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Fresh clashes, violence continues in Syria



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Southern Damascus saw fresh battles early on Friday (February 1st), as army tanks hit opposition-held areas near the Syrian capital, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

"Fresh clashes broke out near Yarmouk camp, while the area was shelled," AFP quoted the Observatory as saying.

Violence at the Yarmouk refugee camp, once home to some 150,000 Palestinian refugees living in Syria, has been on-going for several weeks, forcing many residents to flee from the area.

Near the capital, tanks shelled several insurgent-held areas, among them Yabrud, Irbin, Moadamiyet al-Sham and Yalda, the Observatory said.

The city of Homs in central Syria was also bombarded on Friday morning, more than six months into an army siege on several opposition-held districts, the watchdog said.

"The district of Khaldiyeh also was shelled by army tanks on Friday morning, as several explosions shook the area," the Observatory said.





    A question to all the Syrian citizens; what is the cause of the presence of this large number of the tanks and Special Forces at Al-Jisr and Al-Ma’arrah? Did they come to protect the peaceful demonstrators in Edlib and its cities throughout the events? Why these mobilized forces do not belong to the army? We have to admit that the variable is the entry of the terrorists who implement foreign agendas and participating in these demonstrations. What is required is to see blood on the Syrian soil from any party. Use your minds dear brothers in Syria because we all will lose or achieve victory. We will certainly achieve victory over this conspiracy through our unity.

  • بشار


    May God help us all.

  • ليلى نافع


    Our consolations go out to each person who has been killed by the tyrannical Syrian regime in the land of Syria. Our condolences go out to each protester who said no to Bashar and was killed, to make Syria free and independent! Bashar and his army must understand that Syria is for the Syrians with all their sects, and that the army's job is to protect the people, not to kill them. The army that protects the regime is a traitor to the legitimacy and to the people. Therefore, the army commanders must rethink and consider the issue, and they must not agree to the oppression that is being practiced against the Syrians. I expected the army to be on the side of the people, as the Egyptian army was during the revolution of January against Mubarak, but unfortunately, the Syrian army joined Bashar against the people. This assures us that the army has lost its credibility along with the Syrian legitimacy, for sure!

  • عادل كامل


    I wonder what the destiny of the Syrians will be, who are being killed every day because of the fight between the opposition and the Syrian regime. The Syrian regime wants to carry out its own plans, whereas the opposition thinks completely differently. Bashaar will never agree to comply with the demands of the people. To the contrary, he wants to eradicate the Syrian people by all means, as if these Syrians are nothing but some insects that are a nuisance to Bashaar El Assad; therefore, they must die. This is how Bashaar or the regime thinks. As for the opposition, we find that most Syrians, not all of them, but large numbers of them, don't want Bashaar anymore. They believe that Bashaar must die or stop his dirty deeds against the people. These fights will never bring success; to the contrary, the outcome will be very tough, especially for the people, because they are the only ones who pay the price, which is too high! Therefore, I call upon the Syrian people and ask them to decide and either admit their weak position and their failure, or to defend themselves and their cause, whatever it costs them, because the price will be very high. The Syrians must insist upon their cause; it is possible to resolve this issue, and they can all preserve their country.

  • فهد مصعب


    I sympathize with Syria greatly and I could not imagine that this would ever happen in Syria, where we see clashes every day. Indeed, this is prohibited because this state must be respected by the people and this does not mean that the Syrian people were wrong, quite the contrary. The peaceful demonstration is one of the rights of all peoples of the world. However, the problem is that the demonstration reaches the graveyard and a massacre where thousands of the victims fall just because they want to say their opinion. However, they were unaware that their end would be during demonstrating to say the truth. We do not want oppression, but the problem is that the Syrians’ conditions became very difficult and they are responsible for this. However, I say that this is their right and the problem is with the tyrannical ruler who did not accept to leave Syria and to stop being the ultimate ruler of this state. If he had left at the beginning, the whole world would have respected this. The Syrians only thought how to get rid of Bashar Al-Asad irrespective of the costs. However, they suffered terribly and everything turned against them. The problem of the Syrians is that they did not accept what is happening, which made Bashar go ahead in his crimes. All states must think of a solution to save the Syrian people from the current crisis.

