Oman aims to implement new infrastructure projects



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Omani officials are seeking to launch new infrastructure projects in the Sohar Free Zone that will bring current investments there to 150 million Omani rials ($390 million), the Oman Daily reported Saturday (February 2nd).

The area has seen many investments, the newspaper cited Jamal bin Tawfiq, head of the Sohar Free Zone, as saying.

Officials seek to turn the coastal area into an industrial and logistical zone that would greatly contribute to diversifying the economy, he said.



    ريم الهاشمي


    Honestly, I liked this issue because it means the development of the economic and tourist sector. I wish Amman to be more advanced than any other state in the world and I hope that the sun of development would shine to cover the whole world through its development and culture. Thanks for asking about our opinions.

  • جهاد يزيد


    I am very proud of such a people like those of the Sultanate of Oman, because they are a people that have class and they always think in terms of everybody. There are no selfish interests there. Quite the contrary, any project in Oman is for the purpose of serving the people, and the people’s purpose is to serve the nation. So, we find that there is a direct connection between the people and the state, and they both try to reform each other. This is why I felt happy when the authorities in Oman started to launch infrastructure projects, because these indeed will achieve many of the desires of the Omani people, in addition to those of all the Arab nations. For instance, whenever they start a particular project, there is a need for a large amount of manpower, and this could be provided from among the Omani people, and there are jobs that only the Egyptian people are successful at for example, and this will open the door for them to work in Oman.

  • نبيلة عبد العال


    Investments are one of the best ways for improving the economy of any country. The Arab countries are indeed in need of many projects that contribute to increasing investments, but these investment projects need more financing in order to achieve the desired objectives from launching them. Oman is one of the countries that are looking to increase investments. This is why the authorities have recently undertaken a number of steps, which involve the launching of several new infrastructure projects in a bid to engage in all types of investments and attract more investments to the country again. The economy of the Sultanate of Oman will witness an extremely marked growth in the future as a result of the projects that have been launched in many regions in the Sultanate in an effort by the latter to diversify its economy.

  • منى المصطفى


    I think the infrastructure projects in the Sultanate of Oman which cost so much money will bring good revenues, God willing, as they will provide job opportunities to more Arab youth. The Omani state is characterized by a feature which is attracting Arab youth from all Arab countries, and from Egypt in particular, because there are large numbers of skilled, unemployed workers. Praise be to God, these projects will be a good start and a good omen for many Arab youth. The more the Omani state increases its infrastructure, the more it increases its horizons, creating a civilization that the country can be proud of in front of all its sons, the Arabs and the whole world throughout the coming years, God willing! We know that the government which carries out such projects proves that it has an economic as well as a social vision, which is actually the right policy, because the population is surely increasing, and it needs an increment in the Omani services and facilities.

  • كاظم شبيب


    These people are basically clean and know how to do what is right for their people, so that all of the infrastructure and the state facilities do not fall down all at the same time! This happened in many countries, and it lead them to allocating big budgets to fix their infrastructure or end up rebuilding it. Oman is an example of these countries. Many of my friends went there and worked as engineers on many Omani projects, both governmental and private ones. By the way, if they ever need people to go and work there, I will not hesitate to go, because we hear that Oman is a true, respectful, prestigious state in all aspects. May God increase their welfare and I hope for the same in our country!

  • إيهاب رشاد


    May God grant you more and more stability, Sultanate of Oman! As long as there is stability, there are development projects in the country, and as long there is a sincere, respectable leader, expect good and valuable things to happen in the country, that is, its infrastructure. The state of Oman is a true state that makes you feel astonished to see the degree of continuous development with about 400 million dollars, which is a good sum to fund the infrastructure. It is surely one of the installments that Sultan Qaboos intends to pay, which makes you feel that there is a good working system in Oman for construction and for change. When the Omanis see this and are aware of the services, they will realize that they live in a prosperous country, and that their ruler and their government are clean and honest, not like other people, who have robbed their country!

  • مصطفى محمود


    Sultanate of Oman, O dream of my childhood, I used to talk about it throughout my boyhood, because I dreamed that I would live there because of what I had heard from my grandfather, who had lived there most of his life. It is not strange what my grandfather told me, which is what I read now, that the whole family of Sultan Qaboos and his grandchildren all live for only one thing, which is raising the stature of Oman and its people high. Therefore, setting up a new infrastructure shows the complete journey which he began before. He will complete a series of challenges and will overcome them, God willing, to provide everything for the Omanis. Greetings from the heart to the Government of Oman, and I wish them a great deal of prosperity and full wellness.

  • عبد العزيز مساعد


    I wish that the Sultanate of Oman would be very advanced because it really deserves respect and appreciation. The officials in the Sultanate of Oman are only preoccupied with serving the sultanate away from their personal whims or interests that can divert them from working without these conditions. The Omani officials carry out projects to serve the sultanate and achieve its interests before any other interest because eventually everyone will benefit. The citizens in Oman sultanate will enjoy these investment projects and other projects as well. We all know that many states and officials do not think of any project that serves the economy, but they are mostly preoccupied with making money at the expense of the people and the state. Hence, the infrastructure projects in Oman will contribute significantly in the development. It is worth mentioning that these projects should be in the field of the renewable energy or the solar energy, which will save a lot of money and would be better than the other forms of energy.

  • فريدة سيف الدين


    We need to comment about the situation in the Sultanate of Oman. I wanted to extend my thanks to the officials in Oman because it is not reasonable to overlook a State or a Sultanate where officials try to establish huge projects that are not pointless. The Omanis are seeking the investment to develop the State. Unfortunately, in other States, the high officials do not care about such projects. They are rather concerned with their personal fancies. I do not care about these countries at all. In fact, I am interested in the States that seek the well-being of the citizens. They establish projects to create job opportunities for the unemployed. Ultimately, the biggest beneficial is the State itself. I hope that the Sultanate of Oman will be one of the best Arab countries because the officials there impress the whole world. Thus, they are worthy of attention.