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UN aid reaches Syrian town of Azaz for first time



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The United Nations Refugee Agency has reached the northern Syrian town of Azaz, Al-Jazeera reported Friday (February 1st).

"This is an area that the UN has not been able to physically reach ever since the beginning of the conflict," said Yacoub el-Hillo, director of the agency's Middle East and North Africa bureau.

While other aid agencies have been active in the Azaz region before now, el-Hillo said UN convoys found an estimated 45,000 displaced people living "in appalling conditions" in the area, where temperatures are now sub-zero.

The refugee agency said eight trucks delivered 15,000 blankets and at least 2,000 tents to more than 10,000 people this week.



    حامد الشبراوى


    How did things get so bad in Syria? Isn't there supposed to be a dialogue in which all countries participate, in order to be able to solve the Syrian crisis? We know that the United Nations organization is doing its best and is trying to help the Syrian people; actually, they deliver assistance and basic needs everywhere. Even the village Azaz got this aid for the first time, because this village was in the control of the opposition, so it experiences severe clashes. What matters is that the UN actually managed to deliver the aid to the village, but you know that the problems are not decreasing; to the contrary, they are increasing, and they are exceeding the limits. It is normal that these needs will end, or they might have other needs. But it is not logical that the Syrians should keep setting up tents and using blankets to cover themselves and keep warm, as if that is all they need. What about food and drink, clothes and work, and all that? If the UN could provide these needs, they can't do this forever. Of course not; there should be a solution that would enable us to solve the Syrian crisis, because the Syrian people surely need a solution; they cannot depend on aids forever. The solution may be within their hands, but they do not want it or they don’t want to see it; to the contrary, had the officials of the regime known that they would achieve anything through dialogue or come to an understanding between the people on one hand and the forces of the regime on the other, then they would find a solution, because the solution is surely there. It may not be just one solution; there may be many solutions. I don't want the Syrians to abandon their cause; to the contrary, they must defend it to the last moment in life.

  • حبيب نايف


    I wish I could get up one day very soon and see the problem in Syria solved, because we are tired of what is happening there. All the regions there are exposed to attacks and fights, as well as the crisis they face. Thank God the aids reached the village of Azaz for the first time, because there were tough battles in this place, and thank God it is much better now.

  • أحمد ماجـد


    I can never deny that food is one of the basic needs, and we all must share in providing it to the Syrians, because there are many places that are in the control of the opposition; therefore, they can't take food there, because there are many complex fights between the opposition and the Syrian regime. In the end, the Syrians are starving, because if they don't die as a result of Bashar's injustice, they die of hunger and thirst, because they can't get their basic needs met. May God protect the Syrians from this pain; the pain has become too great to be endured. Even the Syrians sometimes wish for death, because it is better than humiliation and degradation. We wonder that the basic needs of water and food can't reach them. Praise God, truly God is with the Syrian people, because nobody can bear this injustice they face. It is enough to hear about their horrible treatment at the hands of the Syrian regime. That is why the UN is helping; we all know how much effort it exerts to deliver all the basic needs to the Syrian people, who really need these supplements. We must help deliver these supplies to the Syrians. Why? Because we have to know that all the help needs to get to the Syrian people. If each one of us saved one pound and wanted to deliver it to the Syrians, it would be delivered, because the UN delivers all supplies to remote areas, even to places that are impossible to reach. But thank God, God is helping the Syrian people and supporting them so they can get through the crisis and stand again. God willing, this will happen soon.

