in Anbar, monitoring gunmen or wanted people and reporting them to the authorities.





    I am afraid that the demonstrators will be attacked treacherously by the terrorists, whose hearts are black. They can exploit your gatherings and protests to their acts to make you taste the bitterness of their dirty acts and shelling. Hence, I appeal to the police to secure the demonstrations very well to avoid any new disaster. I think that what happens to the police, army, and the civilians who face bombings and explosions is sufficient. We belong to God the Almighty and to him we shall return. The Iraqi fears to express his opinion in his home because of those mean strangers.

  • saad saadon


    The men of al Qaeda are the most honorable in the nation…