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Iraqi army raids bomb-making workshop west of Baghdad



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An Iraqi army force has raided a bomb-making workshop in al-Karma, east of Fallujah, where it arrested five gunmen, Lt. Col. Nejim al-Dulaimi, Iraqi army spokesman in Anbar, said Saturday (February 2nd).

Al-Qaeda had turned a large house "into a workshop for manufacturing car bombs and improvised explosive devices (IEDs)," al-Dulaimi told Al-Shorfa.

The force arrested five gunmen, including one in charge of booby-trapping cars, and dismantled a car the group had prepared for detonation, he said.

Police found different weapons, explosives, machines and hand tools the cell was using to booby trap cars at the house, he said.



    كرار العلي


    Oh God! How can a house containing families and providing them with shelter be turned into a car bomb factor. Is it conceivable to go from good condition to utter evilness? That is exactly what is happening in Iraq, wherein al-Qaeda organization has brought its terrorist ideologies and thinks only about committing all sorts of torture. Their aim is to get rid of the Iraqi people, but we Arabs do not condone their criminal ideologies, and the chivalry of Arabs does not permit such actions. Thus I felt happy when I learned what happened in Iraq and how the Iraqi police raided a house that was used as a car bomb factory. The place has been confiscated and 5 gunmen were arrested, so congratulations to the Iraqi police.

  • فيصل منتظر


    I feel that car bomb factories have become a place in which terrorists manufacture death. In those places, terrorists become skilled at death manufacturing and they pass this knowledge to each other like a craft that must be passed down from generation to another. Nevertheless, this craft does not produce profit as much as it takes the lives of Iraqis. But the Iraqi army has thankfully raided the terrorist strongholds in Al-Karma, east of Fallujah, and we thank God for enabling the army to arrest those who were at the site and were producing death. O Iraqis, you will ultimately triumph, so don't despair even if it takes too long. Iraq will remain peaceful even if we are compelled to sacrifice our lives and our blood is shed.

  • حسين ماهر


    The terrorists diversify in the methods they use to attack the important locations in Iraq to spread panic and terror, which results in more bloodshed and Iraqi victims. The most important method used by the terrorists is the use of the explosives and bombs. Hence, the Iraqi security forces searched for those who manufacture these weapons and they found a secret workshop in one of the residential buildings. They were arrested and all the weapons and other materials used in making bombs that were in possession of those criminals were seized.

  • ضياء الحلفي


    It is good planning on part of the Iraqi army to target the bomb manufacturers. According to the report, this attack on the strongholds of the terrorists was planned by the army, and that is why it took them two days to carry out the attack on the factory (Wednesday and Thursday). They chose the suitable time to attack and arrest the whole cell with their bombs and arms that they use to kill the Iraqi children and peaceful civilians from all sects. All Iraqis suffer from the suppression at the hands of those terrorists and I see that the Iraqi army is like superman, that comes on time with a plan to save everything and then deliver the arrested terrorists to the police after destroying their bombs. After that, the army returns to secure its locations and bases until further notice. Indeed, it is the superman of Iraq, that leaves every night to secure the country from the evils of the terrorists. The Iraqi people must understand this great role and respect and greet the Iraqi army. They must help the Iraqi army to preform its national duties by providing them with all the news and information about any suspicious individual or terrorist. In this way, the superman of Iraq i.e. the Iraqi army will make it on time and in the right place to save the people from these filthy groups that want to poison the Iraqi society and sabotage it, which is why the whole world condemns terrorism and terrorists.

  • محمد علي محمد


    I thank the Iraqi army for being mindful of the gravity of the situation in Iraq. No single day passes without hearing about explosions taking place in every corner of Iraq. In addition, terrorists not only randomly attack Iraqi people, but they also conduct targeted killings against senior government officials. The terrorists are also expected to use these explosives in any attack against any of the Iraqi army’s basis. Therefore, searching for these groups or those who improvise these bombs is a great step in the journey of eliminating these terrorist groups one after the other.

  • محسن علي


    God bless you, conquerors of goodness. The Iraqi army always makes us feel strong and proud. The arrest of these militants gives us strength and momentum and a glimmer of hope that you are able to defeat terrorism, and get rid of it. It is not just a dream; no, God, and whatever the consequences are, we are with you. O Army of Iraq: Kirkuk and Fallujah, Baghdad and Anbar, all the cities want to enjoy stability and place great hopes on the Iraqi army. We want you, after arresting the ten armed terrorists, to exploit that to find out more about their associates, in order to make our joy at the arrest of their leaders complete, and to rid the country of their despicable actions. These actions disrupt Iraq; they keep it from gaining investments and from lifting the name of Iraq high among the Arab countries and in the world. No one can forget that Iraq is the second biggest producer and exporter of oil in the world. So this is evidence that Iraq is capable of a renaissance, but with more safety and security. All the people hold great hope for the efforts of the great army against terrorists.

  • دريد طارق


    We want Iraq to rest from this chaos of terrorism! Every day, Iraqi youth are killed at the hands of terrorists. What do the terrorists want? We are sick and tired of the increasing number of dead people! What profit do terrorists gain by killing these young men? Do they want to take power and to dominate, to establish the Islamic State of Iraq? How can this happen, when the people do not like them and do not accept their thoughts and minds? Will they force people to accept them? This is not life at all! They must stop killing the innocent soldiers, who are not guilty of anything but defending their country and loving their homeland! Killing these young soldiers will not weaken the determination of Iraqis to eradicate these terrorist assholes and clean Iraq up, for sure!

  • فتحى عثمان قطايه من مصر


    Who will die? What is the source of the bloodshed?

  • حسين الاسدي


    I hope that the Iraqi security forces will do away completely with al-Qaeda terrorists, not only in Iraq, but also in all countries in the world. This, of course necessitates the help of the UN and anti-terrorism forces, which must take all measures in order to get rid of al-Qaeda. One the great things that Iraqi security forces have done recently was thwarting an attempt by al-Qaeda terrorists to kill some Iraqi people. As a result, the security forces arrested four al-Qaeda terrorists and killed a gunman who has been allegedly involved in a number of heinous terrorist crimes. The fifth member managed to escape, but this doesn’t mean that the Iraqi security forces have forgotten about him since they will soon arrest him. He deserves to be put to death since he committed many terrorist crimes against Iraqi citizens.

  • طارق العلي


    What the anti-terrorism forces have done in Iraq is a great honor since there are many terrorist crimes taking place now in Iraq. There are no more security men in Iraq now and what is going on there is nothing but terror, intimidation, killing and bloodshed. Iraq turned into a sea of the Iraqis' blood, and no single humanitarian organization has stepped in in order to rescue these Iraqis and save them from the grip of terrorism. Thank God however, the anti-terrorism forces have managed to arrest two al-Qaeda leaders in Mosul who were about to carry out terrorist attacks that would have claimed the lives of many Iraqis. It is certain that these two al-Qaeda leaders were the group’s most important members since the year 2008. The two were accused of several terrorist cases and were the reason behind the death of many Iraqi victims who perished due to their filthy acts of terrorism against the Iraqis. But now that they have been arrested, I thank the anti-terrorism forces very much and I wish them more victories against terrorism so that we may do away with terrorism in Iraq completely. Now that these two senior al-Qaeda members are arrested, this will pave the way for arresting many other al-Qaeda members before they try to carry-out their doomed plots. They should then be severely punished so that Iraq can have security once again.