  • شاهرمنصور


    May the Lord help and may this batch be enough for the needy, because the conditions there are hard. It may anger the enemy and may not be enough for the loved ones. Blankets and camps, even though they are a trivial thing, will still help a lot of people, because the winter, the storms and the cold air are difficult to deal with, and they have made a lot of people and refugees in Syria and in different places in the Arab countries feel as if they are dying from the cold weather. And they are seeking anything they can get to protect them from the cold weather and winter. May God protect them from rockets and bullets. As for the winter and storms, they will be protected by blankets and tents, but what about the bullets, the missiles and the bombs? What can they do to hide from them? The United Nations should make homes out of lead, or out of steel for them to hide in, as long as it is not capable of stopping Bashar, the dog, and what he is doing to the Syrians. I do not mean to mock, but I am tired of what I see, and I wish the whole world would unite against Bashar and make Syria as it was before. If it is for the presidency, it is not that important, Bashar. Get out of Syria safely and do not kill all of those people. From my point of view, if the United Nations and the Security Council stood up against Bashar, there would be something different, which would benefit the Syrians. But what do you expect from someone who has killed his people and no one asks him what he is doing? For sure he will continue killing them. Whoever seeks refuge, let him go, and whoever dies, let him die. The most important thing for Bashar is his own interest and his failed plan to be the president forever, but unfortunately, a president over the bodies of dead Syrians. God doesn’t accept this, nor does anyone else, and God will take revenge on him and on whoever supports him.

  • حامد فوزي


    I swear by God, dear – or not dear – they all need help. I wish everybody in the Arab world would provide assistance to the Syrians, not just the United Nations, as we are in the Arab world and we are Muslims; also, we have ALMS. I beg the governors to collect them in the right way, a way that God will be pleased with, and to send it to the Syrian human rights organizations, to be distributed under their physical supervision, or to give material assistance, because they actually deserve more than anyone else, especially at the moment. And the UK doesn’t think that it can do any good or anything. If it honestly wants to help, it can stand up to Iran, Russia and China, and provide safety to the Syrians. Anything else is nonsense.

  • احمد سويدان


    At last the aids have arrived to the city of Aazaz in Syria. Every time aids are sent to Syria no one even thinks about going to look after the people in Aazaz. I know that it’s difficult to get in there, because there is no hope there, and the political situation there is very sad, but through what the UN has done this has been possible, as the latter is doing everything it can in order to send these aids and assistance to every inch of the Syrian territory.

  • ادم السرجانى


    I honestly do know what to say about the UN and its officials, who did more than what is required from them. I think that the situation in Syrian must be handled and bloodshed must stop. We are very sorry for the pains of the Syrian people because a city like Azaz was isolated from the outside world and even the aid did not reach it.

  • حازم مؤيد


    Thank god that these Syrians have received good help from the UN and we hope that they will remain safe from the attacks and brutality of the tyrannous Bashar and his army. Thank god also that the UN aid has arrived at Ezaz refugee camp despite that the official in charge of the area stated that it is difficult to access the area and it could have been easily dropped off the list. But the UN insisted on bringing aid and relief to that area, and thus the UN is indeed commendable for this matter. We really want more help and aid going the Syrian refugees’ way although 15,000 blankets will have a positive effect on the refugees at Ezaz since the weather is very cold and is below the freezing point. There are over 10,000 refugees in refugee camps who are enduring this harsh weather. Therefore, we would like to send a message to the UN. Our message is: now that you’ve helped Syrians in Ezaz, what if Bashar wages air strikes against them or if his soldiers set off explosions in Ezaz? This is will be catastrophic and this tyrant would not hesitate to hit helpless Syrians. The Syrian children are terrified to death and no one in the world could endure what they are enduring. I hope my message will be heard. I’m able to send this message thanks to this respectable website and I swear that I’m not being hypocrite. This website is a vital source of news in the Arab world and in our beloved Syria. I wish all the best for everyone.

  • غاده عبد الرازق


    Of course the delay in relief and aid is due to the prevailing unfavorable conditions, strikes and attacks. I wonder whether or not the UN feels that the children and people who are living inside Syria are lacking security and thus the UN must do something about Bashar. Will the UN settle for sending relief and aid to the Syrians? Anyway, thank god that the relief has arrived and that people in E’zaz can now warm themselves against the cold weather that is prevailing in the entire nation. Bashar, may god take vengeance on you for causing this to your people and making them endure these conditions.

