Bomb-makers cell captured in Baghdad



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Army forces this week captured 15 members of a cell specialised in making bombs and rigging them to cars in Baghdad, the Iraqi army ground forces command said Thursday (January 31st).

In an operation carried out Wednesday and Thursday in different areas of Baghdad, army forces arrested members of the al-Qaeda-affiliated cell, said Lt. Gen. Ali Ghaidan, commander of the army's ground forces.

Five members of the cell, which was using "three residential houses as headquarters", are wanted by the judiciary in al-Dora, al-Zaafaraniya and al-Ghazaliya, he told Al-Shorfa.

The army seized two car rigged with bombs in the operation, along with "explosives, weapons and special equipment used in booby-trapping cars", disarming the bombs and destroying the explosives, he said.

The army forces handed the gunmen over to a police security detention facility, he said.



    عمار الحلفي


    Long live the Iraqi army! Now you deserve that I bow to each one of you, because I follow the news on a daily basis, and I see that the efforts being made by the army have doubled in terms of raids and the arrests of terrorists. I believe that with the help of the people on certain occasions by means of advice or information regarding terrorists, things will become somewhat easier for you. We thank Allah for having helped the army this time in particular, because the hunt this time has come at the exact location. The site says that this was not the first time for these terrorists, as they are recidivists with a history of other cases, and they were sentenced. So, it is necessary to hand down harsher sentences to them, and I hope that they will be executed so that we can get rid of these filthy savages that have been wreaking havoc with the country’s security. They have kept the citizens in a state of constant insecurity, and they have caused investments to stop and the economy to come to a halt in the country. They are one of the causes of these things, because with security and peace, no one would disagree that the economic conditions would have been different, especially in a country like Iraq which is particularly endowed with so many things in various fields.

  • سميرمهدي


    The security forces from the Iraqi military or the Iraqi police, or even the Sahwa forces, are indeed playing an important role, and the arrest of these eight Al-Qaeda terrorists gives us great hope in that the way the government is proceeding with the arrest of these corrupt individuals will certainly bear its fruits. Glory be to Allah! We see these terrorists living like ghosts, and they are indeed ghosts who want the destruction of Iraq. Frankly, the Iraqi army has hit the target, as they were able to know and make sure that these terrorists were likely be located in that abandoned place, and they had the courage to launch an attack and make arrests. They are indeed heroes, and I, as well as all the readers and the whole nation, should say to the Iraqi army, “You are really a strong army, and you persevere through difficulties so that Iraq can stay chaste and free. Allah alone is sufficient for me, and he is the best disposer of all affairs! And may he take revenge from the Al-Qaeda organization which we have inherited in Iraq after that we were finished with the bitterness of Saddam and the filthiness of the Americans, and now we have been afflicted with this trouble and this damned disease. But, by Allah’s will and thanks to the men of Iraq, we will get rid of terrorism soon, and we have to have hope in our hearts so that we would not be killed by frustration.