  • سمير المرسى


    The survival of nations depends on good manners. I am so sad that some nations criticize others for their immorality. Ironically, we are marred by the lack of transparency, moral decay, underdevelopment and inequality. The events in the so-called Arab world prove that.

  • شاهين أبو شالة


    It is quite natural to see the frequent clashes in Syria. In fact, the situation there is originally deplorable. Of course, the clashes usually arise in such conditions. We are fully aware that the Syrian people are suffering from a difficult crisis. Nobody could resolve the crisis. Had the Syrian people been able to solve the problems by themselves, the clashes would have reduced systematically, or even disappear altogether. The talks of the Arab leaders in the United Nations and in human rights organizations are actually pointless. They would not meet the demands of the people. Personally, I draw an analogy between the talks and the painkillers which might alleviate the headaches, but never heal the patients. If ever the practitioners diagnose the illness right they would attribute the headache to such health problems as sight weakness and inflammation of nasal cavities. The headache is a symptom of such illnesses. If ever the practitioner treats the real illness, the headache will soothe down systematically. Likewise, the UN is collecting humanitarian aids to send them to Syria. Of course, the aids will not last forever and the Syrians will ask for more and so on. Meanwhile, the clashes are worsening and the number of casualties is increasing accordingly. Thus, we need a suitable solution to end up this vicious circle.

  • لطيف شندل


    Are the Syrians so cheap and humiliated that they should suffer this? What did these people do to this retarded Bashaar, who is supposed to rule fairly and justly?! What custom or religion condones what is happening in Syria? Are the Syrians so reckless and indifferent that all they want to do is get out of this crisis by all means and by any resolution?! If only that would help! The problem is caused by the violence and decisions of the Syrian regime throughout Syria. We actually see that all the governorates are suffering from violence, slaughter, bombings and explosions. I wonder why all this is happening. Are you fighting an enemy? If so, there would be limits in using all such explosives. The Syrians are good people and they can negotiate, but the Syrian regime wants to be a tyrant and nothing can stop it at all. What matters to them is to get out of their dilemma and stand up again. I know that it is natural to have conflicts in any country because of the security disturbance, but all parties must maintain security to avoid the results of this security disorder and chaos. All of them must realize that this fighting will never bring about their rights. To the contrary, their rights will be lost because all parties will be convicted and chaos is the result; all will be losers, and people will die as a result of this fighting and bombing.

  • مروة عبد الرحمن


    It seems that violence in Syria has become arbitrary. It also seems that Bashar has gone crazy. What is the guilt of the Palestinians exactly? In fact, the Syrians are also innocent. O Bashar, may God’s curse befall on you! You are really using your tanks against your people? It seems that you are driven nuts. From time to time, we hear about bombing and rocket shelling. On top of that you are attacking civilians with tanks. I swear by my religion that you are crazy and your regime consists of crazy men, too. May God’s curse befall on you as you destroyed Syria! The Syrian people will be sent to Paradise. God is their only Helper. None intervened to resolve the Syrian crisis. Had Egypt been stable, it would not have let the Syrians down, I swear by God.

  • نور حمدى


    The official Syrian army inflicted the defenseless Syrian civilians and opposition more casualties than any other aggressor. There is no power but from God. The Syrian people have started to despair in view of the huge number of murders and clashes across Syria. It seems that there is no savior to those oppressed in Syria. The Syrians are only waiting for their turn to die. Yesterday, hundreds were killed… Today hundreds are killed…Tomorrow thousands will be killed, too. Bashar and his army seem to be pleased with killings. I really despise this policy which seeks to terminate humanity. I believe that the victims will be considered as martyrs, God willing. I am looking forward for the day when Bashar will be guillotined by the Syrian people together with the members of his despicable regime. I would not rule out this scene because the people are the real owner of the Syrian State, no matter how long the battle would last.

