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Al-Qaeda leader arrested in Baghdad



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The Iraqi federal police on Friday (February 1st) arrested a gunman in a security operation in western Baghdad, the Iraqi Interior Ministry said.

The force raided a residential building in al-Ameriya based on intelligence information, and arrested Khamees Ali, a suspected "prominent al-Qaeda leader in Baghdad", ministry spokesman Col. Saad Maan told Al-Shorfa.

The gunman "is wanted by the Iraqi judiciary in connection with many terrorist attacks in and around the capital", he said.

The police found an explosives vest, a number of hand grenades, two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and a silencer-equipped pistol in Ali's possession, Maan said.

The police also arrested another suspect, who is now under interrogation, he said.



    لازم محمد


    If the Iraqi police cooperated with the Iraqi people, the results would be very good, and they would achieve better coordination in intelligence projects that would be helpful to all parties. The terrorist leader who was arrested in Al-Amiriya must have been reported by citizens. This makes us consider this issue more carefully. Why don't we think of appointing citizens as police guides to arrest all the suspected terrorists? I think that the number of the arrested terrorists will increase certainly.

  • علي منصور


    The most beautiful thing in the news, frankly, is not the arrest of this leader, but what brings the most joy to my heart is the fact that the people who reported him to the police are citizens. Truly, what gives us the greatest joy is the fact that the citizens helped the security forces in Iraq to close the circle around the heads of the terrorists. We wish expressly to read about such news every day, because such news plants anxiety in the hearts of terrorists everywhere. It enables the Iraqis to stand taller, and hope emerges in their hearts. This is certainly what we seek, to make citizens flock to report terrorists with full force and never to be afraid of any consequences. If the people of Fallujah have done this, then I am confident that the citizens in all parts of Iraq are able to provide all the information to the security services, God willing!

  • سهير محمد


    Every day we hear about soldiers being killed and others being injured due to the oppression of the traitors and assholes and terrorists. God is our Supporter and Best Helper, and may God have mercy on the deceased; we regard him as being with God and as a martyr. But frankly, we are thankful for the role of the police. After arresting these two suspects, they must torture them mercilessly, ignoring any humanitarian or human ways, because they did not deal mercifully or humanely with our brave soldiers. We may find out from them who is behind them who makes these plans for them! We have learned that these militants have no brains and they are driven and managed by the so-called emir of the group. We really want to get to the head of the snake, and we must follow the chain until we reach the big head: the head of the snake. May God curse every terrorist who makes any mother in Iraq or elsewhere lose sleep and pine for her son, as we watch and see! The organization does not have any Islamic authority in order to kill soldiers like these; all they did was to serve Iraq at the time when they reached the age of military service! Oh! The terrorists didn't confront them; they hit them with an explosive device! So these are the typically cowardly terrorists; they do not face the police or the army or others, their actions are like those of the Zionists, who have to fight from behind walls. And we hope that, God willing, we are victorious, God willing, sooner or later!

  • فتحى عثمان قطايه من مصر


    I wish that all the presidents of the states would speak to his people and leave his group demanding all parties to observe the interests of the home. We want to be true and forgiving Muslims who are tolerant with the Muslims and the non-Muslims. You have seen what the west has done to you. If this happened, I see that many people would embrace Islam. Have not you heard that you are the best nation that was sent out to the people? I swear that when this happens none of us would be deprived or poor. We ask God to provide us with all blessings from the heaven and the earth.

  • ثائر شياع


    Terrorism takes many forms, but at the end it is Iraq that will turn into a graveyard for the Iraqi martyrs who have lost their lives and paid the price dearly. They never took their rights. The only fault of these Iraqis was that they resided in Iraq. I find it strange how the Iraqis in all the provinces of Iraq, are supposed to be afraid of going down the streets, because they might be the target of a terrorist crime. Their lives and the lives of their children are in danger. However, the tragedy doesn't stop at the Iraqis going down the streets or on their way to work. Many terrorist elements of al-Qaeda are trying to take down citizens at any place. They don't wait for them to arrive to the streets and attack them inside their homes. But God has always been there for the Iraqis and He helped anti-terrorism forces in arresting certain al-Qaeda leaders while they were attacking a house in Iraq. Thus, I congratulate the Iraqis on this accomplishment.

  • التميمي


    We wish that this would be quick. Allah the Almighty said (what means): {And there is life for you in retaliation, O men of understanding..}

  • زهير مشهد


    Allah is the greatest, and praise be to Allah! This is how we want it to be all the time; arrests, verdicts and the death penalty for these lowly individuals. We have to wage a war of attrition on their weapons so that we make them sustain losses all the time, and if they experience the taste of defeat in a repeated manner, this will lower their morale. These lowly terrorists that claim to be the defenders of Islam are as unrelated to Islam as the wolf is to the blood of the son of Jacob. Regardless of what they say or claim, we will not believe them, and we are by your side, government of Iraq. And I would use my comment on this good news as a call to all Iraqis, asking them to make sure that they provide any information or lead to the security agencies so that the Iraqi security forces, whether they be the army or the police or the Sahwa forces, can devour this despicable organization, the terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda, so that we can get rid of it and so that we can all enjoy life in our country of Iraq. This way everyone of us can realize their dreams, including raising their children in a secure and peaceful environment, and launching grand projects that would benefit us and the country as well, and so that our trade and commerce can be safe and secure. This will become reality, and it will not just be a dream, by Allah’s will, because regardless of how long it takes, Iraq belongs to the Iraqis, and any interference by a terrorist organization or other organizations will be nipped in the bud. This organization will not be more powerful than America itself, which withdrew with its tail between its legs.

  • سليم محمد


    O Allah, afflict him with the same troubles that he has afflicted your servants with, and raise him with the murderers.. Just know, you filthy tyrant that we Sunnis are innocent of what you are doing, and we cannot and will not kill our people and our Shiite brothers in Iraq.. Also, don’t you know how many Sunni families you have murdered, or how many Muslims you have slaughtered in your bombings in which the victims are Sunnis, Shiites, the innocent and the guilty, how would you differentiate between them?.. Indeed, Allah has nothing to do with you, and similarly his Messenger and the Believers have nothing to do with you. Tell us, on what authority do you kill people? With what fatwa and in the name of what religion? Is it an act of Sunnah to kill people en masse? Is this an act of valor and chivalry? Is this something that the Caliphs would be pleased with? You damned one! You agent of dissension! Woe and Allah’s punishment unto you!