Iraqi army thwarts attack on Anbar oil pipelines



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The Iraqi army on Friday (February 1st) thwarted a mortar attack on an area where oil pipelines come together in Anbar province, officials said.

"Gunmen attempted to target a point that controls and regulates strategic oil pipelines between Iraq and Jordan in the city of Haditha, west of Ramadi, using mortars," said Lt. Col. Najm al-Dulaimi, the Iraqi army spokesman in Anbar.

The army surrounded the area, arrested three gunmen and seized one mortar and five shells in the gunmen's possession, he told Al-Shorfa.

"The gunmen resorted to shelling the area with rockets because they could not get past the security measures in the area," he said.

Al-Dulaimi said the gunmen were al-Qaeda members and "were taken to a security detention facility pending their referral to the Iraqi judiciary as per Article 4 of the anti-terrorism law".



    زيد العلوان


    I think that we need some caution and on alert because the terrorist acts in Iraq are dangerous. It is known that Iraq is one of the leading countries in the world of oil, but it is one of the early oil-exporting states. Oil is one of the best sources of income in Iraq and such a terrorist operation targets all Iraqis. This is very dangerous and we have to work hard to get rid of those who commit these terrorist crimes in Iraq, because this attempt was foiled because of some precautions to secure the oil pipeline between Iraq and Jordan. However, the terrorists may be planning for other terrorist operations.

  • كريم حاتم


    There is no power except with God the Almighty. Did it reach the use of mortar bombs? You are accursed and want to destroy the Iraqi economy. You are scums of the society and we thank God who provided us with an army that is smart and experienced enough to stop this March against the Iraqi economy and oil pipelines between Iraq and Jordan, and which is considered a major economic outlet of the Iraqi state. I liked the news greatly and I would like to thank the security forces and the army, because it is clear that there are terrorists who are fully aware of the security presence in the area that they were about to target. Therefore, they decided to use the mortars to remotely detonate the targets. This proves that the Iraqi security forces fully control the area and secure the location and the surrounding areas where those terrorists were arrested. This is a magnificent performance on part of the security forces. We appreciate these efforts and demand interrogation of those terrorists, because this is necessary. We must not allow them to evade confession and disclosing all those who work with them to bring all the terrorist cell to the Iraqi judiciary and exact the fair retribution against them.

  • قاسم محمد


    The Iraqi army always strives to thwart any attempt that could inflict destruction on Iraq. It is worth mentioning that a number of terrorists were planning to blow up an oil pipeline in Anbar province by using mortars and other explosives. I’m astonished as to why these terrorists don’t want a better future for Iraq and why they don’t want Iraq to develop at all. They are always keen on undermining any goal that Iraq desires to achieve in order to improve its condition. Therefore, I think that we must get rid of these terrorist organizations. It is possible that the terrorist attempt to blow up the strategic oil pipelines running across Iraq and Jordan has been frustrated. However, the terrorists have many more such plots, and that is why it is necessary to get rid of them and obliterate them completely. These terrorist groups will definitely destroy Iraqi and undermine its future, and we know full well how oppressive are these terrorist groups. They always think of how they can frustrate Iraq’s and get rid of them through horrendous crimes. I thus call Iraqi people to get rid of these terrorist groups that have attacked every province and every place in Iraq.