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Gunman killed, 3 arrested in Heet



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One suspected al-Qaeda gunman was killed and three others were arrested Wednesday (January 30th) when they clashed with Iraqi soldiers in Heet, Anbar province, the Iraqi army said.

"Five gunmen attacked an army barracks in al-Zawiya in northern Heet in the morning, taking advantage of poor visibility because of heavy fog," Iraqi army spokesman in Anbar Lt. Col. Najm al-Dulaimi told Al-Shorfa.

Violent clashes broke out for about 15 minutes before additional forces arrived on the scene and killed one gunman and arrested three more, he said, while a fifth gunman escaped.

The gunman killed had been "wanted by the judiciary on terrorist charges", al-Dulaimi said, adding that two of the men are now under investigation and the third is receiving medical treatment at a private hospital under tight guard.



    سيد محمد


    What has happened in the city of Hit in Anbar province was dire. Some al-Qaeda members made an attempt to attack an Iraqi military barrack. Despite the strength of the Iraqi army and its ability to control the situation, the current difficult conditions in Iraq make it a place that isn't safe at all. Therefore, sufficient plans must be drawn up so that Iraq can become a developed Arab nation of which we can all be proud. For this reason, we must contain al-Qaeda members in Iraq in order to prevent any further attacks on the Iraqi military forces that would cause the loss in the lives of many Iraqis. I ask God to help the Iraqi security forces and Iraqi army so that they may get rid of these terrorists.