  • جميلة العدان


    So it is a matter of some blankets and some tents, and the matter is over for the United Nations, and they let it go in Syria. There needs to be a response to the mean Bashaar El Assad, and the problem is limited to some blankets and tents. When they saw Russia and China agree to what the dog Bashaar is doing, and they used the veto, these blankets are the price of the Syrian blood. God damn the international politics, evil politics! I feel that these people are truly as cold as ice; they kill and then they walk in the funeral. If the Arab countries that are members of the UN keep silent, this will be a plot against Syria. He killed children and raped women, and the people fled from their country; all this happened and the UN just sent some blankets and said that they were unable to get to the needy places in Syria. Is it Bashaar's bombing that prevented them from reaching these villages? O alas! The whole world is turning its back on the Muslims! It is even more abusive when the Arab countries keep signing on with the UN! I hope all those who witnessed the Syrian crisis and did not do anything will be burned, because they just sent blankets. It is as if they are telling the Syrians to stay warm till it is their turn to be killed by Bashaar. God is our supporter and best helper!

  • بشرى الحربى


    Each spot in Syria needs more care and aid. Azaz and other places are a big catastrophe, and this is the outcome of Bashar's actions. The United Nations and other countries of the world must offer financial as well as political support against Bashar the madman. Syria looks as if it is dying and no one from the entire international community cares.

  • أنور مراد


    The Syrians are the only oppressed people in the entire world; therefore they need all possible help from other peoples of the world, because the situation there is really critical and requires wise thinking in order to find a solution that will help the Syrians get through this crisis. I believe that the Syrians have called for democracy, and they wanted to get rid of Bashar's tyranny; but Bashar didn't understand this demand very well, so he tried to dominate and control the country even more, and therefore he started killing the people. The people are in hard conditions because they are being slaughtered and killed; the families of those who were murdered are supposed to bury them, but what happened in the village of Azaz in Syria was due to the many fights between the Syrian regime and the opposition. There are many Syrians who need help and aid which does not get to them, so the United Nations tried hard to reach this village, and thank God, financial aid and blankets reached the village. The people there were in dire need of this aid because of the severe cold. We are in our homes and we are very cold; so what about the people there in Azaz, who can't get tents that would shelter them from the rain and the cold? We must care about the Syrians and we must not be less helpful than the United Nations, which tried to offer help to the Syrian people.

  • ميريهان مجدى


    May God help the Syrians and reward them! Despite all the commodities and the aid, the situation is painful and no one knows who will live today and who will die tomorrow because of the bombings and the torture they face at hands of Bashaar! Generally, if the United Nations sent these supplies and stated that they were unable to reach them before, I ask them to help the other areas, because they need many more things!

  • سعيد حساسين


    I feel very sorry for the poor Syrians who are still living in their country. They are really suffering from the injustice with the grief. None seems to care for their nation. The Syrians are currently exposed to bitter cold. The poor people are totally helpless. I would like to extend my appreciation to the United Nations which managed to reach Azaz town in Syria to deliver the humanitarian aid such as blankets and tents. Those products could save them from dying from the cold.

  • صلاح رسلان


    We are very sad for what is happening everywhere in Syria, especially Azaz city, which was in need of these material aids, because this city was isolated and unreachable since the eruption of the conflict between the Syrian people and the Syrian regime. All that we can do is to supplicate to God to make this period pass peacefully and that its results would be in favor of the Syrians. However, it seems that the Syrians have been broken because of the fall of thousands of victims everyday. Certainly, this will cause severe psychological shocks that would prevent the families of the martyrs from completing the journey towards the final victory. I was very happy when I heard about sending the first UN aid to Azaz city in Syria, because it really needs help. Of course, we do not mean food, water and like, but these aids also included tents that protect them from the and first aid materials, that the Syrians need to survive the current crisis in their country. I think this is one of the most difficult crises in the Arab world. The aids also included thousands of the blankets, which protect them from the cold weather in the winter. We do not seek to achieve any interest from helping Syria, but we only want to help them in all the possible ways. We also need to protect Syria from he disagreements that may arise, because Bashar has spread the corruption in his country. I mean that he spread the political corruption in all Syrian governorates. Hence, we need more Syrian aid in all the Syrian regions that did not receive aid until now. We also thank the UN for its great efforts to help the Syrians.