  • مزيد محمد


    Everyone in Syria, be it the army, the government or the opposition must strive to identify those who killed these innocents since the number of casualties is not a small one at all. The website puts the number at 68, but it could be more than 100. This massacre is a preplanned one, so the culprits must be identified. But even if the exact perpetrator is not identified, Bashar al-Assad is the one to blame since he is considered an enemy of his own people. However, we should not throw accusations at him without any basis, and that is why a comprehensive investigation must be done and the actual perpetrator be identified. If it turns out that Bashar is the one who did this, then the international community must take action and be heedful to these massacres that are going on in Syria. At this point in time, neither condemnation nor denouncement is of any avail anymore since things are getting worse at a frantic pace. I don’t know when the international community will take action, although it takes more care of animals than humans. Didn’t they hear about the victims that are dying in Syria? I ask god to punish Bashar for tarnishing the image of the Arabs. Bashar, your treatment of Syrians is one of ignorance and even if you didn’t do this massacre, the world will still blame you and they will see no difference between them and those that you kill every day. You’ve really distorted our image as Arabs since the world can see how we are being killed by our leaders, whom we appointed to be our presidents. Hence, our enemies will gloat over us. The death of these young people was a disaster and it shows how worthless is the life of Syrians. It also shows that neither the number nor the ages of those who die in Syria matters. I would like to understand what did these young people do in order to kill them in this heinous fashion? What crime did they commit?

  • جهاد يزيد


    We feel remorse over Syria because it is not logical to see the Syrians in this way without offering help to them. Every morning in Syria means a new begging of new clashes and dirty acts against those Syrians. There is nothing that may stop the national dialogue in Syria between the people and the regime to reach solutions that are satisfactory to both parties. We hope that this will help in protecting the Syrian people from murder and destruction. We need a truce to allow the Syrians to think a thousand times to reach compromises that make them restore the security and stability. I wish to see an end to the turbulences in Syria.

  • إيهاب رشاد


    I feel that the clashes in Syria would continue until we hear that Bashar has succeeded in eliminating the last remaining Syrian citizen in Syria and that only he and his ruling regime live in Syria alone. This is not a joke but this is the plan and it is unfortunate that the Arab states and the whole world wait until this story ends in this way. There is no power except with God the Almighty. The people resist patiently and the government shells, bombs and kills, while the whole world enjoys watching. I do not think that think that is just but the divine justice will descend upon Syria and God would grant victory to the Syrians definitely. Even if the things are apparently in the opposite direction, we will never think ill of God the Almighty under any circumstances.

  • فريدة سيف الدين


    No one disagrees that the Syrian government and regime has lost the identity and legitimacy because it is a killer without right. The whole world and different societies must deal with the regime as a terrorist organization that seeks to annihilate the Syrians and control the Syrian state by force. We cannot continue dealing with this regime as if it is responsible for running the country, because the massive and huge number of shelling, bombings, and attacks on part of the Syrian army and regime exceeded all the limits and this situation contradicts the human rights in the world. No one can live under this shelling, and the mass murder that we see in Syria. We need a real stance from all countries of the world against this snake, which insists to be on top of this state by force. Bashar is a tyrant and if the murder continued in this way, then the numbers would increase and the victims would increase. Hence, this proves that the whole world agrees to these massacres against the Syrian people as proved by its silence. Bashar is a tyrant and if he continued killing and shelling in this way, the number of the victims would increase and this is unacceptable under any religion, or creed. There must be a global response to secure the Syrians and make them feel secure in their country despite Bashar Al-Asad himself.

  • ماريان نبيل


    May God have mercy upon Syria in the coming period because everyday we hear about new clashes there and we are very sorry for the conditions of the Syrians there. It is supposed that the people of Syria would protect themselves from facing any clashes because the clashes always have painful ends to the people who die because of these clashes. Many citizens die because of the clashes and we want to avoid any other losses among the Syrians. We are supposed to pacify the situation in Syria and stop listening to all what is said. We must support the truth and the truth is the Syrian people live in humiliation and that there must be a solution because it is prohibited to see them involved in all these clashes without helping the Syrians.