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Attack on army base north of Fallujah



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Two Iraqi soldiers were killed and five were wounded Monday (January 28th) in an attack on an army base north of Fallujah in Anbar province, the Iraqi army said.

"Three [rockets] fell on a military base of the Iraqi army's 1st Div. in al-Sajar area, north of Fallujah, killing two soldiers and wounding five others, including a captain," Iraqi army spokesman in Anbar Lt. Col. Najm al-Dulaimi told Al-Shorfa.

"Initial investigations confirm that al-Qaeda was involved in the terrorist attack," he said.



    عدي العطار


    The Iraqi army constitutes the corner stone of the peace and security that Iraqis are enjoying. Every calamity that unfolds in Iraq is tackled by the army in order to prevent the Iraqi people from being attacked or targeted. However, al-Qaeda or terrorist groups in general are longing for disposing of the Iraqi army. They want this so that they can effortlessly seize Iraq's treasures and assets. May God have mercy on those who perished in the attack on the Iraqi army base in Fallujah.

  • hade


    May god help us. Our army is the guardian of our nation, so easy on them. May god grant mercy to our faithful martyrs.

  • رعد حسين


    How harsh is this attack that took the lives of Iraqi soldiers. This is how bad revenge is getting between al-Qaeda elements and the Iraqi army. In my opinion, those who made the attack on the Iraqi army base in Fallujah are members of al-Qaeda organization since no one other than them dares to do such thing. Al Qaeda is trying hard to destroy Iraqi's future and current life, and this will not be possible unless they dispose of the Iraqi army since it defends Iraq. I feel sorry for the Iraqi soldiers who have been killed and I don't see any reason for their death other than that some people desire to get rid of the Iraqi army completely. This should come as no surprise since the Iraqi army has made great efforts in arresting al-Qaeda leaders; God always sides with the right. This attack on the Iraqi army base in Fallujah has been a missile attack and it was expected that the whole Iraqi army in Fallujah will be obliterated. However, there have been a few soldiers who sustained some injuries while a few other gallant ones have been killed. All of these soldiers were ready to face death. We ask god to have mercy on these two soldiers and demand the Iraqi government to not spare any effort in order to locate the culprits of this attack and put them in imprison. This is price they should pay for doing what they did to the Iraqi army. I hope that Iraq will become free of al-Qaeda organization, albeit this will require some time and some effort on the part of the Iraqi army.

  • dhafer


    May Allah have mercy upon the brave Iraqi soldiers, who sacrificed their souls for the sake of Iraq and the Iraqis. Their sacrifices are precious and they are as important as the sacrifices of the Iraqi civilians, because the soldiers are Iraqi citizens after all. Those soldiers worked hard to bring peace to their home. However, the winds came against the wishes. May Allah have mercy upon them.

  • عراق العراق


    They left their houses to protect their country from any intruder or enemy. They wished to sacrifice their souls in order to protect their country, because their aim is to protect the country. However, those soldiers never thought that they may be killed by those people whose hands are filthy and stained with blood. They see that Iraq is benefiting from those heroes. Nevertheless, the land of Iraq won in a different way. It won the honor of touching the pure blood of the brave soldiers. It drank from their blood to quench its thirst and it was so sad for their departure. However, God is always with the truth and martyrdom of those soldiers in Iraq is necessary for those criminals, as they guard important locations in Iraq. However, the bombings did not disunite the soldiers. May Allaah have mercy upon them and we ask him to admit them to Paradise.