  • مازن احمد


    Where were we before and what is our current position? The UN must be thanked because it is concerned with the Syrian case and does all what is needed to help the Syrians without any malicious intentions. Quite the contrary, the UN sends as much aids as needed to the Syrian people. Hence, I thank the UN for sending aids to the city of Azaz in Syria, which was in urgent need for help.

  • حمزة قاسم


    The situation of the Syrians in Syria has become very difficult because of the direct oppression practiced against them! The United Nations is urgently required to do something to help the Syrians at once, because it is not logical at all for us to stay in our warm houses and not feel the chilling cold around us, while the Syrians suffer and can't even find blankets to cover themselves and their children, who can't get the proper care. They face humiliation and degradation there in Syria. Even the children seek death to rid themselves of this life, where they wait for destiny to send them help and aid to save their lives, although the situation in Syria is about to reach a solution. The world must help the Syrians to overcome their crisis. My heart is broken for these children, because other children of the world are being taken care of by their countries, and all the governments around the world do their best to help their children live in a cozy atmosphere, to raise them and educate them among families, which helps them grow and advance. But what is happening in Syria is quite the contrary, so I urge the human rights organizations all over the world to offer help to the Syrian people so that they can get through this crisis, away from any more conflicts that may result in thousands of additional victims. I appeal to God to protect the Syrian children and to protect Syria from the tyranny of Bashar al-Assad.

  • عمار المنفلوطى


    The weather in the Arab world is bitter cold. Indeed, the cold has reached its peak these days in the region. We thank the United Nations for sending such a quantum of aid to the Syrian people. The UN has fulfilled its duties towards this dear people. Thankfully, the humanitarian aids arrived on the right time because the winter is very cold this year. According to the news, the aids include blankets and tents, which will provide a shelter to the refugees from the chilly weather. The latter are living outdoors because their houses are subject to bombing. Indeed, the oppressive Bashar al-Assad has destroyed many housing units. Frankly speaking, I am still expecting the UN to increase its efforts in view of its great possibilities to influence the world as a whole. This institution must do something to help the Syrian people to support them in their fight against the crimes of their unjust ruler Bashar al-Assad. I hope that the UN meetings will deal with the Syrian crisis in a serious way in order to reach a binding resolution against Bashar. The latter would be obliged to comply with such resolution. In so doing, the UN would serve the Syrian people, which is really more important than the provision of such aids as blankets and tents. This is my personal point of view. Indeed, we are really grateful for such aids. However, we expect much more support from the United Nations which is a great institution. We want to see Syria restore stability and peace so that the Syrian people would pray for the souls of their dead and go back to their country where they could lead a decent and safe life. Indeed, the Syrians deserve a brighter future. In fact, we frequently hear the UN officials confirm that they are seeking to restore safety in the region. The discussions, conferences and meetings of the United Nations are dealing with such issues. In addition, the UN representatives usually support such objectives. Thus, they must be committed towards the Syrian people in their plans for the Arab region. On the other hand, the Arabs may represent a lobby in the UN. In this respect, the Arabs must come together in the United Nations to expose the Syrian issue. In so doing, the Syrian people could ensure a better future.

  • فتحى عثمان قطايه من مصر


    I think that the mutual understating would have been better no matter how long it took. They come with aids, which are followed by the targets and bombs.