Six killed in clash on Lebanese-Syrian border



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A clash on Friday (February 1st) on the Lebanese-Syrian border between unidentified gunmen and the Lebanese army resulted in the deaths of six people, including five Lebanese soldiers, AFP reported.

Several other soldiers were wounded in the fighting. A wanted gunman also was among the dead.

The clash occurred at Arsal, near the frontier. A military spokesman contacted by AFP said only that there had been "incidents".

Lebanon's northern and eastern frontiers have seen spates of violence since the March, 2011 outbreak of an uprising in Syria against President Bashar Assad.



    هدى حمدى


    We are the creatures of God and to Him we shall return. We are mourning the Syrians who are killed by Bashar in their homeland. At the same time, we are mourning the Lebanese who are killed by the terrorist insurgents deployed in Syria. O Lord, have mercy on Arabs. They are suffering so much. All religions reject the blood shedding. I really could not see why people slip into killings so easily. I feel that what is happening in the Arab countries is attributable to the lack of religious faith and beliefs.

  • أحمد ماجـد


    May Allaah have mercy upon all victims who were killed in the violent clashes that took place at the Lebanese-Syrian borders between the elements of the Lebanese army and unknown people whose identity is unknown. It is very difficult to see these clashes without thinking of exacting the retribution for the murder of the soldiers who were killed in these clashes. There are five soldiers who sacrificed their souls in these violent clashes. I am very sad because of what happened to those soldiers and I do not wish to see this happening again.

  • دينا الجيار


    When will the Arab world get rid of all these events and when will the Arabs get rid of the terrorism, which threatens the states. The death of those Lebanese soldiers on the Syrian borders confirm that Al-Qaeda is behind all what is happening. This also makes us believe that terrorism wants to target all the Arab regimes in a rude way. The harder Al-Qaeda works on achieving this purpose through more bloodshed, the more we will see unrest in the border areas. This is the beginning of all crises and practically, this assault and attack was because of attacking a wanted terrorist group to arrest its members. What happened is really sorrowful and I feel that there is something wrong because it is unacceptable to see the Lebanese security forces falling in this way. We ask God to have mercy upon them and we extend our deep condolences to their families. We belong to God the Almighty and to Him we shall return.