Iraq to build 1,300 schools across the country



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The Iraqi government on Saturday (February 2nd) announced that it launched a large-scale project to construct 1,300 primary and secondary schools across the country for young Iraqis.

"The project is part of a larger project to build 3,000 schools before 2015 due to the rise in student numbers in the country," said Ali al-Musawi, media advisor to the Iraqi government.

The project is slated to cost 320 billion dinars ($275 million) and the schools -- which are to be built in Baghdad, Anbar, Babil, Najaf, Wasit, Basra, Diwaniya, Kirkuk and al-Muthanna under the supervision of the industry and construction ministries -- are expected to be completed within nine months, he said.



    غانم محمد


    Providing education is one of the major duties that any government must fulfill since education is the cornerstone of any progress. Therefore, education is deemed as a fundamental infrastructure in any country, and giving greater attention to education in all aspects will effectively contribute to realizing development. Hence, if we take Iraq as an example, we would find that the number of students is steadily increasing, but these students lack the opportunity to receive proper education. This is due to the ongoing unfavorable events in Iraq and the ones who pay the price are young Iraqis since many schools in Iraq need immediate attention. However, such attention and care necessitate building new schools that could accommodate as much students as possible. For this reason, the concerned authorities in Iraq started to roll out a plan to build new schools in Iraq, which are a total of 1300 schools. These schools are part of a comprehensive program that is planned to comprise 3000 schools. These schools will not be concentrated on a single area but will instead be spread over several Iraqi provinces in order to serve the biggest possible number of Iraqi students in provinces like Baghdad, Anbar, Babylon, Nineveh, Najaf and Basra, as well other provinces that need additional schools. Therefore, I would like to ask the officials to include all levels of education and not only primary education since this will make the learning process easier for pupils.

  • علي


    I'm very proud of the Iraqi government for its massive efforts aimed at improving the lives of Iraqi people and protecting them from any threat. Young Iraqi men and women are yearning and craving for education, and there are many Iraqi children who don't even have seats in their classrooms. This is because schools in Iraq can no longer accommodate the increasing numbers of Iraqi students, and the nation is in need of additional schools that could accommodate such enormous amounts of students. These students have the right to receive education, and that is why the Iraqi government has embarked on a comprehensive project to build schools that would accommodate as much Iraqi students as possible and allow them get a chance to get an education.

  • فيصل الساعدي


    Education provides a window of opportunity for a better tomorrow to any nation that is keen on promoting the educational academic level of its people. Therefore, we must take pride in the development projects implemented by Iraq, including the establishment of 1300 schools. These schools will serve as a vital means with which Iraqis can eliminate the overcrowded schools, wherein the number student will be reduced by half in each class. This means that the education and learning process will get back to the right track and all of the mentioned cities will undergo an educational boom. Also, this will create employment opportunities for those who were impatiently waiting for a job. Therefore, this project will hit two birds with one stone since it will promote education on the one hand and will employ teachers and instructors from all Iraqi provinces on the other hand. In addition, many other professionals and construction workers will find jobs in the construction of these schools. As a result, we can see that the Iraqi government is not being neglectful in terms of Iraq's education sector, and this project will definitely constitute an academic treasure for our children and grandchildren.

  • فتحى عثمان قطايه من مصر


    May God help you and best greetings to the people of Iraq.