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Blast south of Samarra kills 3 Iraqi military personnel



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Three Iraqi military personnel were killed on Saturday (February 2nd) in al-Haouz in a blast targeting their vehicle, police said.

"An improvised explosive device (IED) targeted a military vehicle, a Hummer, belonging to the Iraqi army's 4th Infantry Brigade, killing two soldiers and one officer," Salaheddine police spokesman Hasan al-Majmaie told Al-Shorfa.

The vehicle was burned in the blast, but local residents managed to put out the fire before security forces arrived on the scene, he said, blaming the attack on al-Qaeda.





    Those who killed innocent people in Samarra are the same who carried out the bombing in Karbala and their sole aim is to incite sectarian strife. May god curse anyone who intends to harm Iraq and its people. O my people, be on the alert for there are some people who want to create an explosive situation as they did in the past tough years.

  • كاظم


    I don't think that there is any person in their right mind who would cheer the murder of his own fellow countrymen. I swear I would harm none of my country-men – for the whole world – regardless of their (religious or ethnic) affiliation.

  • السيد


    Due to the large number of terrorist operations that have ravaged all Iraqi provinces, the anti-terrorism forces must be vigilant and attentive. We really need this since our topmost priority is to keep Iraq and Iraqis safe. I've been very saddened and felt bitter sorrow when I learned of the death of Iraqi soldiers. I wonder what their fault was so that they had to pay the price of terrorism. Al-Qaeda, which has allegedly perpetrated this murder, commits these crimes, not to kill only 3 soldiers, but to kill many more soldiers in south Samarra. I wonder how such attacks could take place and how the situation in Iraq could be so bad that such crimes could unfold without putting in place any security measures or trying to thwart these incidents. For this reason, I request those in charge of Iraq to maintain security in all Iraqi provinces, particularly in police and army stations so that could may help Iraqis and protect them from further bombings.

  • محمد هادي


    Now that you took lives and killed three soldiers or even more, did you achieve what you want? You are riffraff and you despicable terrorists are dreaming. We will continue to sacrifice our lives till the last person in Iraq because it is a question of principle and we will not relinquish our principles. Iraq will not be taken forcibly and it will not be controlled by anyone other than Iraqis themselves. No matter how powerful you become, you will desert our land for sure. You will not leave our land willingly, but we will force you to do so. You terrorists, I'm not speaking nonsense to you, but what I'm telling you is what millions of Iraqis have in mind. If you think that Iraqis are counting only on the police and the army, then you are indeed in delusion. We will have our say even if our soldiers die, our children are killed and our women perish. We ought to teach you a lesson, and the death of these three soldiers and others will only warm us up and will strengthen our resolve. We are people who stand strong and tall to answer the call of duty even if our wounds are deep. Our land is akin to our mother and we therefore meet her demands and show her utmost respect. You must commit that to your memory because Iraq will have a bright future and you terrorists will pack your bags and then go away because our country has had enough of death and killing. Once again, I'm not uttering worthless words. You are a fascist group that carries idiotic ideologies, so be warned and reminded and be prepared to reap what your hands sowed.

  • منير مهدي


    I’m from Samarra province. According to my observations, the inspection processes conducted by the army and the police on cars and people are not real and are not conducted by specialized or trained soldiers who take the lives of the citizens seriously. For instance, if you know a soldier or the officer in charge of the place, you will not get inspected. Likewise, appointments in the police and the army are not based on meritocracy but are based instead on relationships and bribery.

  • dhiaa saade


    I just want to wake up from my deep sleep and see Iraq free of terrorist attacks that might target our brothers in Iraq! This wish is the wish of the whole world, which wants Iraq safe from terrorist crimes, because the bombings have increased recently in Iraq and spread across the country. Unfortunately, with the weakness of Iraqis in the face of terrorism and with the power and domination of terrorists, these crimes are being carried out everywhere in Iraq. The attack targeted the base of the army, especially in Fallujah; therefore, strong decisions must be made to stop the advancement of these terrorists

  • فتحى عثمان قطايه من مصر


    Why he was killed?